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  • The Economics of Emotion

    The Economics of Emotion


    Walking an empty life, he was granted a new start within a story of his own making. Instead of being able to walk the life of a mc he was designated the role of a side villain, an intentional loose end as there was no real “role” outside of being the villain. Unneeded and unwanted in this story but granted a new lease on life he decided to take up the role of the lead villain and to rest control of his story back into his own hands!

  • Five-Year Old Prophet is Pampered by Ten Brothers

    Five-Year Old Prophet is Pampered by Ten Brothers


    The youngest in the Torres family was born sickly. She was sent to the Mystic Church for foster care at the age of one. Four years later, it was rumored that she was going to be brought back. The sons of the Torres household all expressed their opinions. Her first brother said, "I don't like her! I don’t want a sister!" Her second brother said, "He-he, we can tease her. I hope she can be a little unyielding. Then we can play fun tricks on her." Her third brother said, "What sister? Who is that? I don't even know her!" Lauren, the girl sent to the church, was not acknowledged by her brothers. Before she came back, she was ostracized by her brothers. Everyone thought that Lauren would be bullied every day when she returned home. However, at Lauren's fifth birthday party, strange things happened. The first brother who was stern and ruthless actually let her sit on his shoulders. And the second brother who liked to mess with others and bully others was actually busy looking after her. He was even more considerate than a maid. Those who liked to speak ill of Lauren were all ruthlessly taught a lesson by her brothers. They even declared, "No one can speak ill of her. Otherwise, they will become enemies of the Torres family." Everyone was shocked. Lauren, who grew up in the church, was actually so favored in the Torres family? It turned out that Lauren was no ordinary girl. After returning from the church, she could predict the future. She had predicted the first brother's death and successfully saved him. She predicted the second brother's economic crisis and successfully saved his company. She had predicted the third brother's early state cancer and saved his life successfully. The Torres family doted on her. She was such a powerful baby. How could they not like her?

  • Ultimate Economic System

    Ultimate Economic System


    A poor grad student wakes up to see an Economic System in his head! What will he do next?

  • Wedding Agreement With CEO

    Wedding Agreement With CEO



    Ellena Patricia Lubis, a 22-year-old woman who is often called Elle, has to live her life in the capital. The family's economic situation worsened after a car accident that claimed her father's life, forcing her to continue to struggle to find money to pay off her father's debts to moneylenders. One day, because she didn't want to be late for work, Elle left in a hurry using an automatic motorbike belonging to Filia Vallencia, her boarding house friend. However, unfortunately. That morning, she accidentally hit a luxury car that was speeding from another direction, causing her and the motorbike she was driving to lose control and cause an accident. She hit the car and the car was badly damaged. Ironically, the owner of the car is Lucas Ryszard Fidell, a young executive whose name is already worldwide, and the sole heir to the owner of the largest industrial company in Indonesia who is none other than the CEO of the company where Elle works. It has fallen down the stairs too, that's how Ellena's life is quite suffocating. The accident actually brought new problems for her, where Lucas asked for compensation for the damage to his car with a very fantastic nominal, so of course Elle couldn't fulfill it, who only worked as an ordinary employee with a very mediocre salary. "If you really can't make amends, you have to do one thing for me," he said. "What is it? I promise I will," Ellena replied a little enthusiastically. "Marry me!" How will their story continue? Will Elle accept Lucas' offer? Follow Instagram @pena.batik03

  • Master of Time

    Master of Time



    If you have the power to travel anywhere in time, armed with your knowledge, what would you do? Could you prevent wars, natural disasters and the economic crisis? Do you really want to? Wouldn’t you prefer to play God instead? Afterall, only God should have the power to control time. This is the story of my life. It is not for the faint of heart. I never wish for this power, yet I was granted it, nonetheless. I have watched the Great Pyramid being built, Rome being sacked, and unaccountable number of bloodsheds in the names of long forgotten Kings and Queens. Empire rises and falls, yet I remain. That is the single truth. Even the Modern Era is but a tiny drop in the ocean of time. History is just an experience to me. New Hollywood, what is that? Is that more interesting than the Great Migration or The Exodus? I will tell you all about it, the countless lives I have lived. As the Master of Time, time itself is my servant. It is loyal to a fault, preventing death from claiming me. In effect, it forces me to wander all of time and space, for all of eternity. I wonder when, if ever I will be free from this curse and this gift! Disclaimer: Story contains graphical sex scene. Tags: Time Travel, Ruthless Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Godly Power, Alternate History, Celebrities, Wars, Conquests, Kingdom Building. ******************** Discord Server

  • World Development System

    World Development System



    While returning home from a boring day of work, a black hole opened up in front of John and sucked him in. Before he was floating in the blackhole, a helmet latched on to him. "Uploading A.I under progress...Activating Survival Kit" A weird robotic sound appeared within the conscious of John and suddenly a white energy enveloped him... After opening his eyes, John noticed he was teleported to a whole new world. A world of magic and he was a user of a system. Arkon, the world John was brought too, was a medieval world which is 10 times bigger than earth. This new world held many new mysteries and this was the beginning of John's adventure. John will dominate and stir the world with his new system. Old technologies begone and use my advanced techys instead! Ha! you want to hold a politic, economical and military war with me? Sorry but my system is too broken for you all to counter.

