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  • Ethereal


    The first ever 'Full-Dive' virtual reality game is coming out. Players will have the opportunity to level up, gain skills, change classes and have as many adventures as they choose to. The game is set in a world known as Ater. A place filled with booming futuristic technology, magic and vast amounts of wilderness.

  • ethereal


    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 MYTH

    This butterfly's sense of smell is supposedly strong enough that it can track death from strals away. It is in this way that they avoid danger, as each thing has its very own distinct scent but will love and thrills change the law of nature?All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereofmay not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief "quotations" in a book review.I did my own research for this book and I've been familiar with mythology since I've been a kid very less of the story will actually change; characters will only have lovers that they are meant to have and I'll try to describe their appearance as best as I can.Please don’t be timid and leave comments I really want to get to know you guys.Check my profile for more info!

  • Ethereal


    Fantasy Romance VAMPIRE WEREWOLF

  • Harmony



    Living in a house filled with five siblings is definitely hard, especially when you're the 'middle' child. You know the one who always gets the blame for everything? Who always feels left out? Meet Harmony April White.She's a beautiful, oblivious, insecure teenager. All she every wanted was to be loved by her own mother. The only way she finds peace is with music, of course nobody acknowledges that except for her best friends; Chloe, Tyler and her Grandma Cherry.Harmony used to think there wasn't much to live for in this life, of course that was until she met Carter and his family. He made her smile, he made her giggle, more importantly he made her believe she was happy. She thought her summer would go on like every other, little did she know. As a huge family secret unravels, she begins to question not only the ones closest to her, but herself too. Follow Harmony's story filled with shocking revelations, new found love, and more. All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2022 Ethereal

  • oversoul


    born from simple conscious and get raised by the most disgusting creature that ever made. a simple sentient slowly became human. he learns and imitates human hearts from zero just like how the first time baby born to this world. what do you call this creature? human? demon? devil? monster? angel? or God?

  • jxjfjsjjde


  • Ethereal Infinity

    Ethereal Infinity

    As Ayre Bushnell starts the day with the usual dreamlike background displayed far on the horizon, a discovery of a whole different world is waiting. Astronomy, astrology, concept of the cosmos, and... powers given by the Twelve Zodiac Gods. As these truths drill themselves into Ayre's brain, he still have to pretend to be the careless-careful executive director of the foreign affairs department of his hometown, Crotton City while also worrying about the issues looming behind the peaceful backdrop of the whole world."Aaahh, to be so damn honest, the world can just fuck itself with its bullshit. If not for that big onee-san goddess...AAAAAAAAAA GODDAMIT OPHIUCUS!"...Is what he said before taking on and running towards the blackhole directly, a thing that is clearly repeated, a scene too familiar for the Twelve Zodiac Gods to not remember, and... a thing of their past.Note: Will also be posting on royal road site...

  • Ethereal Vampire

    Ethereal Vampire


    The case of “Alphano” Homicide is still on the rise. Private Detective Troyi Lavode has been assigned to work on the case with Detective Eliora Canmore from the police department.The two detectives work together to close the case once and for all...but the clues that were given about the mastermind behind the case point to a certain someone… and a certain species that lives among the humans peacefully.Feelings might even emerge between the two detective but was it for the better or worse?Is the case of the Alphano Homicide a call for war? Or an act of vengeance?

  • My Ethereal

    My Ethereal

  • Ethereal Silence

    Ethereal Silence

  • Ethereal Legacy

    Ethereal Legacy

    Mankind has survived with the help of the otherworldly race, The Ethereals, who have preserved the earth against the dark spirits that possess the minds of those who have been led astray by their emotions. These beings possess the ability to manifest the powers of the four elemental spirits which inhabit them. Now, hunted by these very beings who'd sworn to protect the human race, Ethan Greyson must harbor the dark spirit, Zeke, in order to uncover the lies, Illusions, and betrayal hidden within the scars that imprint...his legacy.P.S. I do not own the art used in the cover

  • Ethereal Rage

    Ethereal Rage


    In the game of Crysthea there where millions of players, this is a story about one of the top players who stayed online after the servers shut down.How will Mike, now under his characters name of Zarahan Elysian survive in a world where what he previously only knew as a game became real?

  • The Ethereal

    The Ethereal

  • Ethereal Ascent

    Ethereal Ascent

  • Ethereal Love

    Ethereal Love

    how is this possible? the most handsome guy at our school Likes me? No way!I do like you...Why did I even like you in the first place? SiTu Fang.Gu Lin Yi!Will this work?

  • Ethereal Monsters

    Ethereal Monsters


    Roman used to be a picturesque depiction of youth, a beautiful tan boy with short curly golden locks, fluorescent ocean blue eyes, and a secret. In his senile age, his regrets from his youth come back to haunt him. As his health declines, he slowly spirals into a series of illusions that consume him and his everyday life, he grows lonely, tired, and slowly comes to a realization unlike any other, one that ruins his life. Warnings ( blood, gore, self harm) This novel is ongoing and not yet finished, feel free to leave a like or dislike and give the author feedback :)

  • Ethereal Serpents

    Ethereal Serpents

  • An Ethereal Adventure

    An Ethereal Adventure

    It was all because of a mystic ring that all these bizarre things happened.One day Elizabeth Smith went skating with her pals in a skate park near an abandoned beach. Out of curiosity, they trespassed the beach and that's where queer things began taking place. More peculiar or would I say unnerving events occurred when one afternoon, Elizabeth rushed out and went to pawn the ring she found at the beach, but happened to depart to a place she never imagined she'd visit. Now, she'll withstand the challenging journey with enchanted creatures and evil sorcerers trying to seize the ring of time. Now, will they accomplish to keep the ring at the right hands or will they fail and jeopardize the fate of civilization?

  • Tales of Ethereal

    Tales of Ethereal

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Not every prince is perfectNot every princess has a happy ending storyNot all witches are as cruel as you thinkNot all Villains have a cruel past, just a sad storyEvery story has it's own darkness. may it be hidden or in sight

  • The Ethereal System

    The Ethereal System

    After Sparrow dies she is transmigrated to a new world and is given a system known as the "Ethereal System". While have this system her new life becomes adventurous and... complex. With a single goal in mind: Create a kingdom of her own to rule over, she begins her journey into the world of Caeleste and starts to plan her future.