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  • Fairytail: The Great Magi

    Fairytail: The Great Magi

    Fantasy ISEKAI ANIME

    SynopsisA dark void, meet ROB, 3 wishes but wait hold on he meet another ROB who decided to grant a curse equal to the wish he wished.Who is he and what will he chooses and why do he have to choose.

  • Guide to raise my cutie husbands

    Guide to raise my cutie husbands



    Yu Dong , a cultivator from the zombie apocalypse transmigrated over to another world after she died fighting a mob of zombies - the moment she opened her eyes , someone told her that her wife was giving birth - Yu Dong was stunned , she hurriedly reached to touch her chest , to check whether or not she was still a woman - the two perky mounds told her she was - instantly she looked at her bottom , she wanted to check whether or not she was a ‘ real woman ,’ but before she could - she was hauled to where her wife was giving birth - and what she saw made her want to pass out again - Because her wife was a man ! And she didn’t have just one wife but three ! Yu Dong looked at the man who was groaning on the bed and nearly blacked out- whatever at least she didn’t have to chop zombies for living , right ?-Cover not mine email at fairy0tail072@gmail.com to have it removed

  • Shrewd wife of Lin brothers

    Shrewd wife of Lin brothers



    I got cheated on cheh ~ don't worry I have five men who dote on me .A stoic man who couldn't string two sentences ? I will make him rap watch me .A hot and cold tsundere who has a venomous tongue for opposite gender ? I will make him pour honey from his mouth .A stupid and childish man ? see how he flirts like a womanizer with me .A gentle scholar , cough he ain't gentle with me on bed A shy introvert ?see him become a wolf in sheep's clothing .Su Wan - a thirty years old divorced woman who was cheated on by her husband and step sister , spends a night drinking alcohol all the while watching how her ex husband and step sister makes a joke of themselves ." ahhh !You bastard ! You slag man you think this old lady won't have a man anymore ???Not only this great aunty will have a man ! I will have five men ! One to sleep ! two to roll and three to pamper !! " Amidst her alcohol intake she passes out only to find her self transmigrated over to a small village in ancient China and that too on her wedding day with The five Lin brothers !-Cover not mine email at fairy0tail072@gmail.com to have it removed ( i edited it )

  • Fairytail Fanfic

    Fairytail Fanfic

  • My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

    My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser


    Song Yan lived a miserable life. She was born with a great fortune but her ‘ luck ‘ was ‘ snatched ‘ by her half sister . It was her fortune that she was fated to marry Fu Yusheng , the Ceo and owner of the Fu corporations . However , her half sister who was jealous of intercepted in her fate and snatched her ‘ good luck ‘ away , from then on Song Yan faced countless troubles , she met with accidents , lost her scripts and finally died after meeting a road accident . But she was unwilling , unwilling because she loved Fu Yusheng and her son whom she left behind in the Fu family . Her soul that should have scattered and brought to Hell in front of King Yama , turned into a vicious ghost . Only after becoming a ghost did she realise what kind of perfect deception her half sister has planned for her . Luckily before her soul could become any more dark and become a malevolent spirit , she crosses path with a Celestial master who promises her a fresh start as long as she stays with him and learns the way of supernatural . So , Song Yan became the Celestial master’s disciple and continued to serve the Celestial master and his family as a Ghost . After five hundred years of service , she is freed by her master and get a chance to rebirth . She is reborn on the day she met with the car accident . In this life she is endowed with supernatural power to see the celestial truths . She vows to avenge herself and her son who met an unfortunate death because of her half sister . But why is her apathetic husband who never cared about her , coming after her ?

  • Im In FairyTail World!

    Im In FairyTail World!

    Marissa Is a Certified Senior Otaku she Watched every Anime and Read all Manggas But Only One Anime and Mangga is Outstanding for Her FAIRY TAILA world where Magic Exist she always Dreamed going to this world and Being a Powerful Being but at last in this world Fantasy Will always be a Fantasy after allOr So She ThoughtOne Day She was walking along side the road when a message came up

  • The secret season of Fairytail

    The secret season of Fairytail

    Teen ROMANCE

    A special girl joins Fairytail what will happen

  • Reincarnation Into FairyTail, With a System?

