The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

4.4 (575 ratings)

702 Retreat 1 year ago

Translator: Irene_Editor: X_X, TYZ

The dazzling spear ray was released by Xu Jing. He had an additional long white spear in his hand. The light ray blossoming from its body was like an erupting sun, its brilliance gushing toward the sky like a reverse waterfall. As one looked from the edge of the light to the center, the more solid and magnificent it became. Right at the most dazzling core of the spear ray, a bean-sized wisp of black flame could be seen.
It was truly black and deep, like a vacuum.
That was the tip of the spear.
Pu pu pu, the black, candle-like flame broke into a slow dance with the wind.
Xiao Buyu, who was spiraling in mid air, snapped out of his shock and stared at that frail wisp of flame with a heavy expression.
He could sense its danger.
Like a weak lamp light, the black flame flickered along with a strange and terrifying force that sucked the surrounding elemental energy into the spear.
Like pouring hot oil into a raging inferno, the spear rays expanded rapidly.
Xiao Buyu felt his body jerk

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