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  • She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment

    She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment



    The fat and ugly Nora Smith is the laughingstock of the town when her fiancé breaks off their engagement. He says, “The sight of your gigantic face and thunder thighs disgusts me! Don't ever pester me again!" “What an idiot.” Nora scoffs and turns around, her lips curling up into a smile. Later, when Nora successfully slims down, she returns as an astounding beauty. Her ex-fiancé comes to her bearing flowers and begs, "I was wrong, Nora. I’m willing to do anything as long as you come back to me.” Nora rests her chin in her hands and smiles as she replies, “Real men don’t dwell on the past.” Angered, he says, “You’re just a dimwit saddled with baggage that I dumped, Nora. No one will want you except me!" But following that… A young and popular singer tweets: “Nora Smith is my goddess!" An internationally renowned surgeon asks, “Are you free tonight, Nora?” Even the rich and influential hotshot whom everyone is scared of comes forward and says, ”I can take care of my wife and children myself, thank you very much.”

  • The engagement

    The engagement


    "Til' death do us part." We both say in union. I feel uncomfortable, standing here. I move my head towards the hundreds of people watching us, and I make eye contact with her. She smiles at me, with her adorable little smile, and I smile, my heart suddenly warming. I feel his hands on my face, forcing me to look at him. "Welcome back Mrs.Novak." His lips land on mine before i can say anything.

  • Engagement ♥‿♥

    Engagement ♥‿♥

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    This story is about a boy and a girl in a relationship but one day their fathers arrange a meeriage contract no one knows who will they marry they both refuse telling that they have a relationship with someone they loved.

  • Our Journey From Engagement to marriage

    Our Journey From Engagement to marriage


    Preeti is a simple girl like every indian girl. Her parents fixed her marriage to Siddharth who lives in America. Siddharth and her family came Preeti's home to celebrate Diwali with Preeti and her family and to know their culture closely.Both Preeti and Siddharth come close during this time of period and fall in love with each other. How they feel about each other, how the confessed their love to each other.How a billionaire from America fall for a simple and ordinary Indian girl Preeti.'Preeti looks beautiful in wet hair. Her red suit is all wet and sticks like second skin. I wanted to kiss her."may I " I asked her in my husky voice. She closed her eyes and I took it as a yes and start leaning......................................................................But what happened after breaking her heart, after crushing her soul he came back in her life only to maker her his only. How he win her heart again?But Preeti knows he was also going through a hell? Why he broke her heart if he love her so much?To know the answers of all questions please join their journey from engagement to marriage where two souls loves each other like no one can ever love to someone.



    Damon said nothing, but his eyes were hooded and heavy.“Just one kiss, Wendy. Just one. I have to kiss you. It’s all I’ll demand for now. I can wait for more until we have this account settled.” he said, and then he put his arms around her. She stood frozen in the circle of them as his heavy dark gaze followed the line of her throatWithout waiting her consent, he swept his mouth over hers. Finally. Her sweetness exploded onto his tongue the moment he licked over her lips. Her mouth parted in a gasp, and he took full advantage, delving deep into her moist heat.It was everything she’d dreamt about, their kiss. The taste, the feel, the joy at the sheer fineness of Damon Paige, in all his tall, beautifully built splendor, thrilled her and filled her with exquisite sensations. And for that moment, all the complications of getting involved with Damon melted away as if they’d never existed….When he raised his head abruptly, she thought it was so he could say something personal and intimate that would put the perfect seal on their togetherness.He didn’t. He stared down at her, and she could see his tortured expression before he closed his eyes briefly and then put her away from him.The look in his eyes was brooding and somber. “I should never have done that.” he said. ----------------------Wendy Morgan relocates to New York and reunites with Deborah Paige, her best friend from high school, despite the fact that her father disagrees with her decision. But Wendy is tired of letting her father dictate every aspect of her life, especially now that he has arranged for her to marry Jordan Baker, so she is convinced that she has made the right decision by leaving. Soon, Wendy finds herself in the same situation with Damon Paige.... Will she walk away this time? She only has to pretend to be Damon's fiance for a while though.... She could do that. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Unexpected Engagement

    Unexpected Engagement


    She...Is not a cute or gullible type of girl from the princess type of story. She is ruthless and cunning, just like a sneaky little fox. The one and only daughter of the Arison family, who is known for her dominance! He...may seem gentle and kind but that's only on the surface. In actuality, he is a cunning and overbearing tyrant. The third young master of Middleton family, who is known for his craftiness! Both of them are better than one another. None of them are pushed over. What Happens If They Cross the Path? There Will Definitely Be A Havoc! However, destiny has other plans for them and now they are not only gonna cross paths but they will forever stick with each other! They are stuck in an engagement under the family's manipulation with no other way out. How are they gonna deal with this life-changing announcement? More importantly, are they gonna be happy?

