Reborn in world of Desolate Era original

Reborn in world of Desolate Era RIWODE

Author: Ajrb

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Hi am an shut in home otaku who don't have any friends and my parents died when I was little giveing me too much money as an inheritance. That all ok but I don't know what to do now because iam in what we call underworld in a line with soul's ,I don't even know how i died
As I was wondering how I died my turn come soon because there thousands of judges in an row
Judge: "your _____ you did nothing in your life not an bad thing or good thing so no sins nor good deeds you can continue to your reincarnate as an human"
As he said that I was on deferent place before I know it again in the line to another big building I think that I was on my way to drink Grandma Meng's Elixir or something what ever let's see what happens
When I enter the building I was disappointed because I was expecting some joint handing out some elixir but the story is deferent you see Grandma Meng was a seemingly very ordinary old grandmother. She held a bowl of water in her hands, handing it over to each soul to allow them to drink from it. After drinking it, the souls would become sluggish and seem to be in a trance, as they automatically began to walk towards one of the six tunnels of rebirth behind Grandma

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