    Reincarnation Into FairyTail, With a System?

    (dropped, I felt I couldn't do the story justice, I'm leaving it up just incase I decide to pick it back up in the future, I'm deeply sorry to those who enjoyed it, I just don't feel qualified, perhaps I'll do an original work so I don't have to limit myself to the plot...)(First actual novel) Due to this being my first actual novel I'm going to be doing a bit of a self insert into the world of FairyTail As some novels go our protagonist Iskandor is hit by none other than a truck, he then reincarnates into the world of FairyTail. Follow our hero through his journey to become the number one mage Earthland has ever seen with his trusty system. (I'm writing this for fun so I likely won't be consistent on updates)

  • fairytail ( Monkey King ) fanfic

    fairytail ( Monkey King ) fanfic

    I am writing a revise version of this in the fanific section .

  • Fairytail Rowen love story

    Fairytail Rowen love story

  • Fairytail: The World of Souls and The World of Magic

    Fairytail: The World of Souls and The World of Magic

    I do not own Bleach or Fairytail. this is just a Fan Fiction. This is also my first so dont be to hard on me.also one last thing, i also am making this based after the current arch of bleach and basing it partally off another fanfic. Its name is "Into The Realm of Magic" i do not own this fanfic. the owner is IIIIIIIII. he finished it a few months ago and i just wanted to clear this up before anyone gets upset. enjoy

  • Destroying Fairytails

    Destroying Fairytails


    Waking up in an unknown place, the geek Aries Simons found himself in a book he is making himself, roaming in the wilds, found a maiden whose identity is unknown, and motive is to destroy every fairytale she been in. "A mouse's greed for finding its cheese, is a mouse finding its own trap. Choose boy, destroy your novel or be isolated by your own poison"

  • Fairytailes always have good ending

    Fairytailes always have good ending

  • The Dragon Queen and her mates.

    The Dragon Queen and her mates.


    Mature content: The Evil Empress, the one whose life was filled with debauchery and betrayal to her mates was supposed to die tonight. Being the Empress of the Dragniere Empire and the mother to all dragons, she was supposed to live a life where she lived for her people and the country, her exquisite powers were alone enough to make her the ruler of the entire continent and with her face that was as beautiful as a shining pearl in the moonlight, with hair as fine as Pima, and her curves so luscious that any man would have died of desire with just one glimpse. With powers that were beyond humans, shrouded with the air of aristocracy and with a personality that was as cruel as Medusa, The Evil Empress continued to rule over the people of her Empire with her tyranny. Brianna Cage, nicknamed ‘ Bree, The hellion’ for the convenience of her acquaintances was a rowdy young woman. She had a fierce sense of justice, she was dependable and despite not being the most beautiful woman in her department, she was sought out by a lot of men because of her alluring nature, she rejected them all because in truth she was in love with —— all the Daddies in the comic books she has read. Behind her aloof and dependable persona resided a Weeb who was always cheering on the characters of her favourite books. One day she came upon the book ‘ The Maid’s route of survival of the fittest’ and decided to read it just for the heck of it since the Empress shared the same name as her. But soon Bree found out that the Empress was the Villainess, she even betrayed her mates one by one and what was even more gut-wrenching she was killed by her mates! All for the sake of the maid who reincarnated into the book with a system to help her. Bree though angry decided to throw the book at the back of her head but oddly enough the book vanished and Bree found herself waking up in the room of the Evil Empress just three weeks before she was executed by her mates! Startled but not having the time to freak out, Bree started to take care of everything that the Evil Empress has done wrong. She thought that she would be able to live a peaceful life away from her bloodthirsty mates who didn’t seem too fond of her. But unfortunately, things didn’t go as she planned as five sets of eyes fell on her despite all the precautions she has taken against them. And once those eyes locked on her, they refused to let go of their possessiveness. The Evil Empress was theirs, to begin with who dares take her away?

