Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

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Translator: XintuzEditor: Kurisu

"This thing…"Lu Sheng held the crystal in his hands; he was not quite sure what it was made of.
Scratching the surface of the crystal lightly, a soft sensation ran through Lu Sheng's finger.
Strings of pure Devil Essence flowed into his body endlessly. This thing was like a perpetual motion machine, evenly releasing both Devil Qi and Devil Essence.
This pure Devil Essence was purer than the purest of Devil Qi, with a density that, once converted into Prime Devil Qi, could be liquified at any time.
"Such an abundance of Devil Essence, and it's even the kind that holds its own when compared to converted Devil Qi… If it can keep up its output, this one crystal is equal to half of all the Devil Essence that I've absorbed before." Lu Sheng estimated how much Essence there was and was quite shocked by the result.
The crystal contained the purest and most concentrated Devil Essence. All he needed to do was to convert it slightly using the Eight-Headed Divine Pearl, and it could be absorb

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