Thriller Paradise

Thriller Paradise TP

Author: San Tian Liang Jiao

4.6 (345 ratings)

332 South Park (7) 1 month ago

Translator: LonelytreeEditor: Millman97

When Randy ran back into the bus, his wife started to open her mouth to fire curses at him, "Randy, what the hell are you doing?"
Randy tried to catch his breath and replied with a serious face. "I got a very good shot of it, Sharon."
As he finished, the whole bus started to shake. It seemed the two giant guinea pigs who were lying on the bus were losing their patience.
Rat tat tat tat…
The rifle started to unload. This time, Feng Bujue had taken out his own Mad Moxxi's Bad Touch and started to shoot at the creature. After the first round had been unloaded, the fire element of this weapon was triggered as it lit the guinea pig with the yellow and brown stripes on fire. The giant monster instantly crawled down from the top of the bus and rolled about on the street, trying to douse the fire on its back.
"As I expected… things that do not come from this have some effect on these guinea pigs," Feng Bujue said as he summoned Death Poker. He opened the cards in his hand in a fan and tos

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