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  • Crazy6


    Teen comedy superstar real live

    Zui re was woke up and she noticed something different. When she woke up she saw six men. All of them was crazy. They were still together until now. Taecyeon was so stubborn, Wooyoung always make trouble, Nichkhun was like angel but when he angry he will became devil, Minjun was like a team leader but he not the leader, Junho always asked question until all of them always wanted to run away from him, Chansung was the younger but he was born the same year with Junho. Junho was in January and he was in February. Wooyoung ideas were brilliant but it had corns from the ideas. He suggested to Minjun to go to the club. Finally, Minjun got into trouble because his 'brilliant' ideas. Junho always wanted to the answered for his questions. That why he always asked and asked. Finally, they just left him with his questions. Chansung was silent for the most time. He didn't talk to much and he just follow the other members. But when he started to talk no one can understand what he talk about because he always changed the topic. Minjun liked a big brother all the other members obeyed to his order. That made him looked liked grandpa sometimes. But he always got to bully by the other members especially Junho. Taecyeon almost burned their dorm when he wanted to cook lunch for the other members. But he still wanted to cook even Nichkhun was stopped him. Finally, they ate at the cafe. Nichkhun was not different from the other members. Actually, he the funny member in 2PM. He liked an angel and always help the other members. He will became devil when he wanted to bully someone. All of them always help each other and make problems together. They love did what they wanted. Friendship more than 10 years made them always be together. Half of this story were based on true stories and all the characters were true people and their attitude also true only Zui re character was create in this story. Another half story were created to make stories became more interest. If you wanted to know which one was based on true story you just comment and I will tell you. Taecy, In mangatoon this novel was already released and the chapters was more from webnovel.

  • Toxic's Love

    Toxic's Love

    Fantasy Romance action romance fantacy

    The vampire and vampire hunter became a friend but something unexpected happened to them. Suddenly, William and Evvy became stranger. William became more and more without humanity. They started to hate each other. Something was prevert them, they could not be each other. Evvy must killed William but in her heart William was someone she love and William was in love with someone else. That person always wait for William for along time. In William heart Evvy just his best friend and no more than that. Evvy was confused about what her heart told was not same with her action. William also confused about what happen between he and Evvy and why Evvy must to kill him? William always wanted to know about the answers for the questions in his mind. One day, he accidently killed Evvy parent to get the answers for his questions. That made Evvy became someone else and she not like the old Evvy that him know. Evvy started to hunted vampires after the incident. William was the one she wanted to kill even she love William but revenge was made she became more and more cruel from William.

  • Forgive me

    Forgive me

    Fantasy Romance comedy romance horror

    Jackson and Nicholas was a best friend. Both of them always be together. One day, Jackson family moved from their city. Nicholas was to sad because that. After, 20 years Jackson was back to his city. At that time, Nicholas didn't recognise him and she will get married with Louis in 3 months. Jackson was not a normal person anymore after the incident about the hunted house. He still at the world because he had a wish and wanted to make that became true. Jackson was fallen in love with Nicholas since they are kid. He used any method to make Nicholas recall about him. But all of that just wasted his time. Nicholas was in love with Louis she only think about Louis. Jackson try to get close with Nicholas but had something that stopped him to do so. That made him became more difficult to make Nicholas remember about him. Until the last will Nicholas recalled about Jackson? Or she still didn't remember who is Jackson? *Jackson actually died when he enter to the hunted house. So who is with Nicholas? How that person know Nicholas?


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