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  • Catherine Alec and Alisha Alec

    Catherine Alec and Alisha Alec

    Angel and villan can't be friends , but if there is no angel?

  • Alec  Cullen

    Alec Cullen

  • Chilling adventures of Alec

    Chilling adventures of Alec


    About a kid who travels to different worlds and is op. (I'm 17 years old and this is my first time writing a fanfic if I do anything wrong tell me).

  • Silent Hacker

    Silent Hacker



    Maya is not your typical hacker. Ten years ago, her only living family was killed in cold blood. The killers make her take the fall but after ten years in prison, she's become stronger. Now, she hunts the very monsters that hunt others. She's untraceable until she runs into Alec, the Underworld's notorious leader who doesn't seem to be quite human. Things aren't as they seem though, as Maya is pulled into a twisted fate. Maya now has to run from the Underworld boss who wants her as his own and a mysterious hacker who seems to have it out for her. What could possibly go wrong, right? EVERYTHING. I do not own the cover, the picture used is from Pinterest. Wanna talk? Find me on Discord! Blissfullrage#3336 ___________________________________ Would like to donate? Cash App $Blissfullrage

  • Bound by Blood (Alec Lightwood)

    Bound by Blood (Alec Lightwood)


    When Hayley Winters goes to the Pandemonium for her best friend Clary's 18th birthday she doesn't expect to get thrown into the Shadow World again or to fall for a blue eyed shadowhunter who is constantly in a bad mood.



  • BLUE LOVE : Love of Eve and Alec

    BLUE LOVE : Love of Eve and Alec


    Alec seeing an Rutilant like like,it lead him to what his everything.that light give him oxygen to live .the blue is it become everything to him.

  • Reincarnated to save the universe (GL/BL)

    Reincarnated to save the universe (GL/BL)



    Give a try to my other novel My Mage System (BL)........................................Celia used her spiritual energy to create wings in her back and fly to Anaya.Anaya caught her in her arms and asked her : "What's wrong my love ?"Celia said with a grin in her face : "My beloved baby wife, i have a favor to ask you, can i fight with that level nine mage, i really want to try a true fight to see if i m be able to handle an ennemy without my green papers."Anaya didn't get why she was asking for that, so she said : "If Liam is agreed then it's fine, why do you have to ask me ?"Celia sighed and caressed her cheek with her finger, she said : "I have to because it's a girl, and Liam just remembered me that the wrath of a dragon is not a joke."Celia heard everyone coughing or mumbling and Alec was looking at Liam from afar with a smirk on his face, may be i went too far this time thought Celia, poor Liam, Alec is going to eat him for a long time tonight, she could see that just with that gaze.Anaya spanked her and said : "If you are here to cause trouble then go back to fight i will take care of you tonight."Celia laughed happily and said : "Okay sweetie, no worry i will let you punish me the whole night."She heard at least five difference voices yelling at her name "Cel..." so she flew back to the combat ring and once there she sent a flying kiss to Anaya.Liam seeing everyone's reaction and especially the piercing look that his man was giving to him, he couldn't help asking Celia : "What did you say to make Alec look at me like that ? Damn Cel ! This is not funny !"Celia just had an irrepressible laughter, when she calmed down she said : "Don't worry, I just set you up on a date with your man tonight.".......................Celia died and was reincarnated in a young girl body in Eben's world, this world where magic is not only an illusion was the opposite of hers, she came from a modern world and now she must learn to be a mage. Anaya is an orphan girl and she was borned to be a fighter, once she met Celia her life changed forever. Long time ago a prophecy was made : when the forces of evil are about to enslave the universe, a mage and a fighter with extraordinary powers will join forces to save all the worlds in this universe. Could they be them ?....................... Want to read more please be awared that the main couple in this novel is lesbian there will be also BL couple (around chapter 40). There will be also mature scenes.the extract is from chap 110 ;) The cover has been done by my little bro if you wanna checked his work here his instagram : @yann.lbc

  • Alec's Lovely Cure

    Alec's Lovely Cure

    Because of a traumatic experience from the past, Alec's life never be the same again. That's why his parents do their best to find the girl he used to depend on during his miserable state of life for him to live normally again.That's when he met Elly for the second time around. She became an instant cure to Alec's anxiousness and nightmares and since then, they used to stick together as a tandem. But during their teenage year, Elly suddenly gone missing and when Alec met her again, she's not the same Elly he used to know. She turned into someone he never dreamed about.Is he willing to take the risk and accept her again despite the fact that she's already ruined? Or he choosed to stay away for the sake of his so called reputation?

  • The Reality Game

    The Reality Game


    As an ordinary college sophomore student, Alec Norman always focused on making sure he get good grades to graduate in flying colours. While Alec's school project demanded that he bought a Virtual Reality headset, he stumbled on a pawn shop and met an old man who gifted him a retro VR headset, a headset which he accepted begrudgingly. What he didn't know was that the VR headset he brought to his home would change the way he understood reality forever. Inspired from the novel 48 Hours a Day!

