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  • Death, Devotion, Dissonance

    Death, Devotion, Dissonance



    Death, Devotion, Dissonance describes the story of Evin, a boy who learns he’s a mage in his 10th birthday. Finally, he could get rid of the Voice stuck in his head. After ten years of being thought as a lunatic by everyone around him, finally, he could be free of it. After all, mages are said to be able to do anything, right? A little Voice in his head shouldn’t be too hard to handle. However, things do not go as Evin planned. Turns out, the Voice in his head allows him to cast magic in a way accessible to only nobility of the kingdom. This new revelation puts Evin in the spotlight, as many people become curious as to why a commoner knows such things… Everyone seems to suddenly want something from him. Circumstances force Evin to trust the Voice in his head and listen to its advice, as he suddenly realizes that it’s the only ally he has inside the Academy. How will the relationship between these two develop? Will Evin be able to separate from the Voice or will he have to keep relying on it? What is the Voice and what is its purpose in the first place?-----Author's notes: Ummm, If you want something light and fun, the novel's probably not for you. That doesn't mean it's hard to read, though. I, personally, do not believe in labyrinthine descriptions and over-convoluted terminologies. You'll know exactly what you're reading about and won't need to waste braincells trying to understand my sentences (unless I wanna pull a sneaky on ya and intentionally make things confusing).But thematically, the story's gonna be quite dark and heavy, especially in the earlier chaps.I do promise you'll be rewarded for it all later with satisfying characters and conclusions to plots, and I hope you can join me in this journey.Thank you for checking the novel out. uwuwu. Also, If you want more info about this novel, then you can check out my review of it.-----11 (ish) Chaps weekly.-----Cover Art by Bactewia. May the Empress bless that potato's hands. Link to her post here:

  • My Debauched Devotion

    My Debauched Devotion


    After transmigrating to the Zhenling Continent, Xiao Ran became the Direct Disciple of a known beauty of the cultivation world, LingZhou Yue, and bound himself to the Supreme Devotion System—he would only get stronger by treating his master with filial devotion. From then on, he began serving tea, giving her massages, coming up with gourmet delicacies, and even scouting pretty girls so his master had someone to talk to... Xiao Ran was always either carrying out an act of devotion or was on the way to do it. One day, his master who wanted to take advantage of her disciple, found out that she had been exploited by her disciple and scolded him while blushing, "Ignoble disciple, your devotion is debauched!"

  • A Devil Named Devotion

    A Devil Named Devotion


    When the most powerful mage in the world suddenly dies and leaves his inheritance spread across his journal pages, a mad dash to collect them erupts on the continent. One small issue: just before his death, that mage hid his journal pages in various locations, unknown to all. A young man, unconcerned with it all, suddenly has his life changed forever when he stumbles upon one of these pages and unlocks a power within himself he never knew he had.

  • Devotion [BL]

    Devotion [BL]



    An unexpected encounter drew two students, Ren and Shinobu, to each other. Opposites attract. Friendship ensues. Feelings grow. Will they remain together in spite of their differences? "You're either nuts or stupid." "Actually, I'm neither. But you're just being difficult." "That's what I do, you idiot." "Well, being sociable is what I do." Shinobu laughed out loud after a dead beat of silence. Ren was astonished. It was a nice sound, low and almost husky. Why in the name of god did he think that? [Note: It is the first novel in a loosely connected trilogy: 1. Devotion 2. Capture 3. Love Is]

  • Passionate Devotion

    Passionate Devotion


    A few days after her wedding, Tong Lu was told that her husband had passed away. She was asked to never remarry and to look after her husband's illegitimate daughter as her own, for the rest of her life. Four years later, her deceased husband's twin brother entered her life like a whirlwind. He was rich, powerful and handsome. However, he was also intimidating and seemed to be full of secrets. He invited her and her daughter to live in his mansion despite his family's objections. Tong Lu thought that she and this desirable man were from two different worlds, but she was spectacularly wrong...

  • Unrequited devotion

    Unrequited devotion

  • The Billionaire's Devotion

    The Billionaire's Devotion


    When billionaire devil Jacob Mackay returns from Singapore to take over the family business, he doesn't expect to find an impossible price set on his inheritance. ••• Jacob's father, Jameson Mackay, has just partnered Mayce groups with Zeta construction for a real estate project, and now, the both families must become one. Jacob must wed the beautiful but troubled Sutton Price to gain his inheritance. But then, there's a lot on the line for Jacob. NYPD detective Andrew Mercado holds juicy dirt on the biggest organised crime network in the city, and the Mackays just can't survive it. Jacob must learn what it truly means to sacrifice when tossed in the middle of love and a bloody war. Warning: Do not think this is your regular slow-burn love-story because the Billionaire and his bride are keeping far too many twisted secrets that could determine life or death.

