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  • Elegant Desperation

    Elegant Desperation


    Welcome to Elegant Desperation; Beginning in the 21st century a 16 year old girl was gifted an ancient book, from her late father. His little fireball was worthy of something greater than she knew; the protection of the Imperial families of Ancient China. A job he inherited and wanted to pass on to her. When he passes on he leaves her that very book, which holds a journey that may unravel history as we know it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Set in the era of the T'ang Dynasty. She becomes Yang Yuhuan a woman of the 18th prince. This is a historical fiction of how she rose through the ranks and how her forbidden romance began and came to an end.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This is a tale of both historical fact and fantastical creation. Researched to be as respectful and accurate as I can. So I welcome you to the ancient world; all is fair in love and war.. right? K.S.

  • Desperation and Desire

    Desperation and Desire

  • Kynlee’s Desperation

    Kynlee’s Desperation


    Kynlee’s twin brother is in a tragic construction accident and left with a serious head and neck injury. Kynlee and Kedron lost their parents not long after they turned 18. With only each other, Kynlee must figure out how to pay not only the monthly bills with 1/2 the income, but hospital bills, and Kedron’s costly aftercare. How can she work when she is her brother’s only living relative? She has to be there for her brother!When Kynlee earns grant money to get by from an anonymous donor, little does she realize her wealthy philanthropist is someone she knows and has learned to trust. Will she learn to hate her rich donor for his betrayal, or be forever grateful for everything he can give her? Will the donor prove to be the kind, giving man the world knows, or will Kynlee discover his dark side?Please read, “Kynlee’s Desperation,” to find out!

  • a special desperation

    a special desperation

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

  • A Mother's Desperation

    A Mother's Desperation

    What would you do if the fate of your child was dying and there seemed to be nothing you could do about it? Would you give up and accept this sad fate... or fight against it to the very end with everything you have, consequences be damned? For retired hero Jean Terror, the choice was as clear as the love for her daughter.

  • Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive

    Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive



    Every human on Earth was transformed into a summoned monster and was summoned to another world. Every summoned monster only had one life and was gifted with ability right from the start. The abilities ranged from Wind Blade to Fireball, Ice Arrow, Guardian Shield, Heal, Illusion, and so forth. Li Xuan was also summoned to another world, but his ability was the Unlimited Revive System. Whenever he revived once, he would get another ability. That was the birth of the most fearsome summoned monster in that world. He would simply self-destruct if the fight wasn't in his favor and he would start collecting new abilities by doing so. When Li Xuan finally grew to become an untouchable being, he had formed a contract with a princess by accident. On that day, the princess stood on the city wall and looked at the wave of monsters that was charging at her city. She sacrificed herself out of desperation to save her people and the sky suddenly turned dark. A figure that was as terrifying as God itself tore through the sky and looked at the lives that were beneath him. The world turned quiet as they looked at the being with their widened eyes. Even the millions of monsters that were charging towards the city were stunned by the being's appearance.

  • God´s Eyes

    God´s Eyes



    Losing his parent early on, he had to survive in a world he couldn't even see... Blind and left alone, he was seen as a parasite by the social hierarchy of the new ages filled with martial arts and soulbonds Forced to mature early his train of thought was different from his peers as he didn´t mind derogatory reviews about him. The day he awoke his soul was the day he cried in desperation while God played tricks with him as his soul-awakening was a blessing in disguise. Nobody would have ever imagined that he was neither blind nor a parasite until the final moment, he opened his golden eyes that flickered brightly, eagerly waiting to devour everyone daring to obstruct his path towards the summit. Follow Jason on his adventurous journey throughout the vast universe filled with miraculous sceneries and mysterious beings. Some readers might not like information, but I do! ------ Normal schedule=14 chapters/week ------ Discord-server= *This is my first novel, please bear that in mind. I appreciate all kinds of sincere advice and comments* ------