  • Role of male persons in the society to improve the family's economic.

    Role of male persons in the society to improve the family's economic.

  • Impact of unemployment on socio-economic development of third world

    Impact of unemployment on socio-economic development of third world

    The issue of unemployment was a worldwide phenomenon and it becomes a topic of discussion across professional gathering in media national economic debate and social work.Youths unemployment is often considered as a social problem and probably most feared phenomenon of our life time that touches all parts of the society

  • Foreboding Storm

    Foreboding Storm



    In the seven realms of the Asirian Universe, continents and kingdoms fall under the jurisdiction of empires that control realms. Although realms have the power to interfere in the political, military, and economic policies of kingdoms and continents under their rule, national treasures, or treasures significant to specific kingdoms that are highly known and priceless cannot be wrested away by realms as it would result in the combined retaliation and wrath of all remaining realms. However, they could be exchanged in the form of dowry or betrothal gift between kingdom to kingdom, kingdom to realm, and or realm to realm. Jinn Kingdom, a small kingdom within the Iris Realm, weakest among the seven realms, faces destruction when the existence of a national treasure within the country is made known to the entire Asirian Universe. In order to avoid disaster while at the same time gain benefit, the ministers of the Isles of Eve decide to form marriage alliance with a powerful empire, using the national treasure as dowry. Amidst the struggle for survival in the Jinn Kingdom of the Eastern Desert in the Southeast Zenom Continent of the Isles of Eve, appear two cousins, Princesses Nari and Qamari, who because of the "golden bird" treasure in their Jinn Kingdom, known for its myth to bring prosperity and wealth, become prospective brides to the two outstanding princes of the Amayan Empire, Crown Prince Lail and his cousin Prince Noore. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Awards- WPC#229 - 1st Place Gold Tier Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved. DM Discord @ raising_moon#3913 ***Other Novels In The Storm Series:*** Brewing Storm- Ongoing Thrilling Storm- Ongoing Shrouding Storm- Coming Soon Devastating Storm- Coming Soon Chilling Storm- Coming Soon Etherealing Storm- Coming Soon Cover Edited By Family Member

  • False Expectations

    False Expectations

    Maximus Drako is a 30 years old werewolf and also the Alpha of the most powerful pack in the world. He became Alpha from the age of 18. His blood is pure lycan and he is feared and respected from wolves and humans all over the world. He is very capable and powerful leader and the most probable candidate as the next King of the wolves. For years and years he was working in order to gain a nomination for the King's throne. He doesn't care about a mate that's why he didn't look for her all these years. When he establishes the King's position he will make Luna the most powerful she wolf of his pack.Adelina is a 22 year old werewolf, daughter of the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack, a small pack in North America. She studies economics and is the most favorite child of her father's. What happens when Maximus Drako the most fearful Alpha finds out his mate in a routine visit in a some small pack? Will he accept her as his mate or is he going to reject her just because of her status?

  • My Learning Has Mutated

    My Learning Has Mutated

    Magical Realism SYSTEM SUPERPOWERS


    Lu Li was transported to a world where spiritual energy was recovered and the entire human population was equipped with martial arts. However, the System to which he awakened was the Learning System! He would become stronger whenever he studied. [You mastered 12th Grade History. Spirit Ascension +3!] [You mastered 12th Grade Physics. Physique +3!] [You mastered Psychology. Mental Vigor +10!] [You mastered Economics. Agility +10!] [You finished a million-word web novel. All attributes +10!] … In an era where everyone was engrossed in martial arts, Lu Li just wanted to study in peace. As such, an experienced player disappeared from Internet cafes and a bookworm who would read anything appeared in libraries and bookstores. … Lu Li: “The others cultivate martial arts while I study. All of us strive towards a bright future!”

  • im only gentel man we have redin England economic development project

    im only gentel man we have redin England economic development project

    Fantasy ROMANCE

  • Brewing Storm

    Brewing Storm



    In the seven realms of the Asirian Universe, continents and kingdoms fall under the jurisdiction of empires that control realms. Although realms have the power to interfere in the political, military, and economic policies of kingdoms and continents under their rule, certain realms live by their own rule and follow the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. The Nar realm is one such realm where the strongest reign supreme. The sudden appearance of a spatial hole in the isolated Nar Realm brings forth a storm of destruction and chaos when dark magic users, monsters, demons, devils, werewolves, and forces of evil run amok in the seven realms. Versailles, a young woman with recurring dreams, gets pushed to the forefront of the confrontation between the two most dangerous, deadliest, evil forces of darkness when fate brings her to the side of the werewolf king Ramose and his archenemy Luke, the Supreme Elder of the Bloodsucking Clan. ____________________________________________________________________ Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved. DM Discord @ raising_moon#3913 ***Other Novels In The Storm Series*** Foreboding Storm- Ongoing Thrilling Storm- Ongoing Shrouding Storm- Coming Soon Devastating Storm- Coming Soon Chilling Storm- Coming Soon Etherealing Storm- Coming Soon Cover Edited By Family Member