  • Curse the Mainframe!

    Curse the Mainframe!



    F*ck the Mainframe!Approximately one minute and twenty-nine seconds ago, System No.00290596 receives a series of bad reviews, racking up a total of one thousand and fourteen bad reviews. Unfortunately for him, this leads to the Mainframe's punishment.Sent down to a random planet, Incantix, System No.00290596 has to assist the Main Character to complete his punishment.To learn how to become the perfect gentle character, that is (unfortunately) the goal.The System is not grumpy. Not at all.-Now in a human body rather than his System one, Alec goes through trials and tribulations of life.Societype? Magitype? What's that?Eh, a Main Character. Erm, another Main Character?! Why were there so many?!P.S. System prone to swearing. Why were there so many idiots surrounding him?Base rate: 7 chapters/week ; 1 chapter a day uploaded at 23:00 server time.Come chat with me: does not belong to me. Edited by the lovely ShinSungmi. :)

  • aventuras y vida   de  Magnus Bane y Alec Lightwood.

    aventuras y vida de Magnus Bane y Alec Lightwood.

    disfruta de las aventuras de la pareja magnus bane y del casador de sombras alec Lightwood . está pareja pasarán momentos tristes .felices . habrá celos entre otras cosas y mucho amor . Alec le propondra matrimonio a Magnus ? o magnus lo hará? o no lo harán? serán felices para siempre o no ? estarán juntos para siempre?

  • Shadow



    "I dare you to say that again.""You look like Gollum's twin brother."_____________________________Officer Genevieve Perez. A diligent police constable. She's quick, both mentally and physically, with a gun by her side at all times. The 24-year-old does her duty to the best of her ability, and absolutely nothing can distract her when she sets a goal.Detective Alec Walliams.At 27, He has managed to accomplish countless tasks over the span of a few years. An egotistical male during the day, and a skilled undercover investigator by night. Sometimes, the two personas occur at the same time. Alec and Genevieve cross paths. One thing leads to another, and they have to team up in order to catch a twisted outlaw. The only problem? They're like oil and water.She abides by the rules.He makes his own.18+

  • Regresa a mi

    Regresa a mi

    Alec Jones es un alfa dominante excepcionalmente atractivo, cuyo carácter y personalidad parecieran ser de hierro, sin embargo Ailie Hunt un omega dominante de extraordinaria belleza, de orgullo inquebrantable y carácter dominante es el único capaz de sacar el lado más tierno y cálido de Alec, sin embargo al ser un omega, siempre ha crecido sintiéndose inferior a los alfas, esto gracias a su padre, pero al ser él y Alec dominantes pertenecen a la clase social de élite y son herederos de grandes compañías, sin embargo ambos se enamoran perdidamente uno del otro, pero Ailie no se permite expresar lo que siente libremente y a Alec le costara mucho entenderlo, lo que provocará que ambos se lastimen causándose heridas incluso......irreversibles, ¿ambos podrán vivir una vida estable y feliz?

  • Snowdrops After Blossom

    Snowdrops After Blossom

  • I love you.. My Brother..

    I love you.. My Brother..

    18+ abuse, probable rape, murder, mention of self harm and or otherwise, probable smut and fluff in here later onThis is a boyXboy thing as well as a sort of a mystery thing, though it will also probably be sort of incestuous which I am sorry if you are uncomfortable with but I honestly don't really care if they love eachother. This is also in a first person perspective of an oc I call Solemn. So dint get confused or anything with that-

  • gachaa


  • A new Era

    A new Era

    A story of a new age in the galaxy. Years of peace now comes to the brink of war, and no one knows if they can stop it.

  • The Weretiger's Curse

    The Weretiger's Curse

    Alec is the Weretigers Alpha. Terrifying and highly respected. Tracy is a human on the run from her abusive husband. What happens when Tracy stumbles upon Alec and his pack? Many moons ago Alec was cursed to have a human mate. Until now he haven't met her, that is untill tracy stumbled into his bar, bruised and battered. Tracy was married for three years to an abusive husband. One day she decided to run away. she ended up in a small town, wich looked like a biker town. Tired and scared she stumbles into the nearest open door that just so happens to be Alec's. What happens when fate finally meet?

  • The Rise of Elefthera, Part 1: Taermus and the Beast

    The Rise of Elefthera, Part 1: Taermus and the Beast


    The Baltu jungle tribe suffers from a deadly plague. Taermus, a skilled young hunter, must recruit a party and embark on a quest to find a legendary Shaman, who might have the power to save the Baltus. Join me on this mind-bending journey of self discovery; filled with action, cosmic entities, and deep philosophy.

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