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  • Hạo Hãn

    Hạo Hãn

    Đây là một thế giới tiên hiệp mênh mông rộng lớn. Bên trên là vũ trụ vô biên, nhật nguyệt tinh thần cùng nhau toả sáng.Bên dưới chính là nhân gian..... Có giang sơn như hoạ, có mỹ nhân như hoa, quân tử như ôn ngọc.Có huynh đệ tình thâm tựa thuỷ bạc. Có tình ái say trong chén rượu nồng. Huyết hải thâm cừu, chỉ cầu thống khoái. Thế tục cuồn cuộn, chỉ cầu tiêu dao. Chính tà giao tranh, bằng một ý niệm quyết định tương lai. .........................Minh Đế, Đại Đế của Nhân Gian, đi giữa Thiên Địa không địch thủ, đột nhiên ngã xuống. Hai giới Thiên Vực cùng Địa Vực vì đó mà chấn động. Không ai biết lý do vì sao....Hàng vạn năm về sau. Một thiếu niên tên là Trương Minh nhân hoạ đắc phúc, thức tỉnh ký ức kiếp trước của bản thân. Từ đó sở hữu công pháp vô thượng, một đường quật khởi. Đáng tiếc thương hải tang điền, cuộc đời giống như một giấc mộng, tỉnh lại đã không còn là mình ngày trước.Sau khi nhớ lại ký ức kiếp trước hắn muốn tái hiện huy hoàng của Nhân Gian. Đại Đạo vô địch, duy chỉ có một người trong thiên địa.

  • Journey to Compassion

    Journey to Compassion

    Can a person who grew up in luxury turn over a new leaf when everything is taken away?

  • empowering girls of unity and compassion

    empowering girls of unity and compassion

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    males are more powerful in physically but mental strength in circumstances is girl itself

  • I Hate Systems

    I Hate Systems



    Talent? Unnecessary! Wealth? Doesn’t matter! Brain? Eat it! Even if one was the greatest of gutter trashes with zero redeemable qualities, as long as they had a System, they are bound to reach the pinnacle of life. Compass Carburettor, a dirt-poor orphan with absolutely zero f**king qualities managed to reach the peak of the business world by the age of 35, all while relying on his Money-Making System like a blinded barnacle. But at the peak of his life, he was betrayed by his System. ------------------- Check out all my projects here: ------------------- Join my Discord server: Contact me through my Discord ID: Overlord_Venus#9364 Or through my email: Follow me on Instagram @overlord_venus

  • The North Compass

    The North Compass

    Ketika segalanya menjadi sangat gelap, aku cukup memegang teguh pada apa yang selama ini aku percaya. Masa bodoh dengan pendapat orang-orang atas betapa kejamnya diriku! Aku hanya ingin melindungi. Permainan masih berlanjut. Seolah takdir tengah memperdaya hati seorang wanita lugu. Jalan penuh kegelapan yang dipilih oleh Alvi Veenessa Endley setelah kejadian di Batas Dimensi mengubahnya menjadi seorang berhati dingin. Seorang Putri Kematian yang sangat ditakuti.

  • Sunflower Compass

    Sunflower Compass

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

  • A Slave To My Vengeful Lover

    A Slave To My Vengeful Lover



    [Warning: This noval features Mature Content]She wanted love, but he wanted revenge!"Okay.., Thanks for saving me.."(I said, and turned around to leave his room)Mark: "It's better, If You Remove Your Undergarments"..(A sudden shrill electrified my body when I heard those words. I turn around to look at him. He is just doing his work on his laptop very casually. I didn't respond and turn to reach the door.)Mark: "Your wound will heal soon, so..."Anna: "Okay..."(What I just say? Did I actually agree to remove my undergarments?It's embarrassed me.I just rush out of his room in a hurry, but when I unintentionally imagine his words, my heart starts racing.)_________Anna is devastated when her best friend Ria dies mysteriously. Whereas Mark, who is Ria's older brother wants to find the culprits, who are responsible for Ria's death....Both Anna and Mark teams up to find the facts regarding Ria's case but they don't know that they fall in love to eachother...They feel like they can't live without eachother...On one fine day, both of them confess their love to eachother and their relationship leads to marriage... However, there are secrets behind Ria's death that will threaten the fragile romance blossoming between Anna and Mark and it leads Anna to be his slave...Mark wants to take strong revenge on Anna by entering into Slave aggrement...But Anna always trusts that love always Wins over revenge, so she always enjoys his sexual intense punishments out of love towards him...But to his surprise, he starts to find himself falling in love with Anna again. Revenge Wins?or Love Wins..?No matter how many fights you may get into, if you truly love someone it should never matter in the end...Love Always Blossom...Follow the book for further details...Hope you will enjoy it..._______In the first 100 chapters Mark behaviour is a kind of Pervert and tease Anna in all possible ways...After 100 chapters, he realised his love towards her and started giving values to her wishes, He replaced Anna's nightmares with dreams, Anna's worries with happiness, and her fears with love...(Just bear his pervert behaviour of first 100 chapters and see how he will change step by step towards Anna...)_______Anna's wish: I wish to wake up everyday to the feel of your breath on my neck...The warmth of your lips on my skin...The sound of your heart beating with mine... ---------- Once, you were my salvation My light My peace Now, you are my prison My captor My king Your once warm eyes, Are now, cold as ice... You once took my heart in both hands, Calling me the finest in all the lands... But now your stone cold, dagger-like stare, Makes me want to run away like a startled hare I’m no pet to be kept, No exotic beast to be bound... Even with all this rage against you that I hold, What am I to do except do as I am told... {By SOL (beloved reader)} -----------Special Thanks to my content editor, ISLINDA, Who supported me in all the possible ways...I am blessed to find you as my CE...and as always a special thanks to Webnoval for giving me such a Great platform by pooling of readers and authors...And a special Thanks to my beloved readers for supporting...And a special Thanks to the co authors who always supported me and teach me many lessons..._______ Join Anna and Mark in there sweet Revenge journey of Love and compassion...Please buy me a coffee at

