Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School RBS

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379 A Woman Who Admires Leng Shaoting 10 months ago

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"And," Tang Haifeng continued, "she has no interest in the Tang family's properties because she alone unseated an influential family in City Teng and established a big jade provider with billions of yuan in assets. And that's just the beginning!"
Although there was no news that Gu Ning had unseated the Wang family, Tang Haifeng believed that she had to have been involved. Ever since Gu Ning had gotten the raw material exploitation right, the biggest raw material supplier and the Colorful Jade Provider were managed by the same person, which was enough to show that Gu Ning was the boss. Apart from that, Tang Haifeng believed that Gu Ning would be even more successful in the future.
Hearing about what Gu Ning had achieved at such a young age, Tang Haifeng's family was too amazed to say a word.
Tang Haifeng continued to tell the story about Gu Ning, "When I left City Teng, she also gave me several pieces of natural red coral which are worth millions of yuan! Although millions of yuan ar

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