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  • MMORPG: The Elementalist

    MMORPG: The Elementalist



    A salaryman by day and an Aquamancer by night. Qin Ruo might be a newbie in the popular, immersive MMORPG, "Honor and Glory". However, that did not stop him from using his wits and battle instincts to raise money for a beloved friend's medical fees, which eventually led him to become an elite player in the game. As Qin Ruo and his comrades progress further into the game, the trials and tribulations they face magnify. Which faction will prevail on the Mythical Battlefield? Read to find out!

  • The Elementalists

    The Elementalists

    Dark, a half-demon that know nothing of this world is on his way to learn and control magic and journey around the world. He then meets people that will become his enemy or his foes. Hard-fought battles, sadness, deaths and satisfactions on the way.

  • the elementalists

    the elementalists

    4 girls in a normal earth encounter forces which become their powers. What follows next is an evil death lord craving on their blood. will the elementalists fall prey or save the day

  • The Elementalists: Awakening

    The Elementalists: Awakening


    This is my first novel, so don't expect too much. I have had this story in my head for a while.Jameson Voddinger, a 15 year old sophomore, has recently lost his mother in an incident, and ever since then he's been distressed, and annoyed. During the first few days at school, some odd things begin to happen. one day it becomes so obvious, his friend Carson Wallingford notices. They both carry the secret, until a man appears in James' house while he and Carson were there. He tells them about the Elementalists Association (EA) and says that James has elemental powers. Can James, Carson and the entire EA society keep their secrets, or will the news kill them with democracy?

  • The Elementalists Of Athlelia

    The Elementalists Of Athlelia

  • Elementalist: Time Controllers

    Elementalist: Time Controllers


    Is this one of your typical cultivation fantasy romance novels? Well try to read further if you think like that. There lived a girl who didn’t know her family nor her actual name. One thing she knew, she was weak and couldn’t advance her element bending ability. As a water elementalist, she sucks! When the twin brother asked her to join an academy to improve their mastery in element bending, she met ‘the one’. Unfortunately she had been claimed by one of the Elementalist Knight as his ‘inamorata’. She couldn’t run away nor change her fate. How in the world did she become someone’s inamorata when her heart belongs to someone else? As the adventure goes on she found out she was not really weak as she thought. She could freeze time! Was she the rumored extinct time-controller? What happened with other time-controllers until they became extinct? Why were they killed? 17 years old Niken braced herself together with her twin brother, Richard, made an appearance into an unfamiliar place to them. Shock after shock came to the girl but that’s not even the peak. It turned out Niken was not your ordinary time-controller! She was a princess of the Nishian Kingdom where all the time-controller lived. Moreover she was The Great Time Master! WHAT?! How could this be? More danger lurking around her as there was someone who hunted her for her power ever since her birth. Would she survive? Would she accept the unconditional love from the Elementalist Knight of the Beast? Or perhaps, will she die in the hand of a greedy man before she found out her real parent’s whereabouts? Let's find out only in 'Elementalist : Time Controller' Come to talk to me in https://discord.gg/a7ypnYw7TF *** The cover isn't mine, the credit belong to the rightful owner *** Support: paypal.me/vorstinstory

  • "The Elementalist"

    "The Elementalist"

    What would you do if your discovery on Elements caused the world to under go war?.......What if the world ended and it was basically your fault?....…..Now this seems to be generic right? but what if i tell you that Eric Arkanov, lead scientist in discovering the secrets of the cosmos through elements, has been the sole reason why Earth has been destroyed 4 times. ********************************************** Its you again Eric. The man with white beard said or commonly known as God. What the heck do you mean again replied Eric with a a tone of confusion. Im saying you dumbass caused this destruction ONCE AGAIN how many times did you do this? 4 DAMN TIMES do you know how much effort it takes to reset the earth once again? do you know how long it would take for my favorite manga artist to be born? I havent even finished the manga I was reading! but you, You just had to do it "IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE" science my ass!God was very angry but he calmed himself through hugging his body pillow.Now young man there is three choices i will give you, The first choice is to recommend you to other gods and you would reincarnate in another world. If im in a good mood I might even give you some blessings. Now the second choice is stay here with me and just chill and laze around. Now The last choices is you go to Earth once again but this time with your memories and find a way to help humanity overcome the crises or else I will definitely banish your soul. (God) Now what is your choice?Choose the plot:pick the plot for this story and I shall try my best to write it ;)just so u know im a newbie writer (dont even know if i should call myself a writer) I might not be able to meet expectations but thid will serve as a practice for me.