  • I have seen the lord goodness his mercy and compassion praise God amen

    I have seen the lord goodness his mercy and compassion praise God amen

    My God is wise

  • Biringhan Chronicles: The Lost City and the Golden Compass

    Biringhan Chronicles: The Lost City and the Golden Compass


    A boy who was Prophesied by the goddess Tala that would bring harmony to the Kingdom of Biringan to all magical creatures of the realm. Join Simon Santiago as he fights the Oaswangs and Magtatangal

  • My compass points to new undiscovered dungeons

    My compass points to new undiscovered dungeons

    Sho is a 17 year old young man. He was adopted by the 2nd miss, Shuna, of the Kang Family. She was a widowed woman at the age of 25 so when Sho was left on the vicinity of a church she frequently visit, she didn't think twice to adopt him. She believed this was the way of God to comfort her grievances from the death of her beloved husband. She had been taking care of Sho alone in the house her husband gifted to her for the past 16 years, yet she suffered an accident after coming back from the hospital. This accident took her life.As the adopted son, Sho inherits all the things she owned. According to the lawyer, his mother seems to know that someone wants her life so she revised her will a week before her death. She stated that her remaining 100,000 crystal coins (10,000,000 gold coins; 1 crystal coins=100 gold coins) would be given to Sho together with a compass.When the Kang family came to know that she left 100,000 crystal coins to Sho, they became angry because he is an outsider of the family so why would she left such a big sum to him. They schemed the death of Shuna but they were left seeing the mountain of treasure being horded by an outsider of the family.Sho didn't care of the money left to him by his mother. He was still shocked that the one that has been taking care of him since he was a child is now dead. This is such a great shock to him that he didn't get out of his house for a whole month, he just remain there mourning for his lost. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow me on my social media for sneak peaks and updates.Twitter: @Phoenixen_book

  • Trapped in Her Heart

    Trapped in Her Heart

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY SWEETLOVE


    "Love finds it's way no matter what happens.....".....At the beach.With their hands intertwined together, Sebastian and Ellie were taking a romantic evening beach walk together.Turning towards Sebastian, Ellie smiled and asked, “Seb, what do you like in me?”Wrapping his arms around her waist, Sebastian smiled. Inching closer, he brushed their lips together and whispered, “I like each and everything about you.”......This is a story about Ellie Miller, a resident of Seattle, Washington and Sebastian Stewart, a native of Los Angeles.After spending more than a decade trying to live up to his parents' expectations, Sebastian Stewart had lost the true meaning of life. He lived his life in a very systematic manner with each and every second planned and scheduled for something. Many even said that he lived a robotic life. But things changed when someone entered his life and dragged him out of the robotic life he lived in. Not only did she add colors into his boring life, she opened the most beautiful path for him, the path of love and compassion.Like every ordinary woman, Ellie Miller always wanted to have a perfect love story. After witnessing the special bond her parents shared, her expectations for love spiked.Having zero experience in love even after twenty-five years of her existence, Ellie finally realized how beautiful love actually is after meeting Sebastian Stewart.Coming from two different family backgrounds, will Sebastian and Ellie manage to overcome all the obstacles that come their way?Join Ellie and Sebastian in their sweet and beautiful journey of love and compassion where they learn and grow together.----Follow me on Instagram: author_sofia05Join my discord server: The cover doesn't belong to me :)

  • Queen Of Hearts Is The CEO's, Mysterious Love.

