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50 The Incident (Part 2) 2 months ago

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Over 90 years ago, an incident occurred that had shocked all of the Lands. There were not many records to explain what exactly happened, however, it affected many people and resulted in many changes.

From that time, many of those who have witnessed the event had died already and taken the happenings of that day to their graves. However, for people from the Moon Land who could manipulate time and live longer than the rest, their memories were wiped out.

For such a largescale event, many people agreed that only a living God could have performed such an act, but many people argued against that claim and declared it a tribulation.

On that day, Lord Aten simply woke up from sleep, missing a majority of his memories. The confusion did not affect him much because he wasn't the only one, however, no news of what had occurred was a mystery he has been investigating for years. This event has long been forgotten, and not many people would be found talking about it.

As Lord Aten thought about that day, he also remembered after that a priestess was also awakened, however not even a week after, she was already reported dead.

Thinking it might have been the same priestess, he h

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