Path Of The Beast King (Old) original

Path Of The Beast King (Old) POTBK

Author: Shakin_Bacon

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41 Totem Upgrade, Allocation and Army Upgrade (Part 2) 11 months ago

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[[Congratulations, Herald! You have given your village the name, Blackfang!]]

[[You have gained: All Stats +5]]

[[You have gained: 2 SP]]

[[You have gained the skill: [[Warrior's Aura]]]]


Faruth had just named his village and gained arguably a similar reward to upgrading his village to the next rank. He supposed that naming his village was a one time thing however. Along with the increase in his Stats, he put the 2 SP into the skill [Wind Rush], bringing it up to level 3. As he found when upgrading it, it increased the speed of his physical attacks by an extra 2% per level, bringing it from 5% at level 1 to 9% at level 3. It may sound like a small increase, but as his Stats increased, it would make a major difference in his fighting style.

After he put the SP into his skill, he decided to check the new skill that he had gained, [Warriors Aura]. Faruth read its description for a while before coming to a realisation. It synergised extremely well with the [Buddhism] skill. [Warriors Aura] increased the strength of his Aura by 5% at the first level.

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