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  • Cupid


    Apa yang terjadi apabila Cupid bertemu the fox boy?

  • Hurry Cupid

    Hurry Cupid


    If only we can teach our heart on who to love it won't be a problem for Anne anymore. But she fell in love with the most unexpected person in the world, Will they still experience happiness around the corner or be apart by their chosen destiny?

  • Cupid?



  • Darling, Don't Run Away!

    Darling, Don't Run Away!


    Six years ago, she marries a guy that she doesn't even know.On the wedding night, her husband tries to strangle her. "Who are you?""I'm your wife!"..At daytime, her husband was so adorable, childish-like and very gentle.But,At nighttime, her husband turns into a cold, rude and beast-like husband...The cupid knows how to play the human's heart. They got separated and met again six years later.Why did she run away from him? What she hide from him?Is he still remember her? Are they actually meet by accident or his heart lead him to her?Do bug me at discord :

  • The Devilish Assassin meets the Angelic Detective

    The Devilish Assassin meets the Angelic Detective



    "Fateful encounter of a cold-blooded assassin and a gentle detective: She wants to avenge her parents’ death, no matter the cost. He wants to redeem her and teach her forgiveness. One of them must give in. Merciless, fierce, vicious, and ruthless were the words that people would associate with her. That's how they would describe her, a living devil. Elle is known as the mysterious and meticulous assassin feared by both the underground syndicates and the government. But she finds herself helpless and at the end of her rope when she meets with despair on one of her missions. Erick, a chief detective, comes just in time to rescue the devil turned damsel. His kindhearted nature had led him to take the cold and aloof girl under his wing. With his protection on the line, Elle couldn't possibly get close to him in fear of being revealed. Can she let him into her walls or will she push him away, like all the others? Can he close his eyes to her crimes or will he punish her?" «»«»«»«»«»«»«»«» *Excerpts* "What if I had killed someone? What if I am a criminal, what will you do?" Erick kept silent for a few seconds, thinking. Elle could almost hear her pounding heart amidst the silence of their surrounding. Erick looked into her eyes and met her nervous gaze as he gave her his response. "If that is the case, then I will have to put you in prison," he said in a serious tone. Elle's heart sank when she heard it. She felt like her world fell into pieces. "So... if I ask you to surrender yourself to me, will you do it?" Erick asked her softly as he cupped her troubled face in his two hands. "Will you?... will you marry me Elle?" he added. Elle:"..." Erick took advantage of that chance when Elle was still in a trance as he brought his face closer to her and sealed her lips with a gentle kiss. -------------------------------------------------- COMPLETED [ 530 Chapters ] { Warning: This Book Features Mature Content [R-18] } Award: Writing Prompt Contest #93 First Placer- Villainess Female Lead The Devilish Assassin meets The Angelic Detective Volume I: Fateful Encounter [ Chapter 1-275 (Completed) ] Volume II:Their Paths Crossed Again [ Chapter 276- 530 (Completed) ] Author's Other Book: 1. The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter (Contracted) Award of this Book: WPC #133 Gold Tier- No Humans Allowed! Female Lead 2. Help, Cupid! I'm Falling For You Note* The artwork/illustration/photo in the cover is not mine. If the owner wants it to be replaced, it will be replaced. [The Author is slowly editing all the chapters. Please bear with me if you see grammar mistakes and awkward sentence structures along the way. Only the first 32 Chapters had been edited so far.] Curious about this author? Follow me in Instagram: elle_zar Please like Author Facebook page: @AUTHOR.ELLEZARG18

  • Parallel cupid

    Parallel cupid


    so, what happens when a girl becomes independent break all the cruel rule of this man dominance and live her life normally as others living in this world. where every girl wants to fall in love once and spend their lives doing chores, but some really care for their life, so this a story about adventures and trifles crossed by our FL-Diksha to achieve the goal's in her life by going through many difficulties...this photo is not mine the credit goes the maker I just edit it a bit...