  • Two Brothers Have A Good Life? : Desperation

    Two Brothers Have A Good Life? : Desperation


    For more than 8 years, Nobuyuki was a high school student in London, England.A woman named Haru bump to his car one day and left a small scratch. She unforeseen him in school and solemnly beg for forgiveness from what she hit that day. They became acquaintances and gets more close to each other.Time skip..Someday in Japan, Yuki and Haru get married and everything went still the same.Unexpected sequence, Haru's pregant at the time and got into car accident.Haru's boss sneak in the door and manipulate her to go back with him on England, and leads her to be frustrated and misunderstandings.FinBack in school days, this one girl named Kaiyou one of the biggest shares in the company along in Miyazono family. Time skip. Naoko who is living in despair because of the death of his beloved fiancé and hearing illusions of her saying that he need to look forward don't let the darkness pull him. Will the two brothers ever find freedom in the future from the past which they can't move on? or still living in despair?Will Nobuyuki forgives her and start all over?When will Naoko truly forgets pain continued his life?-LiSuzueNote : A temporary book cover.- Update 2 chapters in a month.

  • The Great Demon System

    The Great Demon System



    In a world filled with abilities and superpowers, Moby Kane, a 16-year-old boy, is an orphan who is living his life with a little too much optimism, trying his best to get by.Due to him having no ability, he had been bullied and tortured every day. However, for some odd reason, he never complained and always stayed happy no matter what. It was almost unnatural.On one cruel day of immense pain, he realized that the world is a brutal, unforgiving place, making him regain his lost senses.In his moment of desperation, a miracle happened.[ You have unlocked the Demon System ]Now that Moby has the power to change his cruel destiny, how will he use it to get back at the world that wronged him on the road to becoming the demon lord...(Free high quality art in certain sections of the novel, {paragarph comments}) ;)------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO NEW READERS! PLEASE READ!My first few chapters' writing quality is very bad and lackluster but gets much better as the novel progresses!Also, the first 5 chaps are kinda similar to vamp system but the story and settings differentiate after that into their own thing past that point! Hope you stick around! :)Quick note! many people in the world are cruel and almost psychotic but there is a good narrative reason for that, it will be explained later on in the novel I promise! :D------------------------------------------------------------Artist! to support the author! the discord!

  • Desperate Fighters

    Desperate Fighters


    What would you do if someone kidnapped you and threw you into a high stakes betting game of survival? Could you manage to do what it takes, or would you hide and pray for a savior? Dawn is about to learn the type of person she is. One that needs to learn to survive a deadly game where the price is your life. What Dawn learns might be her ticket to keep living, is by giving their inhuman participant what he wants. Dawn is willing to pay the price with Lucian, even if that means capturing the heart of a killer who will never let you go.

  • The Desperate Rights

    The Desperate Rights


    Despite having a distorted view of life,Lilian Lazaros still expecting that she can get the rights after her husband William filed a divorce with her.She hopefully wants her children beside her,even she will fight against what's right. Demetri Sylvestre,the man who allegedly ruined her marriage helps her out to claim her desperate rights against William for which he needs some selfish benefits in return.Having amidst the two rich selfish and lunatic CEO,another man appeared obsessively to fulfill his promise towards her,which makes her life more complicated and twisted.She's under the playful games of the three possessive fellas.But,their games turn into an irrepressible trap of love.— She married to a stupid douche.She met the selfish traitor,and she met the third guy who was sick and obsess with her.William, " I regretted that I let her go, but I will surely regret more if I will choose to lose her forever."Demetri, " Love? I didn't know what is love but until she came, she taught me how to be a person."Wyndell, " I will kill myself if she choice to remarry someone over me. She's my life,and she could be my healing."Lilian," I'm just claiming my desperate rights but those three guys appeared of destroying my drowsy soul."" I'm confuse of choosing the right one but let the love choose the best."—Cover is not mine.This story contains a lot of grammatical errors, sentence lapses and plot holes. Please bear with me.This is not a kind of heavy drama story.Heavy lines at first but not so light plots on the rest.This is my first english story and I am not good at writing english.