  • The elementalist

    The elementalist

  • The Elementalist

    The Elementalist

    Long Shen is a normal boy that only wants peace for his family not more not less.Soon after the beginning happens a fact that make him start a travel.This is a story about a martial artist that is trying to fix the world.

  • Luna : The Crescent Crest Elementalist

    Luna : The Crescent Crest Elementalist



    Fable, a company that became famous after revealing the possession of ‘The Six Great Fables’ soon to be ‘Seven’, which are portals connected to unknown places full of mana stones and others.But… the successor of Fable is missing?---In a world where the power of elements and crests exist, she was picked up by her foster parents. They treated her as if she's their child. But happiness didn't last long, her loved ones were taken from her without even realizing it until she was at the brink of death. ---Years passed, everyone came to know a powerful elementalist with snow-white hair who always wore a white mask. People who have met this figure said he has eyes that are red like crimson and he called himself 'Luna'. One day, 'The Seven Great Fables' started to change, discovering signs of lives far in it.

  • The Elementalist

    The Elementalist

  • The Elementalist.

    The Elementalist.


    A shut in NEET named Yuji live inside his room playing all of the rpg he can play every-day and done nothing productive in his whole life.. never go out and never have any girl around... he dream is to go inside a fantasy world where he can finally feel alived.. but one day his dream from fantasy just become as some force pull him inside a mirror and transfer him to a magical world full with magics and fantasy beast....Cronia.. and transfer inside a magic school and have been gifted some unbelievable power but a dark force keep eyes on him... the Dark Lord Aria which is the strongest dark magic user in the world of Cronia with evil intents to terrorize the humans.. Will Yuji adapt to the dream world he always dream of? or will he failed and died inside of it... one way to find it.. Welcome to The Elementalist

  • The Ultimate Elementalist

    The Ultimate Elementalist

    What would you do if you suddenly became one of the strongest people in the world. Both in magic and in strength. Read about how a lucky guy became one of the strongest people in the world and what he did with this power.

  • The Grand Elementalist

    The Grand Elementalist



    A long time ago it was written in the ancient books of the past, Demons have once roamed free in the Elemental World an era in which the Demons hunts us down for food, pleasure or even satisfaction.The Demon King, The strongest demon during the ancient era conquered the Elemental World striking fear through the lands enslaving all of the Elementalist killing anyone who fought against him.The era of misery was upon us but a mysterious group of Elementalist fought back driving an all out war against the Demons. But unfortunately not all Elementalist fought alongside them...Quintela Shiori also known as the "Empress of Death" turned her back against her own people and fought alongside with the Demon King.With her help they manage to turn the tides of war towards the Demons but it suddenly all changed...When "He" arrived...Akashino Shitetsu a young boy who was born without an Elemental Art. Even though he was born different he never once question himself why he was cursed.With the aid of an ancient creature he obtained unrivaled power and skill shifting the war in their favor. With the Demons almost annihilated and pushed back to the shadows... Quintela made a desperate attempt causing her to gain unimaginable power quickly overpowering the wounded Akashino.With the numerous injuries he had and the few amounts of mana he had left... The ultimate sacrifice was made...Akashino was forced to seal Quintela away with an ancient seal taught by his master, The Dragon King.But unfortunately the seal had a price of separating his soul from his body in causing him to be sealed as well along with Quintela.The Dragon King feared that one day Quintela might return once again and there will be no one powerful enough to stop her.So he chanted a spell on Akashino's lifeless body creating a reincarnation cycle that resurrects his body with a new soul from generation to generation.Centuries had passed since then an old era falls and a new one always rises. Following the death of the 3rd Grand Elementalist a young boy named Ryūsei was born in the Elemental World.But unlike most Elementalist he was born without having any Elemental Art, With this everyone around him treated him harshly.People would avoid him thinking he was cursed, Some of the kids tormented him for years and there were some who even go as far as using there Elemental Arts against our helpless hero.With Ryūsei so fascinated about the past and certain events happened, Will faith play a role once again or certain events from the past will happen once again with the return of the "Empress of Death".