  • The Engagement Ring

    The Engagement Ring

    Exciting to read! -Marcus BaltisotoCan't wait for the opening chapter! -Carl VincentGot a feeling this is going to be a blast-Loraine AnneNice-Matthew De Guzman

  • Forced Engagement

    Forced Engagement


    A girl was forced into an engagement with a man she never met. She gathered her courage and ran away towards an adventure of a lifetime. There she will meet someone who is likely the key she is looking for towards a happy life.

  • Jade's Engagement

    Jade's Engagement


    #1 The Proposal SeriesJade Rosalie Garcia is a Spanish heiress who doesn't want to have anything to do with her father's company. Her elder sister Ruby is the vice president of Garcia Gemstones, while her younger sister the super model Amethyst is the face of Garcia Gemstones. Her late mother used to be the creative designer for the company, she creates unique jewelery designs and Jade had this amazing talent. Her mother's last wish was for Jade to take her place in the company as the new creative designer. Jade wouldn't have considered working for Garcia Gemstones but it was her mother's last wish. She made a deal with her father to travel far away from spain and live a normal life before she takes her place in the company. She currently has been living in New York for more than a year. A new guy Vincent Leonetti moves in nextdoor, she tries to find out more about him and end up falling inlove. Will he accept her love?What happens when her father tells her about her betrothal to an unknown prince in italy? What happens when she finds out who she is engaged to? Who is the unknown prince?

  • The Villainess Second Engagement

    The Villainess Second Engagement

    That night never left her, the night she lost everything. She was the elegant third miss of the Qing family and she lost everything because of a man. A man she loved, a man she was willing to sacrifice everything for. Her pride and composure were easily abandoned for him. She truly lost everything, no it is better to say he took everything from her. Her status, her honor, her dignity, her pride, her position ... he took it all. He bled her dry, used her until she was useless and threw her away. Qing Jiayi felt like an utter failure, fool, and an idiot. Mo Fang took all her efforts into their company and used it to spoil that woman, who could easily obtain his love because of a single smile. He abandoned her, their childhood friendship and engagement. He made her go mad, giving her hope and taking it away step by step. Making her believe it was all in her head, that his affair was all her fault. No matter she couldn't forget that night, Mo Fang made sure she would always remember. -------------------------------------------------- Qing Jiayi returns after 3 years to the China, she has her company and a new brand she has been working on and a proposal just as she came back ? "Cheng Zhihao why are you so good to me" "If I'm not good to my own wife who should I be good to ... ah maybe Quan Rong" "..." -------------------------------------------------- the cover is taken from pinterest if the artist wants it taken down just me a message -------------------------------------------------- daily chapters if everything goes according to plan

  • Their Broken Doll

    Their Broken Doll

    "Erina's family sells her to a pack of wolves, she knows she's there for their pleasure to be used and then killed, at least that's their intention.But what they don't know is that Erina isn't willing to accept that fate. She's determined to do whatever is needed to stay alive. The pack thinks they can just use her and throw her away, but when she's done with them they won't be able to survive without just another moment with her.Because Erina doesn't want to be their broken doll, she just needs to be their perfect one.Unfortunately for her, the pack isn't going to make life that easy for her. She's underestimated just what they could want from her and she's about to be pushed to her very limits and beyond for her mistake.Her bid for survival is about to begin."

  • Engaged 1

    Engaged 1



  • My Three Year Engagement

    My Three Year Engagement

    A young woman named Maybelle Barnaby, daughter of a Baron, meets a handsome, yet mysterious stranger named Nicholas at a masquerade ball at the Whittaker manor. They danced until the stranger disappeared into the night. Two days later Maybelle finds out that Nicholas is actually Tristan Whittaker who wishes to form an arranged marriage with her even though they’ve only just met. Will Maybelle accept this arranged marriage or will she turn him down?

