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  • It All Started With Lightning

    It All Started With Lightning

    I have to say I had a really tough time. Just when my hand was healed, I learned that my mother had to have a pacemaker surgery. I couldn't share a new chapter because I was accompanying het yesterday. Today I'm going to publish all the extra chapters I have and stay with my mom for a few days. I know that continuity and order are the most important factors in this business, but for some reason, God doesn't care about me, always sends me something to deal with. Thank you in advance for your attention and understanding. See you later.While Serkan is happy to find a girlfriend after a long time, he experiences a violent love with lightning with the combination of his clumsiness and misfortune. Although this lightning seems to have created misfortune for Serkan, who knows how the story will end?Author's personal point of view after 50 chapters: Exploration, adventure, and fun. These are the ingredients to create the perfect story. However, Professor monstersells accidentally add another substance to this mixture; an indispensable cliché. Thus William was born! While William dedicates his life to exploration, adventure and fun, he tries his best to avoid stereotypes! What surprises will this new world bring him? Who knows! Read and learn!Good or bad, be sure to leave a review. This will increase your reading pleasure and my writing level.Publish schedule: 7 CH/WEEKEVERY 50 POWER STONES +1 CHAPTER (MAX 7) WEEKLYI don't know who owns the picture on the cover. If you want me to give credit or remove it, my contact address: canberksi@gmail.comTags: #EasternFantasy, #WestFantasy, #Magic, #System, #Adventure, #Explore, #Cultivation, #Comedy, #weaktostrong, #pet, #creatures, #antihero, #villain, #dark, #reincarnation, #Bloodline,

  • World of Chakra

    World of Chakra


    The world where strong rule, Ji Yun carrying the heavenly door came to the world of chakra.Follow the journey of Ji Yun, where he defeats the Sages, Gods and Immortals using his strenght and cleverness.

  • I Will Slay Everything (Hiatus)

    I Will Slay Everything (Hiatus)


    An apocalypse occured to the whole world, as the world was thrown into disarray.Monsters with dungeon along with gates suddenly showing up become a norm, as humans capable of defeating them called "ability users" started popping out around the globe.Wei Xiaodan lost his whole family when the apocalypse struck them and only him managed to survive.He wanted to take revenge, but unfortunately reality's could be cruel. He wasn't blessed to become an ability user.In a brink of death, Wei Xiaodan suddenly got sucked into a dark gate, meeting an old demon who's highly interested in him. The old demon taught him ancient cultivation arts and everything it knew, until the day for him to rise came afloat.With vengeance towards the gods who've brought calamity to his family and also brought them to their end, Wei Xiaodan climbed up into the gods stadium with a lone purpose.That is to purge them all down.(You can read the advance chapters on my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/emeruferu)Also, if you want to join my discord server, here's the link: https://discord.gg/3d2u6abF4w(Please support my novel at Royalroad.com)Notes: Cover's not mine, nor did I paid an artist to make it.

  • Immortal Against The Heavens

    Immortal Against The Heavens

    The World of Cultivation is not as easy as they say. Only the strong get to live as for the weak are left to die as the strong trample over them.Hailing from the royal branch of the Great Zhang Clan that emerged from the ashes of the warlords of the heavens. The prideful clan that focuses on strength and war. Zhang Yuan never had it easy, since young, his mother died as for his father, he didn't care even a little bit for his own son as Zhang Yuan was deemed a cripple since birth. Having to shoulder the burden of the death of his mother and his crippled self, he never got the chance to get acknowledged by his father and others. Zhang Yuan is driven by determination and willpower, to prove to his father and others that he is worthy of being from the Great Zhang Clan and to fulfil his mother's wish.

  • Peerless warlike god

    Peerless warlike god

    Do not judge others in ignorance in my presence.Those who think to do harm themselves will suffer harm.Those who are kind and respectful will receive my respect.Those who plot against me will find their death.It is true, for I am death ... I am Lin Feng.Lin Feng was a diligent and diligent student. He studied hard and did everything possible to make his family proud of him. But, when an innocent girl was used before his eyes, he had to intervene. He was deceived and sentenced to 10 years for a crime that he did not even commit. If he is finished, then he will take away those who ruined his life with him ...But suddenly opening his eyes, he realized that he had not died yet, but was in the body of Lin Feng from another world. This is a world where the strong decide who lives and who dies. Rejected by all, with a heart filled with hatred, he will reach new heights and challenge the will of Heaven and Earth.

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