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  • ARK



    The world has crumbled to rubble but just when humans were finding peace the world fought back. This is a tale of how a human boy fights nature with nothing but determination and skill.



  • Brigante Ark

    Brigante Ark


    [MATURE CONTENT, must be 18+] The Blight was the reason why the human race was nearly wiped out of existence but through the creation of the Astral beings, the high humans, Alto-Umano wielded the Brigante Ark to stave off the darkness. But peace is not constant and the cycle of desire and bloodshed bids to start anew.Warning: Typographical and grammar errors are up ahead.

  • Ark (VR)

    Ark (VR)

    Kim Hyun Woo lived the life of the wealthy thanks to his parents. But one day, he received a phone call informing him of a traffic accident which involved his parents. His father had died and his mother was hospitalized in critical condition. The normal life he once knew, collapsed… They sold their house, cancelled various insurance plans, and moved to a one room apartment. And after a few years, Hyun Woo spends four to six hours tending to his mother and worked to pay for her medical bills. One day, one of his Instructors recommended him for position in a company called Global Exos, who made an announcement of making history with the newest technological invention. . . I saw that this started about six years ago and ended in 2015 I loved the story and I hope you love it to,if there is a way to support the author I would like that I don’t know if he would know since the novel is from a few years ago I will just leave a link.

  • Ark Chronicle

    Ark Chronicle

    Eastern Fantasy SYSTEM

    “If people suddenly leave me or give up on me with or without any reasons, it's their loss, not mine..” He vowed to get stronger and bolder which is true with the help of this mysterious place called Ark. This world messed up big time. About thousands of years ago, monsters were born. They came from the ground, the sky, and the ocean. They made a sudden attack on the humans and we were almost wiped out. The high weapons we had developed over thousands of years were useless. These guys had crazy tough skin and it took dozens of bullets to bring one down. People in this world were barely able to keep their city from falling to complete disaster by mobilizing a bunch of soldiers but it didn’t end there. As time passed on, a huge portal appeared within the city. The portal got bigger and bigger until one day a stream of monsters started spilling out of it. We tried everything. Shot into it, threw grenades into it… but it didn’t stop them. Luckily miracle happens some countries who survive the invasion happen to help. So, those who survive the calamity were saved by them.

  • Ark System

    Ark System


    Follow Avalon as he meats face to face with "Ark System" after his 3rd death.

  • Death Ark

    Death Ark

  • Ark Summons

    Ark Summons

  • Zombies ark

    Zombies ark

  • Ark Land

    Ark Land

    In the end ark died. he can say that he dont regret the life that he lived. but still he didn't also enjoy it. he was abducted and when he was young and groomed to become one of the greatest assassin in the current generation.

  • Regressed Reincarnation: How to Escape a Fantasy World!!

    Regressed Reincarnation: How to Escape a Fantasy World!!



    'Every Mistake has a price' Visca, a playground for the 'Gods', is a world where 'Gods' nurture their champions to fight for them. Reincarnators, Transmigrator, Regressers, people with system and other cheat characters, all roam the world of Visca.Then, HE was brought into this world.And THAT, was the mistake the 'Gods' shouldn't have done.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer:He reincarnates in a world that has its own laws and rules. A vast world where different species rule over different kingdoms. A world where magic decides your future. There is danger lurking everywhere. Thousands of secrets undiscovered. What happens when a genius among geniuses reincarnates into that world with only a pathetic amount of magic within him? What would happen to someone who only wanted to live a plain life with his wife and family? What was the reason for his reincarnation? and what will he do next? Find out as you follow a magical journey of myths and Legends, as threads of fate unravel themselves at the hands of the 'weakest' mage. .................................................................. [Chapter 1-8 have been edited once. Chapter 9-12 will be edited soon. Thankyou for your patience] ................................................................. [Chapter 1-18 is 0th ark. (A form of intro ark) It has many information dumps and there could be grammatical mistakes in them, so please bear with it. Chapter 19+ is the first ark. It is where the main story actually starts. Thank you for coming here] .................................................................. Other important points: •This isn't a weak to strong type of novel. Our protagonist is strong from the beginning. The story would revolve around him and his brothers along with the future allies and the choices they make as they explore the world. •The first 18 chapters will have a lot of foreshadowing, world-building and other explanations. It will cover at least half of the world area that you should expect to be explored in the future. •Also, you might feel like it started somewhere from the middle with so many things going on in the background and that's because it is so...Don't expect things to finally kick into motion after the MC appears... .................................................................. [I do not own the Cover and if the creator has any issues, please message me at I'll credit or remove it]

  • The Ark Project

    The Ark Project

    A man known as Dark Star was found to possess super powers. He had three, creation, time, and life. He could regenerate from nearly anything. He could make things appear from thin air. He could manipulate time. But he was arrogant, he proclaimed himself as a god, and enslaved most of humanity. Right until he was killed. His last words asked "Who are you?" and his killer replied, "I'm The Ark Project."