  • A Desperate Man

    A Desperate Man

    When they were teenagers, Quinn MacGregor and Aaron Larsen fell in love over the course of one magical summer. It ended in bloodshed and tragedy.<br><br>Now, ten years later, Quinn is back in Spruce Creek, Nevada, to inherit his family’s criminal cartel. His cousin Jimmy has been making friends -- and enemies -- in dangerous places, but that doesn’t mean he’s happy to hand over leadership to Quinn. And Jimmy might not be the only one who wants Quinn out of the way for good, especially if Quinn’s secret comes out.<br><br>Aaron Larsen is back in Spruce Creek to sell his former family home. Aaron lost a leg in Afghanistan, and he’s drinking too much and battling depression and PTSD. The last thing he needs is for Quinn MacGregor to drop back into his miserable life. But when Quinn is shaken by the news that he left more behind in Spruce Creek than his bad memories, he turns to Aaron like it’s old times, and Aaron doesn’t know how to say no.<br><br>The events of ten years ago cast a long shadow, and in a town where they can’t trust anyone else, Quinn and Aaron just might have to learn to trust each other again.

  • The Desperate Heiress

    The Desperate Heiress

    Historical Romance BEAUTY

    Emilia is an aristocrat who despises marriage while Aidan is a commoner, popularly known as "the rogue". Infamous for getting into brawls and gambling, he's also known to have a loathing for women having had a traumatic past as a child with his mother. But fortunately, fate has a different plan for both of them despite being two worlds apart. After the death of her aunt, Emilia is given a condition to stay married for a year in order to become the next Heiress. Desperate to keep the inheritance from her greedy cousin, she has no chive but to get into a contract marriage with the bitter peasant, Aidan who's also in desperate need of money to save a dying mother.A contract marriage of one year leads to what they least expected. With it came hostility, conceit, fear, joy, laughter, love and tears, especially when Lord William, Emilia's greedy cousin who covets the inheritance is bent to do anything to get it, even if it means trying to force her into marrying him against her will by abducting her.

  • Desperate for Love

    Desperate for Love

  • Desperate for help

    Desperate for help


    Being born weak was never my fault, so why…why are we always treated so differently?!

  • Desperate Reincarnation

    Desperate Reincarnation


    Kyouya just wants to end his miserable life. He has grown tired of life itself and wished to just disappear one day. The last straw of it all is when his family broke up and he was left with nowhere to belong to after his parents' split up. He just wants to end it all and wished that he should not ever be born so he won't be a burden to the people around him. What will he do or how will he feel when he thought he was free from living only to be reincarnated again and have a new life? Will, he finally found his new life a fulfilling one? Will he ever change his mindset about life itself?

  • A desperate wish

    A desperate wish


    A 24 years old woman prays whoever-is-listening-to-her for an exciting life.**Huayan Ye is a loner, she has no friends nor family anymore. She spends all her days at home a crave for.... Something else. She wants to wake up happy in the morning and look up to something in her life for once.She complains with humor but is actually depressed inside.Will she find happiness in her next life?

  • desperate Love

    desperate Love

  • Desperate (to yearn)

    Desperate (to yearn)

    Contemporary Romance BEAUTY DRAMATIC TWISTED

  • A Desperate Love

    A Desperate Love

    The universe hates Mel Stokes. He quit his job, lost his boyfriend, and missed the last train, all in one night. And then, some guy tries to rob him after he walked miles to get home. In shoes that pinched his toes. Nope. Last straw. When a stranger witnesses his lowest life moment and gives him an offer he can’t ignore, what does Mel have to lose?<br><br>Working with Good Samaritan Lenny Mitchen is the best and worst thing Mel has ever done. Because Lenny is kind and honorable, and there’s no way that Mel can ever erase the first impression of a desperate loser down on his luck, can he? So, he makes a decision, and hopes that maybe, he can turn things around, for a change.<br><br>But will it be enough to get what he really wants?