    Queen Of Hearts Is The CEO's, Mysterious Love.



    "Some people love with passion like a blazing fire in their hearts whereas some keep the ocean of compassion inside theirs. The loss or defeat of one leads to another's destruction." For they had the best and worst of each other. In the nick of time, Lu Jianjun was puzzled looking at her. Is she for real? The bundle of a burden he owned was not the same anymore. It was as if her internal color and form were completely altered. Whenever he saw her she seemed different! Like a mystery for the brain but an answer from his heart. What will happen...Whether he can or cannot solve this mystery? This is a tale is about their separate path branching from ending towards the delightful beginning of fated love...

  • Demons and heroes are made of diligence and a flexible moral compass

    Demons and heroes are made of diligence and a flexible moral compass

    Lucio was the first person to awaken an authority, he was the strongest of humanity and led the front line against the demons through long fifty years.Bu when the last battle to expel demons happened and last blows were exchenged, he blinked... and two hundred years had passed.Now his strongest self is considered average, and technology advanced beyond him..The fifty+ year old man saw himself enrolling on a magic academy.. As the cafeteria uncle.

  • The Italian God

    The Italian God



    “I said,  go" I warn her. She scoffed and cursed in Russian under her breath. But made her way to the door. "It was nice meeting you" she addressed Maya who I think passed out. I walked to the pole and started untying her hands. I did it slowly so I wouldn't hurt her already bleeding fingers. She is going to be in a lot of pain tomorrow. I caught her before she fell and her face contracted in pain. My suit had blood on it as well, not that I cared. I carried her against my chest looking at her face. Her hair was a different kind of red. God I fucked up big time, she will definitely kill me. I walked with her in my arms out of the basement. "Oh god" I hear, I walked in to the living room. It was filled with Aria and some of her friends, also Enzo and Alessio, who was shaking his head at me when he saw Maya. "Who is she" I hear the girls whispering "Call the doctor" I tell them carrying her upstairs to my room. I sat at the corner of my room with a drink in my hand. With a clean fresh suit. I stared at her unmoving body on my bed, she looks so small on it. The doctor came and checked her body, she had bruised all over her body, a small concussion and her ribs were bruised. Veronica might have went over board this time. He cleaned her cuts and left a ton of medicine she has to take for the pain. He also attached a drip to her cause she was dehydrated. I cleaned her with wet towels and changed her filthy clothes. I was so thankful she didn't wake up, I didn't know how she would react to me seeing her naked. I noticed small cuts and scars on her upper thigh. She also had old ligature marks on her wrists. Something happened to her and I was going to find out what. I put her in one of my shirt and let her sleep. I had to chance into a new suit, my other one was covered in her blood. And I was meant to be at a party very soon. I had to make sure every gun and anything that can be used as a weapon was taking out of my room, I don't want her hurting anyone or me. And I know when she wakes up, she is going to want to kill me. I don't know what to do with her now and I couldn't let her go, she's seen too much. CIA agent Maya Reed is undercover in a mission In Italy, for the past 3 months. When her partner gets killed and all hell breaks loose. She gets kidnapped by the most power Mafia boss in Italy. She tries to escape still having faith that the Americans are looking for her. Not knowing they think she died. Lorenzo … Cold. Ruthless. Killer. I am respected and feared by all. I wasn’t put on this earth to love or be loved. I was put to be a killer, to be feared. When I find a strange girl in my club , killing two of my best costumers. I don’t let her live out of compassion. She’s a trinket, my plaything.

  • I Am His Possession

    I Am His Possession



    Mars Callesthene King is a personification of gods Hades and Ares in a person. He’s ruthless, pure evil, with no compassion, a powerful but handsome player just as a stallion that rules the underground world as a Devil and King on the ground, where the media describes him as the most successful businessman of the year. On the contrary, Vanylla Emerald Wright is an adorable gorgeous innocent angel of her family. Her brother Jared Klaus Wright protects her such a delicate emerald out of the poisonous world. Since Wright collides with the King in the business war, her father moves Vanylla to England, where she learns to be an architect and an artist. One night, Mars lays his eyes on his innocent beautiful enemy’s daughter, and those hatreds disappear into uncontrollable lust. It makes him ruins her innocence but traps him eventually. However, Vanylla hates the ruthless bad boy. He’s not a Romeo but a devil that everyone hates. Will God shows his mercy when he is fallen for an Angel? Read it to find the captivating journey of hate and love from both titan families, the King, and the Wright. “Listen to me Angel, I don’t care who you are, once I said you were mine, you’re mine!” Those brown eyes stared at her innocent eyes. “I hate you, Mars, stop ruining my life, please just let me go!” Vanylla had no more voice to scream or shout at him. Mars trapped her under his giant body, and her petite frame had nothing compared to his. He grabbed her chin hissed under her nose. “I will not stop ruining you if that’s the only way to have you!” he kissed to heal her vanilla scent filled his nostrils. The smell made him addicted and tempted. WARNING FOR 21+ SMUT SCENE (THIS STORY IS PART OF THE SEVEN WOLVES SERIES) Please bear with my English since it is not my first language, I hope you enjoy reading it. Have fun! follow me on IG: @nandastrand, FB: @NandaStrand

