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  • Cowgirl Up

    Cowgirl Up

    Tough tomboy Tabitha Conrad rides bulls and bareback broncs like a champ. In only her second rodeo season, she's headed for the finals. An over-protective older brother and his buddy sometimes take care of her a little too well. She's having trouble living up to the bold, bawdy reputation most cowgirls enjoy.<br><br>Wes Duncan lost his father and an older brother to bulls in the arena. Now he's working as a rodeo clown, determined to save as many downed riders as he can. He finds feisty little Tab immensely attractive but as his best friend's kid sister, she's off limits.<br><br>As much as he admires her spunk and determination, every time she comes out on a bull, he almost has a heart attack. What can he do to keep her safe? And if he gives in to his heart and his lust, who will keep her safe from him? Before they know it, Tab and Wes are caught up in a whirlwind of passion and misunderstandings. It takes a very close call to bring them to their senses and get Tab up for the ride of her life.

  • Yui cowgirl - Brincadeiras pervertidas com minha namorada sexy.

    Yui cowgirl - Brincadeiras pervertidas com minha namorada sexy.


    Um conto hentai curtinho de Oregairu, sobre um dia que Yui decidiu fazer uma supresa pervertida para o seu namora Hikigaya.

  • my cowgirl

    my cowgirl


    how she became MY cowgirl!!

  • Cowgirls Don’t Cry

    Cowgirls Don’t Cry

  • Small Town Love

    Small Town Love

    Gabby was born and raised in small town Bandon, on the southern coast of Oregon. At thirty, she’s a cowgirl, volunteer firefighter, and out and proud lesbian. It’s hard to find love with another woman in such a small town, but she loves Bandon.<br><br>After witnessing an accident involving a local town drunk, Gabby helps the arresting officer by going to the hospital to return the other driver’s wallet.<br><br>The other driver is Aneko Watanabe, a computer programmer with a flexible schedule who’s looking for a small town to move to. When the car crash sends Aneko to the hospital. Gabby goes there return her wallet.<br><br>Something sparks between them. As things heat up between the two women, Aneko moves to Washington state a job. Will the distance come between them? Or can they find a way to make things work?

  • Blazing Gun

    Blazing Gun

    Cassidy Jenson's a cowgirl at heart and life, she grew up in the town of Bozeman, Montana. Her parents were part of the church community, as well as her father a rancher Long horns his specialty. Her mother a typical ranchers church wife, small town gossiper and ran the local cafe. Betty's Grill, she heard everything and anything that runs threw town. Nosy nellies of town all talk, but when it comes to certain things it's hush hush. Especially when the owner of the gossip is around. Ryan Brixton was a small town boy from Belgrade, Montana smaller than Bozeman but humble. He learned to cuss and fight and shoot. Played basketball in high school and learned his lessons hard. His daddy died working the rodeo circuit and his momma being injured in a barrel racing competition couldn't afford the big ranch on her own so Ryan took up working on a construction crew. He was determined to fight for his home, the one place he felt safe. Cassidy and Ryan cross paths one Sunday when she crosses the street from church. Ryan almost hitting her and the fire starts, angry and frustrated. A fight of wits and battle of attraction they find them selves closer. Threw out the battle of Cassidy's ex, the gossip, and finding the truth, odd dates popping up. Sparks fly like the forth of July for these two, in an unexpected falling in love.

  • The Au Pair

    The Au Pair

    Meet Delilah Stone. Growing up on the saddle, this ranch loving cowgirl sets of on a journey through life. I mean being an Au Pair is a great opportunity to explore the world, isn't it? But does her backstory and what little skill she obtained, feul het to proceed in making a living in the harsh reality of life? Finding herself in Italy at the Rossi residence, does the small Texas girl have what it takes to take careof six kids? Or will she dust away the path layed out for her and go rogue?

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