  • lifeless devotion

    lifeless devotion


    Born with love, born with high expectations and it's purpose it to please people.A little girl that was born with a silver spoon, with such a heavy crown to be worn and cared. a not so beautiful, short but jolly one who will wreck, disturb and built a color to one's life. Coming from a political family and coming from an old fashioned beliefs with a mixed blood who will conquer and fight for something that is worth aiming for.A little girl with a small but cliche dream that are about to reach but were stopped with the time and chances. What will she do when a certain dream was stopped but a new planned future will come true?.let's find out what will happen.. read and learn life instances.

  • Tampering with devotion

    Tampering with devotion


    Beginning from the end.•°•°•°•°•°•Zylorina Vi Censeri is the last line in her family, crushed that she has to attend a funeral of the only father figure she's ever known, she can't help but do what she's always had to, endure.Her loss will be fresh, recognized and gradually accepted, but her gain: unexpected, hesitant, and possibly short lived. As easily as shattering glass, it apparently can be broken, as if they'll fall into a sea of sand, their pieces will be difficult to find. It was only supposed to be a funeral, but something bigger was waiting for her. Now, in the midst of trying to help right a wrong, she has to choose; which would be right, which would be her choice and hers alone.Being bonded or being bound. Is there a difference?Should there be?

  • Devotion of the gods

    Devotion of the gods


  • Love devotion

    Love devotion

    Contemporary Romance R18 COMEDY MYSTERY

    what happened when you got a second chance in your life. A chance that can heal your wounds of the past and start all over again. this is the story of a mysterious girl Abigail who got the chance to change her darkness into brightness. she hides her identity with help of her friend and become a normal yet hardworking person. she joins her friend's father in business as his assistant. but what will happen when her paths will be crossed with a heartless man. who desires every girl but nobody dares to offend. love will be bloomed like a rose in winter and the war of love and hate will take place. what awaits for Abigail in the future and what made her the demon she was used to be. everything is a mystery and we are going to discover it. so join me and Abigail in this journey of love and suspense. Not a reincarnation story ........ 2 chapters every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday a novel by Momi 15insta id: momi15712 I know I have 2 novels still pending to continue writing but because of some reasons I am not into them right now,w I will continue it after some time.



  • Devotion: Perception

    Devotion: Perception

    A boy called George who lives in a rather unfortunate society must kill to survive, but finds love.



  • Godless Devotion

    Godless Devotion


    Thinking its a game Valence may have transformed a whole world to an hellish place.Thinking its a npc Valence may have given power to a dark elve driven by hate while naming him her champion.Thinking she is an evil goddess the champion also seem to want her to fall from her altar." My devotion is for you but its a godless devotion."

  • Lines of Devotion

    Lines of Devotion


    A story of high school friends finding love and family.

  • The Sweetest Devotion

    The Sweetest Devotion

    Gabriella Rachel Aguilar or better known as "Gara" realized early on about the hardships of life. She is a college scholar at a Catholic School in the morning and a legitimate online seller in the evening. She also took a part-time job as an assistant to an ill-tempered librarian on weekends. She is the only one who supports herself because she does not expect other people to help her. Although she did not grow up rich, that did not stop her from helping people who were even poorer than her, especially the children in the orphanage, where she also came from. She wanted to be a nun to take better care of the children so she entered a seminary for nunhood. On the other hand, Shaun Walter Shkidchenko, a tyrant CEO of a famous broadcasting company known not only in the Philippines but also around the world. Apart from that, he is also a mafia boss who is feared not only by his fellow businessmen but also by the entire mafia world. He could kill anyone if he wanted to. Different worlds... What if their paths meet? What if in a flash the girl's heart falls for the young man? Will she be able to give up the world she is used to just for the young man's uncertain love?

  • Psyche's Devotion

    Psyche's Devotion


    A young and lovely Elena met sweet, well-mannered and friendly Junho who does not know his identity. She decided to help him recover his memory and accidentally fell inlove with each other. At the very last puzzle Junho disappeared, and Elena met the new guy unintentionally. Will meeting the new guy reveals the truth behind Junho's disappearance? Or another puzzle to connect?A novel entitled Psyche's Devotion

  • Retired Player's Devotion

    Retired Player's Devotion

    Video Games ACTION R18 SYSTEM

    The Emerge of gaming virtual capsules has taken the world by storm by the technology it gives by giving games a virtual reality like no other.There are so many capsule games out there that can utilize the capsule's capability to give players a different reality of gaming.but there is one game out there that gives the capsule to its full potential; A game by Tri-Gon called GAIA.Despite being a beta for two decades, now it will become a full-pledge game that many loyal players rejoice by the announcement. Everybody is hype for the game that many people lose hope, wishing it to be a game on its own -- not just some experiment game that will be disposed of in the future.Jon Jacob V. De Palma, an E-sport Pro player gives a twist of fate that put him in an unfortunate accident that will cause his career collapse in front of his eyes.How can someone bounce back in this adversity, will he just come back in the game that put himself to fame or Let go and move on for what future in store for him?

  • His Love, My Devotion

    His Love, My Devotion