  • ARK-AN


    Bumi sudah masuk ke tahun 3000 masehi dan manusia masih eksis di muka bumi, walau sebagian besar bukan lagi manusia biasa. Perang dunia terjadi beberapa kali dalam 1000 tahun terakhir menyebabkan sebagian besar sumber daya bumi habis. Karena pasokan sumber daya menipis maka sekaranglah saatnya MARI BERPETUALANG ANTARIKSA.

  • The Ark bearer

    The Ark bearer


    One faulty ArkOne fearful Ark bearerOne unlikely heroIbrahim a promising young physicist returns to his village at the outskirts of the Northern parts of Nigeria, with a lasting solution to their drought problem... Everyone is happy, right? No!Mubarak has always hated his brother with every fiber of his being. He hates the change and exposure the Ark could bring to their village. Above all, he hates the fact that it is through his brother that this change will come about.But before the Ark is activated, a terrible glitch occurs!Ibrahim finds himself in Alazend, a mysterious land of greenish people, ruled by an evil tyrannical villain. Ibrahim is unprepared for the challenges in his new world, so for him to stay alive he has to team up with Zillah El-zamuni, a powerful interloper.But Ibrahim discovers something else that the inhabitants of his new place call him the great Isah whom the local seers are expecting to come from the skies and set things right.How will he confronts his deepest fears and unleash the god force within him?Find out in this intriguing story of heroes and villains.

  • Era of The Ark

    Era of The Ark


    With time, half the humanity has already started abandoning their fleshly natural bodies they were born with for stronger implants and far superior cybernetic limbs with cybernetic modifications, the disparity between the two only grew more, so much so that eventually the two cannot even be compared on the same standards. Such that Anthropologists, scientists, and scholars of various profession all around the world were already convinced and believed that Cybernetic modification and implants will have a major impact on humanity’s evolutionary path forward within the confines of our own human technology without the intereference or discovery of alien species. But it all took a slight turn in the year 2184, later dubbed beginning of the Era of The Ark. As nobody expected, the invetion of a tool that will drive humanity’s evolution in unimaginable ways, much less for it to be a Game and your avatar to be Organisms of several kinds. The Ark, a game that allowed people an opportunity to transcend and become existences comparable to Gods.(I do not own the Cover, If you'd like me to take it down or give credit, let me know)

  • The Ark Of Passion

    The Ark Of Passion

    A commoner's life gets saved by a girl with black hair, she was short, but not to short. Beautiful, but not a show-off. She caught his eye. She was passion.

  • SPACE COLONIST: in the oceanic world ARK

    SPACE COLONIST: in the oceanic world ARK



    #Synopsis:------------------------------------------------------In the far future the planet earth is full, and thanks to 3 key technologies, genetic manipulation, cryosleep, and advanced space engines, humanity builds deep space spaceships and launch themselves to the unknown confines of space to forge a new future away from home.Follow our young engineer Erik as he starts on his first job at the young age of 60 years old in future earth where humans will live hundreds of years, he will reach an unknown place with his spaceship by accident and to survive he will have no choice but to explore alien structures and hunt dangerous monsters to get stronger, making alliances with the locals in more than friendly terms sometimes.------------------------------------------------------The protagonist is a young 60 years old "young" engineer, he's easy-going and a good guy, he's been trained so he will know what he's doing most of the time, in "Chapter 1 - A New Beginning" he will explain more, as a human from the future where bodies are just flesh containers, he's fairly openminded (kinda like "Altered Carbon" from Netflix, but different, you can go one day to a genetic center, pay, and get inside a liquid tank and then, the next time you open your eyes your body has already changed, then you get your ticket and go home just like that, but combat modifications would be regulated).------------------------------------------------------Hi, NirvanaPenguin here, suggestions on the story are welcome, this is a book I'm gonna write for fun and to get better at writing in preparation for a story I will start next year.------------------------------------------------------Discord: @NirvanaPenguinPost a review if you liked the book to help me get exposure, thanks.Wanna send me a tip? quick heads-up about the tags:tags: FirstContact, alien, mystery, technology, AI, DesignedIntelligence, Waterworld, ARK, cooking, hunting, gathering, KingdomBuilding, alliances, leviathan, genetics, FromWeakToStrong, AlienReproduction, lewd, r18, genderswap, Futanari, HappySex, genetics, teaching, mechanics, FuturisticTechnologies, weakToStrong, cautiousProtagonist.------------------------------------------------------Dialog Settings:'...' --> mental dialog"..." --> out loud dialog[...] --> voice inside his headbut it will be clear during the book, the story might be slow for some, but i didn't wanna do a "10 years later" kinda crap and then strong to go explore, but he will slowly get there.The book cover was drawn by myself(not the background though), I will try to make or pay someone to make a cooler one in the future though.-------Spoiler?:Inspiration for the octopeople.- Asari from Mass Effect.- sea horses.- subnautica all beings reproduce that way.

  • ark plan

    ark plan

  • Ark The Legend

    Ark The Legend


    A new game which the nation has dived into. From the bloody battlefields to the pyramids of ancient times, head into the colourful world of Galaxian. The glorious days of the legendary gamer Ark is over. From finding a job to saving the party from a humiliating death, nothing is easily solved……

  • The Lost Ark

    The Lost Ark