The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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60 The Sword Embryo’s Change 4yr

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Mingxiu couldn’t tell what Ai Hui was up to, but she could see that he seemed somewhat self-assured.


When he held the sword, she sensed that Ai Hui’s temperament changed for the better. However, she couldn’t exactly describe what kind of change it was, and after taking a closer look, she believed that what she just felt was an illusion.

Ai Hui stood motionless before her.

“Then I’ll start now.”

The elemental needles in front of her started moving, and two rays of light flashed through the air. The lights seemed to interweave as the muslin spindle on the embroidery stand spun swiftly.

The quick movements of Mingxiu’s elemental needles reflected brilliant rays like that of running water, and the thin, light muslin cloth gradually grew longer. The muslin threads created friction, making a non-stop hissing sound.

“Senior Mingxiu is so skillful!”

“So quick! How can the [Twin Weaving Technique] have such speed? Oh my god, I’m not even half as fast as Senior Ming

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