My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife MYCEC

Author: I Love Mermaid

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1422 Those Who Block My Way Shall Perish 2 months ago

Translator: NoodleTownEditor: NoodleTown

Qingfeng Li flipped his wrist and took out the Fire Emperor Sword. He channeled his fire elemental vital essence into the sword and lashed out to the front with sharp sword energy. It immediately killed a dozen self-cultivators who were blocking his way.
Having seen this, the surrounding self-cultivators turned pale with terror in their eyes.
They were too focused on heading over to the heart spirit fruit and forgot about how horrifying Qingfeng Li was.
Qingfeng Li looked at them and said coldly, "I will say this one more time: those who block my way shall perish."
After that, he stomped hard on the ground and lifted himself up like a sharp sword. Then he flew ahead.
The self-cultivators all backed up this time since they were too scared to stay in his way.
They just witnessed how formidable Qingfeng Li was, killing that dozen of self-cultivators who happened to be in his way.
Qingfeng Li was very fast, and soon, he arrived in front of the heart spirit fruit.
This was a two-met

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