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  • The Adveture Of A Disastrous Boss

    The Adveture Of A Disastrous Boss


    Jamie T. Ford Is just your normal high school boy with a rich playboy as a friend named Jackson Smith.While they are walking Jamie saw someone who need his help.And unfortunately Jackson couldn't react faster than Jamie to stop him and that slipup in his part claimed his best friend's(Jamie) life for the sake of his own safety.===================="???:Hoooh... Another unfortunate soul who saved my chosen's life eehhh~""???:Let me give you another chance in my world to continue your life."====================Hi my name here is angeldefender and I'm a new author and this is my first work. English is not my expertise here so please help me improve it by letting me know if you guys got a problem with my work so I can fix it.Angel Out~ \(`•w•')/ \(^[]^/)'

  • crazy adveturs

    crazy adveturs

  • The Liberators, Adveturers, And Demons

    The Liberators, Adveturers, And Demons


  • Sex and Chaos

    Sex and Chaos

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18

    The story of a warrior named, Bennett Usher who conquered the last battle of Extornia, and save the land of targon valley and other regions. From the hands of the Demon king Amok. But he will began a have a new, surprising adventure upon serving the two demons, by the help of his wife Alexia. What adventure awaits from him? Or he will be felln into lust, surrendering his body to the two demons. The adveture begins of Bennett Usher with sex and chaos.Image not mine?

  • A Pirate's Wife

    A Pirate's Wife

    Abducted from her parents’ castle in Portugal, Rosa Lee became the Falcon’s ransom―a brutal pirate king on the island of Madagascar―in exchange for her younger brother Pedro’s life. It was here she met the Falcon’s son, Roberto de Ville, a man equally fierce, albeit with a hidden agenda. Taking Rosa Lee from Portugal, Roberto takes her to the Falcon on the Isle of St. Mary. From stories recounted by her brother, he came to one conclusion; she would be his. Roberto was more than willing to set his life as a pirate aside, but first a plan had to be set in motion―one that would change his live forever. However, he could trust only one man, Pierre, his second in command, to assist him in seeing his plan to the end. Never judge a book by its cover. #sexualviolence #adveture Parental guidance of 16 is advised. A Pirate’s Wife is created by Lynelle Clark, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Oh! I’ve become the Villainess Grand Duchess! I will change my Fate!

    Oh! I’ve become the Villainess Grand Duchess! I will change my Fate!


    Death and Rebirth comes hand in hand. Two person died. one reincarnated. A new beginning. Changing things for the better. Watch out for the adveture, love and family.

  • Nothing like being in the present

    Nothing like being in the present

    Teen COMEDY

    This story is about a 10 year old girl named Abby and her daily life and advetures in home schooling.

  • The adventures of MLAR

    The adventures of MLAR


    A group of best friends love to go on advetures. They call themselves MLAR, which is a mix of their names first letter. Pretty smart right? But this adventure doesn't go as planned. And as ushall where ever they go trouble always seems to find them. Instead of exploring they get themselves stuck in sticky situation.

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