  • Playing Cupid

    Playing Cupid

    Jamie smith plays 'cupid' under a secret identity. He helps the people in his school get the person they've always wanted through a simple text. He helps make ends meet for those who are desperate enough to ask for help. Sure people try to figure out his identity, and he even gives everyone of them a hint, but no one's ever found out who he is. Until now. What happens when he gives the star quarterback advice on how to get the love of his life to go out with him...only to find out that he's the one the quarterback wants. Nathaniel Woods stars as the best quarterback that Litton high has ever had. He's the typical jockey douche bag that sleeps his way through both high school and the girls in it while bullying poor unsuspecting nerds. The only problem is, the nerd he bullies the most, is the one person he holds dear to his heart. That and the fact that being a closeted gay in your typical cliche high school is a pain in the ass.I will be updating this book whenever I can.

  • Cupid Love

    Cupid Love

    Will curiousity lead a bored and unemployed Vicky to finding the love she gave up long time ago? As pandemic took the world hostage and many companies closed down, a lot of employees also lost their jobs. Vicky is one of them, an engineer who happened to lost her job and became unemployed in the midst of the pandemic. Without even realizing, she has been caught on the trend of trying online dating apps, met several guys online and find someone she never expects she will fall in love with. Will she finally find a man who will love and cherish her after all the heartbreaks shad in the past?



  • Stupid Cupid!

    Stupid Cupid!

  • Cold Cupid

    Cold Cupid

  • Crooked cupid

    Crooked cupid

    All I did was love youWhere did I go wrongYou were my everythingNow I have made you king of my dreamYou dethroned meHereby taking it captiveAll I've got now is nightmaresA villian invader in my sleepAll I now is cuddle myself asideTears rolling down my eyesThe choice I've madeAll in the name of love

  • A Cupid Story

    A Cupid Story

  • Cupid in love?

    Cupid in love?

  • Cupid of Love

    Cupid of Love

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE COMEDY

    Lucian, a boy who has been rejected many times in love, so he promises himself that he will never love anyone but himself

  • cupid of psyche

    cupid of psyche

    Psyche was out to the woods looking for her cat. When suddenly she saw a movement behind the bush near the giant old tree, " baby come here, come out now", she hummed while walking through the thick bush. "come here kitty baby, mommy has a treat" she said again. Then suddenly a man appeared from behind the thick bush, half naked, half of his body was hidden from the verdurous plant. " oh f***!! what are you doing there? who are you? she shrilled out of shock. Nearly fell to the floor because of what she saw. She was expecting to see her pet, but instead saw a stranger. he is tall, but she couldn't see his face because she was facing him backwards. dumbfounded by the moment she asked again. " where is my cat?"

  • Death of cupid

    Death of cupid

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • Cupid, the murderer

    Cupid, the murderer

    Alyx who happens to be in a loveless relationship ends up being a victim to one of cupid's arrows. however as luck would have it, cupid mistakenly takes the wrong arrow and now has to nurse poor Alyx back to health, ofcourse after saving her from a close death encounter which he caused to begin with "okay... one question" Alyx said after a long moment of silence"alright, ask away" "tell me Cesaire.... if you truly are cupid... Why on earth do you have a collection of real arrows right besides your "magical" love arrows?" ".....just for self defence you know..." he said avoiding eye contact"why again, would you need self defence?""you would be surprised at the number of people who dont appreciate having the loves ones, fall in love with someone else" Alyx stared at him baffled, she couldnt comprehend how he, "cupid" seemed so un-self aware at how terrible he was at his one and only job after a short moment of silence, Cesaire nodded "exactly, i was speechless myself" he said with a sigh and leaned back on his chair ---hello there... i'd like to say, please bear with this story, it has been a long minute since i have written a story. so consider this a rough draft of what might be a good romantic comedy or a terribly romantic comedy which is all over the place.have fun.

  • Cupid in love

    Cupid in love

  • The Cupid In Love

    The Cupid In Love