  • Economic and comedy

    Economic and comedy

  • Primordial 'Dual Cultivator' Dragon With System

    Primordial 'Dual Cultivator' Dragon With System



    In fact, Ling Yun was the son of a wealthy businessman. But one day, his mother finds out that her husband is having an affair with his secretary. And after that she decided to divorce her husband, but at that time she did not realize that she was pregnant with Ling Yun. After learning about her pregnancy, she decided to move to another city. And since then, their lives have been up and down. Because of the economic crush, and also his mother's health was getting worse. He decided to take the 'Dark' path, which led him to near death. But just as Ling Yun was nearing his end, he heard a little girl's voice asking him. "Do you want to live?" Tags : Drama , Romance , Big Harem , Incest , Dual Cultivation , Multi Race and world , Weak to Strong , Slow Plot At Beginning , Kind and Smart MC , Cruel Mc NB : Cover from

  • Rise of a Finance Minister

    Rise of a Finance Minister



    Robert Maxwell owned a global accounting firm, was a Nobel Prize-winning economist, global economic consultant to countries around the globe, but he was dying of old age.Robert reincarnated as William vont Ballard, the third son of Baron Richard vont Ballard. Unlike his siblings, William doesn't want to be a knight or wizard, instead, he wants to be a merchant and an accountant. However, the journey to fulfilling his new life goals continues to throw him twists and turns. Luckily, he finds time for his true passion accounting and economic consulting. Follow Robert on his journey to become the next Minister of Finance for the Kingdom of Fermion. Author's Note: I'm a new writer, so please be patient. Consider each chapter a rough draft that will be improved later. I don’t own the rights to the cover photo, please let me know if you want it

  • I Wish Mo All the Best

    I Wish Mo All the Best


    Chen Qianmo, a successful businesswoman who is also a professional psychologist for criminals dies because of heart attack and gets reborn to the day when she is a 19-year-old bride. When she realizes that she has got a new chance to live on, she decides to make up for all the stupid mistakes she has made in her previous life - she cancels the wedding with the scumbag cheater Lin Xiang, who has lied to her and marries her only because he desires for her family’s properties. She also unites with her father whom she doesn’t understand in the previous life and becomes his lovely yet mature daughter that helps him solve both economic and love issues with her devoted aunt. Most importantly, she again meets the love of her life - Yu Changmo, an all-round young man who has money, look, and strong family background and who has had crush on her for years yet dares not to approach her because of his strange mental problem, one that only happens when he is talking to her. But not everything is wonderful even though Qianmo gets another chance to re-walk the path of her life – she has a hidden enemy that wishes her dead and she has a goal from previous life to achieve…With the help of Yu Changmo as well as her own excellent professional skills she acquires from the life earlier, they are combined into an invincible force and conquer all the possible barriers standing in their way. After all, they are a couple that are meant to be together whichever life they are in.

  • Raising a Giant Dragon in a Small Remote City!

    Raising a Giant Dragon in a Small Remote City!



    My name is Joshua. Half a month ago, I transmigrated to a land of swords and magic and became an unfortunate exiled prince. In order to go back to the Royal Empire and take back the throne that originally belonged to me, I had no choice but to start learning how to manage my own land. Just then, I awakened a special system panel and randomly drew a strange creature egg. After a short period of hatching, I received a baby dragon. This little one had great potential. As long as I could raise it, I could become a Great Dragon Ruler and use that power to take back the throne that was mine! But raising a dragon required inordinate amounts of resources. As such, I paid even more attention to managing my territory. I used my 21st-century knowledge to gradually transform this barren village town into an economic hub. With my meticulous care, the great dragon thrived and grew healthily, quickly acquiring astonishing prowess in battle. At the same time as I obtained the great dragon's combat power, I owned a bustling metropolis that made the rest of the Empire exclaim out in surprise...

  • Starting from Zero

    Starting from Zero



    To achieve a reality of being able to convert between game currency and fiat currency, a powerful and robust economic institution is required to guarantee the conversion rate. And such an entity can only be the government of a nation. But why would a government be willing to act as a guarantor of such a currency exchange? A war can be fought in such a way. One need not win a war through bloodshed. "Zero", a game that allows the exchange of game currency and fiat currency, is the ultimate money making machine, and yet, a financial bomb waiting to explode.

  • Wishful Romance

    Wishful Romance

    “Failure” has never been a part of Norah Burke’s vocabulary, so it comes as quite a shock when she gets fired from the marketing firm where she's built her career after threatening to blow the whistle on some shady business practices. Licking her wounds, she heads South for a little home-grown comfort. Cam Crawford is a man who values tradition, preservation, and the love of a good woman. He’s not about to let a big box warehouse store capitalize on his hometown's economic downturn. He'll raise hell if he has to in order to stop them from destroying what he holds dear. This unlikely pair just might be the perfect allies—in war and out. But will this city girl's bigger-picture perspective go with this small-town boy's "keep it as it is" attitude? And even if they can send the suits packing, can she really give up her corner office and power lunches for the corner booth at the local diner? Wishful Romance is created by Kait Nolan, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

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