The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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56 Dai Gang 4yr

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Wang Shouchuan grew even more pleased at the sight of Old Tao’s stupefied expression.

Both were clear on the terror of the Thousand Prajna. In fact, like Old Tao, Wang Shouchuan used to think nobody would be able to endure its effects.

This had left Old Wang feeling a bit disgruntled. No matter how magnificent or unique the design, without any practical value, it was only an elaborate toy.

But with the truth revealed that the Thousand Prajna was indeed of use, how could he possibly contain his joy? Even more satisfying was that his disciple was the one to pull through the test.

After a while, Old Tao regained his senses and sighed. “You hit the jackpot!”

Able to bear the Thousand Prajna—who wouldn’t want such an admirable disciple with a strong-as-steel willpower? Old Tao’s eyes became slightly red.

“Isn’t my disciple your disciple?” Old Wang sensed his friend’s disappointment and deliberately pointed out, “I’ve come all the way here. Are you still going to keep this

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