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  • Ruthless Gangster's Revenge With Innocent CBI Girl

    Ruthless Gangster's Revenge With Innocent CBI Girl

  • Ruthless Gangster's Revenge With CBI Girl

    Ruthless Gangster's Revenge With CBI Girl


    PrologueLisa is an ordinary girl who has a lot of faith in God, no matter how much God has tempted her, her faith in God has never diminished.As soon as the college was over, she got a job as the CBI Agent, which was her dream job.She wanted to do something that would make her happy and she is happy to get justice to others.Lisa has a father in the family who is a bus driver but still never let anything go short of Lisa. She has a younger brother who is ten years younger than her. Lisa's mother passed away while giving birth to her brother. She was busy with her work. She never made a boyfriend because his mother always used to convince her to never trust boys. They are not capable of trust.Lisa's group of CBI agents included more people. All of whom were quite experienced in their work. Lisa was the head of this group.Ella, who is very playful in nature, likes to spend a lot of time with the boys. Ella has had many boyfriends, she changes them as people change clothes. Lisa has nothing to do with ella other than work. Ella knows very well how to deal with lisa.Lisa's behavior is a bit harsh as she is not interested in anything other than her job.Second one is Bhrat, He is a very calm boy who does not talk much to anyone unless he is asked to do. It is very difficult to know what is going on in the mind of Bhrat.Then comes Max and Roman who are both brothers. We have solved a lot of cases together and our work is praised everywhere.Life was going very well till his entry was made in my life. He changed my life as soon as he arrived. I did not even know that there is something like this in me.Message of Writer - hello guys this is my dream life which I live everyday and believe me it is very exciting from reality, just need your support guys.Thank youAnya

  • Kastil Besi Hitam

    Kastil Besi Hitam


    Setelah Malapetaka, setiap peraturan di dunia ditulis ulang, dan dimulai kembali dari awal. Di Zaman Besi Hitam, baja, besi, mesin uap, dan kekuatan bertarung menjadi hal terpenting dari perjuangan umat manusia untuk dapat bertahan hidup. Seorang anak laki-laki biasa bernama Zhang Tie dipilih oleh dewa-dewa keberuntungan — dia dianugerahi sebuah anak pohon yang bisa menumbuhkan berbagai macam buah-buahan luar biasa. Di saat yang sama, Zhang Tie terlempar ke dalam bara api peperangan — peperangan tiga ratus tahun lamanya antara umat manusia dan iblis di benua yang kosong. Dengan menggunakan kekuatan kristal untuk memanfaatkan potensi yang dimiliki tubuh manusia, seseorang harus berlatih meditasi untuk menjadi lebih kuat. Legenda-legenda mencekam para klan misterius, berbagai rahasia cerita-cerita fantasi Oriental, bermacam-macam harta karun dan peninggalan kuno dunia bawah tanah — Semua dikemas dalam satu cerita, Kastil Besi Hitam! Sebuah novel karya Drunk Tiger, yang merupakan contoh utama genre fantasy steampunk. Mari berpetualang bersama di dunia yang penuh peluang dan penemuan tak terbatas!

  • The Lady Cop : Passion For Work

    The Lady Cop : Passion For Work

    This is a story of an adventurous woman , Ashley , who is new to the CBI . She possesses all the qualities of a good CBI Agent . She solves cases very effortlessly . She goes to the CBI office where she meets Amanda another CBI Agent of their team .



    Story of "Lady Police” synopsis.It is a story of a young, glamorous, beautiful management student's successful life. Miss. Rani Devi, a look alike princess Nilofour of Hyderabad. Rani Devi, became Deputy Superintendent of Police at Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), New Delhi, and rose to the level of Director General of investigations at Central Bureau of Investigation. She handled and brought to book number of 'black money big shots' from India, who escaped from India, and also brought to book and those who have escaped to America, and United Kingdom/London such Black Money Hoarders, Smugglers were brought to India, by Rani, CBI Official. While, Rani, showing a perfect professionalism in her official duties at CBI, New Delhi and at Mumbai and as well at the foreign soil, she took all types of life risks in handling all the cases with her allotted CBI Special Squad. She was well applauded by the Centre (Indian Government). (All the ingredients, related subject matter contents in the main story relates to this main story-line, are available in this story). While appreciating Rani Devi's dynamic performance in handling the cases while bringing some black money holders from US and London, after bringing the black money to India, through authorized banking system, after following the Indian Government Rules and Procedures and also followed US and British Governments Rules and Regulations, as per respective Law of Land Rules, the Prime Minister of India, posted her to Prime Minister's Secretariat, as a Special Officer (Officer-on- Special Duty), in the capacity and rank of Inspector General of Crime & Investigation (CBI) at PMO. (Best Advisor to PM).byMantri PragadaMarkandeyulu, Litt.D.,Poet, Novelist, Song and Story WriterB. Com, DBM, PGDCA, DCP.,Honorary Doctorate in Litt. from ITMUT, BRAZIL.,Royal Success International Book of Records HonourGujarat Sahitya Academy and Motivational Strips HonourLiterary Brigadier Honour from Story Mirror, Mumbai

  • For the Betterment of the World

    For the Betterment of the World

    Realistic Fiction ACTION ADVENTURE


    A freshly graduated student in the private investigation department, Alastair, going to the real-world to make it a better place for human beings. Whenever there is a crime that either CBI or police department failed to solve, Alastair solved all of them with ease.But he is unable to crack his own parent's death mystery. It's been years when they died, which looked like no less than an accident.Just because he is in a detective profession, Alastair is not like a cold-blooded person. Will he able to succeed in bringing new changes to this current world..? Will he be able to catch his parents murderer..?

  • " Dark nights "

    " Dark nights "

    Dark night it based on crime as well as horror story.The protoganist was confused by the incidents happening randomly . He is a CBI officer to find out the murder which happens only in the night . There is no clue to get the culprit but it happens . After many twist it revealed out.

  • Mission AI : Abolish Intelligence

    Mission AI : Abolish Intelligence


    Jai is a CBI officer. He along with FBI agent Smith is investigating the mystery behind deaths that happened across the world. These deaths are unnatural and different. All the victims died because of some extreme medication. Jai identifies that all the deaths have some similarity and suspects some group or individual behind these deaths.During the investigation process, Jai is asked to work on another assignment about missing businessmen because of a financial crisis across the world. Jai uncovers that businessmen are innocent but before he can prove it, they are put in jail.At a later stage, China attacks India and Japan. Jai with the help of Smith and Cherry (Professional Hacker) finds out that all these are interrelated i.e. deaths, financial crisis, attack by China. Cherry finds out that A SAINT is behind all this. Rest of the story deals with the mission AI. Who is SAINT? What is the relation between SAINT and Artificial Intelligence? Jai uncovers how all these events happened.

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