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  • Ashley Grey

    Ashley Grey


    She was a renowned doctor from a reputed hospital.... Ashley Grey... everyone knew her... but something miserable happened which made her life take a turn. Will she be able to survive the tests Fate makes her go through? Or will she just give up on her life?

  • Ashley & Victor

    Ashley & Victor

  • Ashley MacKeown

    Ashley MacKeown

    A story surrounding the life of Ashley, someone who is different in and out. After the incident in the city he returns home to find the house he wanted to escape from in his childhood now the most heartwarming place to be. As he tries to move on with his new family life challenges and his past keep coming back to him. "A little town you say, in indeed, no one comes here, just us common folks." Yet why are they here and who the hell was she? What no ring and I thought you were married. Am not gay, I just can't be with a woman!



  • ashley pro

    ashley pro


  • Ashley Koehn

    Ashley Koehn

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Fairytale afterlife graveyard tale

  • Damien Ashley

    Damien Ashley

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    Read to get wowed!!

  • Finding Ashley

    Finding Ashley


    ***************PAUSED*************AGAIN STARTING FROM DECEMBER.(Guys after I shift only then will I get time to write so, please wait till December for next chapter. I will still try to write and post.)A girl woke up with no memory in a town which seemed to be destroyed. She saw an old women help her. She didn't remember her family, her world, her life or her name.She was named Ashley by the villagers. She was staying in a kingdom where girls were underrated. They thought Girls are no good.The kingdom hated the king but couldn't do anything. Ashley stood up against the king. Ashley had a little cute help by the boy on the way of visiting the king. Will Ashley be able to prove that girls can be more better than anyone? When the king himself is searching for her?

  • Luna Ashley

    Luna Ashley

    Sci-fi Romance ROMANCE

    "Who are you",i asked him,"you are mine", looking at him i lost all breath he was handsome beyond anyone i have ever seen.This is an instant love story so if that's not what you are looking for then please move on.

  • Ashley, a beast within

    Ashley, a beast within

    16-year-old Ashley starts to hear strange voices. Not only hearing voices but also having strange dreams. Why is she hearing strange voices and having strange dreams?? What happens when she finds out that she's not the only one having dreams and hearing strange voices?? Find out in the book!!

  • ASHLEY, A beast within

    ASHLEY, A beast within

    16-year-old Ashley starts to hear strange voices. Not only hearing voices but also having strange dreams. Why is she hearing strange voices and having strange dreams?? What happens when she finds out that she's not the only one having dreams and hearing strange voices?? Find out in the book

  • victim by Ashley weatherford

    victim by Ashley weatherford

    Teen KIDNAP

  • Honore and Aïad Ashley

    Honore and Aïad Ashley

    I'm still a love ......

  • Ashley and her babes

    Ashley and her babes

  • Conociendo a Ashley.

    Conociendo a Ashley.

    Ashley como cualquier chica de su edad solo quiere ser feliz,tener un futuro éxitoso segun los estándares de la sociedad,será que mudándose lo conseguirá,solo puedo decirte que va a perseguir sus sueños con todas sus fuerzas y siempre le dará el beneficio de la duda a ese sentimiento yan lindo que es el amor.

  • The Billionaire's Contracted Wife [English]

    The Billionaire's Contracted Wife [English]



    ***COMPLETED***A contract that should have been as simple as the paper it's written turned upside down when Tanaga met Ashley and wanted her not only as a mother of his Heir but also his woman in bed.==CEO Tanaga Jones, Billionaire, single, and not interested in having a woman in his life. [Until he met Ashley Gusman]Tanaga needed an heir for his empire, but he doesn't want a wife. He decided to contract a woman to bear him a child. [Comes Ashley Gusman]===Ashley Gusman, a young Filipina whose one goal in life was to give her family a better life.She would do anything to achieve her goal, even if she became a surrogate mother for a Billionaire Heir.If you want to chat with me and has some question. Join me at discord. Link below:

  • ASHLEY, a beast within

    ASHLEY, a beast within

    Teen CAMPUS

    After adapting to her new life at Lac international school, Strange things starts to happen in Ashley's life. Ashley has a destiny and that destiny is to protect the city from the demon and the war beast. However, two others have been chosen to her alongside with Ashley in order to fulfill the destiny.NOTE: I lost my previous accounts so I'm using this one to upload now. I've edited the story and changed a lot of things. enjoy!

  • Adventures of Ashley k RubyRose

    Adventures of Ashley k RubyRose

  • Your Shadow: Ashley to Zero Story

    Your Shadow: Ashley to Zero Story

    Contemporary Romance R18 COMEDY TRAGEDY REVENGE

    [R18 Warning!!! No Rape] Ashley “Ash” Parker, the hidden heiress of Parker Electronics. She was born in Country A but lived in Country K after high school. Stayed out of the public eye at the age of 10 after a heartbreaking incident. Hated by her own mother and cursed her more after the incident. Will there be a reconciliation between mother and daughter? Will she forever be the hidden heiress? Zero Leon Kage, the CEO and owner of ZL Group of Companies. He was born in Country J but settled in Country A after his education. The most eligible bachelor for straight 4 years from the time he came to Country A. A mysterious and cold person in the eyes of many, what secrets do you keep? Why do you need to leave your home country? Two strangers spent a night together. Got separated. Found each other into an arranged marriage?! What the…? Excerpt: “Boss, I mean Zero... you have 30 minutes for your lunch meeting with Ms. Parker.”, said Frank, his secretary. “Okay let’s go.” he said coldly. At the restaurant. Ash is so focused on her phone not minding her surroundings until she hears a knock on the table. “Ms. Parker?”, said the man. “Yes! Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m Ashley Parker.”, she said, leaving her phone on the table and offering her hand for a shake. She looked up and was shocked to see the striking gray eyes, the same eyes, the same man she had a night with months ago. “Huh? So… nice to meet you… again… you said Ashley Parker? Hmm…”, Zero said with a smirk, intently looking at her green eyes. ‘I won’t let you slip in my hands this time Ash. This time I’ll make sure that you’ll pay not just $200 but your everything, even your shadow. You will be mine.’, Zero swore to himself while looking at Ash. They are tangled by fate. Hate? Love? Will they end up being married? ***Cover image is not mine. I just grabbed it from google and added the title on it. I'm willing to take it down if the original owner claims it.***

  • Ashley Roberts : The GateWay to NinArtic

    Ashley Roberts : The GateWay to NinArtic


    In the beginning, there was The Righteous Family that ruled Over NinArtic. A Terrible fate that left the Righteous Siblings torn apart and NinArtic being Sealed away Young Ashley Roberts and Her best friend Comet Jones find themselves putting the pieces back together To Save NinArtic.