  • Devil's Rise

    Devil's Rise



    This is the story of a young noble devil within the Xertzul Abyss. Spoiled and dotted on since birth, James is your typical arrogant young master. He bullies and beats anyone he can find with the help of his butler Azon. His good days come to end though when he unlocks a useless Dao and is labeled as trash by his devil clan. With his fall from grace, James has to learn the value of hard work and effort if he ever wants to find his place within the heartless Abyss.This is a true weak to strong story focusing on an evil protagonist. James has no moral compass and is riddled with character flaws that are fixed by his character development. If you want to skip Volume 1's character progression start reading at chapter 69 it is a full recap that allows you to start reading Volume 2.This novel has logical character and strength development while the MC is given very little plot armor to help him along his path. In fact, most of the time the plot actively works against the mc.Volume 2:Seeing no further prospects under the protection of his clan Soulless (James) heads out alone in the cold dark Abyss. More mature themes are explored as the Soulless comes of age as an adult. His hopes, focus, and drive change as he matures through adulthood learning to stand on his own two feet. Mc starts to grow a little OP.Volume 3:Soulless embarks on a quest to the Western Frontier to create his own fief. By now the Mc is Op & Evil Incarnate.Novel Discord:

  • Dinner at Jack's

    Dinner at Jack's

    Personal chef Beau St. Clair, recently divorced from his cheating husband, returns to the small Ohio River town where he grew up to lick his wounds.<br><br>Jack Rogers lives with his mother, Maisie, in that same small town, angry at and frightened by the world. Jack has a gap in his memory that hides something he dares not face, and he’s probably suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.<br><br>Maisie, seeking relief from her housebound and often surly son, hires Beau to cook for Jack, hoping the change might help bring Jack, once a handsome and vibrant attorney, back to his former self. But can a new face and comfort food compensate for the terror lurking in Jack’s past?<br><br>Slowly the two men begin a dance of revelation and healing. Food and compassion build a bridge between Beau and Jack, a bridge that might lead to love. But will Jack’s demons allow it? His history could just as easily tear them apart as bring them together.

  • Najimi Ajimu | Queen Of Oblivion.

    Najimi Ajimu | Queen Of Oblivion.


    What would happen if a Gacha addict that has a broken moral compass gained Omnipotence?Also just pointing out that the mc is gonna have no emotional attachment to anyone and would not a bat an eye at their inevitable death.

  • Reincarnated as a Cat girl

    Reincarnated as a Cat girl


    Plagued by misfortune from the day he was born, Michael has rarely received care or compassion from others his only love in the world were cute things and anime. One being unrealistic, the other a reminder of an innocent time which he remembers fondly, helps distract him from the hell in which he resides Follow Michael on an adventure of trial, tribulation, and humor as he takes his second try at life as a mysterious yet adorable Cat girl. (A/N: Any suggestions for edits, criticism, and grammatical corrections are greatly appreciated, but please refrain from offensive comments.)

  • What a mess

    What a mess

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY


    Two families. An arranged marriage. What could possibly go wrong? A story filled with love, laughter and lots of embarrassment. _________________________________________________ "You can't find someone so pretty, smart, funny, stubborn, mature, childlike, fearless, shy, insecure, emotional, no bullshit; all at the same time." "You're like a broken compass. You are either happy or just fucking annoyed with everything. Either way, you don't know exactly how you feel and what you want." Despite not wanting to get married, when Naira's family insists her to tie the knot, she decides to give Ayan a chance. Cocky, friendly, and extremely attractive, he shares an unlikely trail of secrets that haunt his past and come knocking down his present. Getting kidnapped, temporarily adopting a seven-year-old, attending a marriage, making new friends... Naira does it all. Amid all the chaos, she'll find not only love but also herself. "Your laugh wrinkles your forehead. It touches my foolish heart." "You're like a book I keep on reading but can't remember. Every time I read, I find a new section, a new paragraph, a new sentence." _________________________________________________ The characters are both Indian and reside in Delhi as of now.