  • The Elementalist's System

    The Elementalist's System


    A creator trapped in his own creation, a system watching his every move and the only way home is to beat the game. With friends, and girls, by his side, it should be easy...... right?

  • The Fiery Elementalist

    The Fiery Elementalist


    On Hiatus...

  • Karna The True Elementalist

    Karna The True Elementalist


    [This Novel is the Bronze Price Winner in the Contest Organized by WebNovel - Theme ML as an Elementalist]What happens when Mythological Fantasy meets Science-Fiction?Karna, the legendary Archer of Mahaabhaarata War & the Son of the Sun God Sooryaa, is reborn on Planet Mahi of a World called ‘Vishwa’. Magic, Sorcery, Martial & Ninja Arts, Holy Power etc. are utilized by the denizens of this world. However, only Elementalists are considered Supreme Powerhouse. Being an Elementalist means having the ability to wield the power of Nature to directly affect the World itself. Luckily, Karna is born with the ability to wield the power of the Elements. While other Elementalists use Orthodox Elements like Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Space, Lightning, Void, Chaos etc. Karna uses the power of all the Elements including orthodox elements like Fire, but also the ‘Elements of the Periodic Table’ like Hydrogen, Oxygen, Silicon, Chlorine etc.!After the Great Elemental Revolution, various Kingdoms and Empires are competing for the Elemental Resources and Artifacts leading to various wars and other atrocities.What happens when he takes on the United Albion Empire, the Dai Oda Empire, the Ruthenia Empire, the Mongol Empire and the Ye’or Kemet Empire?Will he ally with the Kingdoms of Xiang Gang, Singhanapura, Gaul, Deutschland and Swastika; and support the empires of Aaryavarta, Dravidam, Qin and others?How will he team up with Albert Einstein, Chanakya, Nikola Tesla, Sun Tzu and Shushruta to take on the combined might of Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Alan Turing, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking?Will he be able to keep the balance in the world to prepare for the real threat lingering on the horizon?---For more of Author's works visit the following websites:1. https://www.SupremeWorld.One2. https://www.VishalGupta.One--Other Projects by the Author on WebNovel:1. Immortal Sect: Saga of Jiang Bai https://cutt.ly/SupremeSect2. Abhimanyu: The Scion of Soma & Indra https://cutt.ly/Abhimanyu

  • Legend of Elementalist

    Legend of Elementalist

    The martial mage Cain died in the battle against the mysterious race. In turn, he was mystically reborn into the Nine Worlds, ruled by elementals who live together with many races.Suddenly reborn in the body of a guy by the same name, he found himself in the middle of his own wedding."Where is Cain Monet? Why isn't my son at his own wedding?" watch as Cain overcomes obstacles to the best ElementalistDISCLAIMER I don't take any responsibility for this novel, I only want to write an interesting novel.

  • The Void Elementalist

    The Void Elementalist


    Onumon was the most powerful of all the countries that resides in the continent of Magia. Elementalists and Elementals lived in harmony in this continent.Abysmu, an orphan living in one of the continent's weakest countries was a child blessed by the talent to control the void element.Follow Abysmu's journey on becoming a being of unimaginable power that is capable of destroying whole planets and slaying celestial beings.

  • Ascent of the Elementalist

    Ascent of the Elementalist


    The once troubled boy, Takeshi Kagato, finds himself living a stable life with a hobby that allows him to safely release his pent-up rage and emotions without being judged, or hurting other people. Though he was once famous for being a delinquent that had never lost a fight, Takeshi is now known for being a shut-in that has no friends and only a little brother to look after. Since his mother died and his father got arrested for drug abuse and put into rehab, Takeshi began to work tirelessly to provide a stable income for his brother while balancing his school and hobby, making his life quite chaotic as is, however, things get even more difficult as Takeshi ends up meeting several people that are just like him.

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