  • Broken Strings

    Broken Strings

    Melissa and Wright were college sweethearts. The kind of love they have often makes others envious. Wright was from a wealthy family and he has everything in his hands. While Melissa only has her Grandmother after her parents passed away. The man who has everything and the woman who has nothing found each other and made each other feel complete. On Wright's birthday, Melissa spends the night with his pad and gives herself to him. But after a week, the man who said he loves her the most started giving him cold shoulders. Then, she found out that she was pregnant but the love of her life was avoiding her like plague.Then, one night, she visited his pad and to her surprise, she found his ex-girlfriend, Claire, inside. She confronted him about her pregnancy but she did not expect his words would make Melissa's world turn around."Abort it. I am not ready to be a father."After that night, Melissa didn't see Wright's face everywhere. They told her that he migrated to another country and left her all alone. Melissa took care of the child even if she encountered a lot of hardships. She stopped going to college. Her grandmother died. She faced all the hardships alone, without Wright.Years passed by, Wright found out that Melissa did not abort their child and he is desperate to take them back.

  • Engaging english

    Engaging english

  • Engaged by law

    Engaged by law

    Imagine, engaged kayo ng ex-crush mong gago. Ano mararamdaman mo? Kikiligin? Magiinarte? Matutuwa? No way! Yes, isa siya sa ex-crush ko noong adik pako sa mga lalaking may bad boy look! But that's how far I can go with my imagination. Dahil ano? Masama ang ugali nila. And what? Living with this lunatic for the rest of my life?! Magkamatayan na!

  • Engaged to Them

    Engaged to Them

    Two girls with different personalities;ASHLEY. The girl who believes in the power of love and miracles. A girl who's willing to wait for his prince charming na mamahalin niya at magmamahal sa kanya. Pero paano kung sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon ay itinakda siyang ipakasal sa isang prince charming na hindi niya naman mahal at hindi pa niya nakikilala?KEIRA. Isang babae namang hindi naniniwala sa salitang 'love' o pag-ibig. Nang dahil sa mga pinagdaanan niya ay naging matigas ang kanyang puso na ginamit niya upang harapin ang mga sakit at pahirap sa kanya ng tadhana. Pero paano kung muli siyang hamunin ng tadhana? At ang susunod na hahamon sa kanya ay ang salitang hindi niya pinaniniwalaan, ang salitang 'pag-ibig'.With their different personalities, they managed to survive life together. But what could possibly happen if two men enters their life?They survived life, but can they survive love?

  • Engaged with the Badboy

    Engaged with the Badboy


    Rochelle Alexandra Park was living her luxurious life in Korea. She was spoiled hard, for her parents hold a business. One day, she went home to the Philippines and transferred to a new school. She thought that her life would be fine. Well, she thought wrong. HerHer parents engaged her to Christopher Ezekiel Hyun. The boy that irritates her to her bones. What will happen if she was suddenly engaged to someone she hates? And to a campus badboy?Can she survive living in the same house as his?Can she accept his secret?Only one way to find out, read now!-AllynaHazel

  • The Broken Prince (BL)

    The Broken Prince (BL)



    Alexander, the Prince of the Sea who's power has not yet been brought out of him, came to know the reality of his existence that could lead to his demise. Hade, the Prince of Fire. He despises all of which who comes from the sea. Scarred by the death of his mother, he finds comfort, in the arms of the Alexander, the son of the person that killed his mother. "I'm sorry. For loving you." "And I'm sorry, that you hurt me." Disclaimer: The artwork on the book cover is in no way owned by the author. Credits are acknowledge to the owner of the amazing artwork.

  • Broken White

    Broken White



    Kirana Agniya menghadapi masalah klasik bagi perempuan yang berusia hampir 30 tahun. Dia diharapkan segera menikah, tapi trauma di masa lalu membuatnya enggan berkomitmen. Kirana dijodohkan dengan Birendra Wijaya, lelaki yang dua tahun sebelumnya menolak perjodohan mereka. Kini, pria itu mendadak ingin menikah dengan Kirana. “Kenapa Mas tiba-tiba berubah pikiran?” tanya Kirana. “Memangnya, kenapa tidak bisa?” pria itu justru balik bertanya. Kirana tak berniat menolak perjodohan ulang. Namun, dia harus tahu mengapa calon suaminya bisa berubah pikiran. Mungkinkah dia hanya pelarian? *** "Kenapa Bos memilih dia?" “Karena dia sepertinya juga tidak mungkin jatuh cinta kepada saya,” tutur Rendra. “Jadi, tidak akan ada pihak yang terluka saat ikatan itu berakhir.”