  • Fairytail fanfic

    Fairytail fanfic

  • When Mafia princess fell for a Nerd

    When Mafia princess fell for a Nerd


    Vanessa Blake, The infamous mafia princess and an old spinster. At the age of twenty-nine, she walked on her fiancé’ talking sh*t behind her back. She heard his exquisite plans about how he will abandon her after he got all the benefits that her stupid brother, Derren Blake, the Mafia King has promised his family. So, what else could she do? She broke every single bone in her fiancé's body, hoping that her brother would soon give up his ambitions of getting her married in a normal family. Her brother wanted her to live a normal life away from guns and knives but how was that possible? Her first love was guns! And her second love was knives and her third love was the blood that oozed out of the body of her victims. There was no way, she could sit in the house waiting for her husband, cooking pies. She was bent on having her way until she got entangled in a gang war and was saved by an ordinary office worker. Apart from his good looking face, there was nothing good about that man, but she fell in love with her saviour!! She thought that chasing her man would be easy but would someone tell her why her Prince Charming hates criminals and feels faints at the sight of blood? Nicolas Newman was an ordinary office worker who had an ordinary life. Born and raised by his grandmother who was once a very respectable policewoman he hates criminals with every fibre of his being. At the age of thirty, he rejected the twentieth girl his parents arranged for him because she once shoplifted at the age of seven, how did he know that? That girl was his classmate and he watched her do it. Because of a childhood incident, he hates bloodshed and everything that was related to it —- fights, mobbing and criminals. But when he saw a tiny blonde lying on the side of the street with blood pooling around her, he saved her life even though his legs were trembling like crazy. He was only doing a good act of kindness. So will someone tell him why this woman he saved was chasing him like crazy?

  • The Duke’s Temptress

    The Duke’s Temptress


    {Mature content 18+ } Siren—— mystifying, beautiful, enchantingly dangerous. A single melody and you are a goner. But despite the dangers humans still looked for them, tears of siren were like magical pearls with powers beyond the understanding of mere mortals, their blood was like a mine of rubies, hair as fine as the softest Pima could be sold for thousands of dollars but beyond everything else that was sought was their melodies that could heal any wound and bring peace to even the wildest beast. Ginevra Harlow, Ginny for short, was an extremely beautiful lady with a personality that was too cold but even then her scent alone was enough to drive the males around her crazy, but there was something exceptionally wrong about her, she never spoke a word to the males of the village,she wouldn’t look them in the eye and always kept her secluded from the villagers. Some say that she was driven mad by her father’s curse that wouldn’t heal no matter what she did, some say that it was because of her mother who mysteriously disappeared. Ginny however never let the rumours get to her because she had a secret to keep. But things go terribly wrong when her father’s curse relapses for the worst and the landlord threatens to drive her away with her sick father. She had no choice left but to enter the house of Duke Terranova, an archmage born from the affairs of the Emperor and a Holy Saintess as she strikes a deal with him. Unfortunately, for her things didn’t go as planned because despite all the cautions that she took against the Duke, he wasn’t willing to let her go. “ I fulfilled my end of the deal, now you have to give me what you promised, Duke.”said Ginny as she glared at him, trying to calm herself as Akris pushed her against the bed. “You cannot order me around and nor can you stop me from meeting other men!” Twirling a strand of her hair, Akris kissed her blonde locks. “ You promised me your life, Ginevra. There are no take backs you see.” Kissing her fully on the lips, Akris pulled back before rubbing the pad of his thumb on her lower lip. “ But if you want to leave then you can, but remember this—— every time you try to leave me there will be one innocent one losing his life.”

  • Your faithful poisonous consort

    Your faithful poisonous consort

    Historical Romance HISTORICAL


    Shen Xinyi a girl who lived for two lives and died two times once again come back to her previous first life where she was once humiliated even as An Empress her children dead and her sacrifices were given a tribute of a white linen cloth at the end of her life Now that she is back with her modern life memories what will she do to pay back ?

  • Arrogant Ceo and Cold hearted Miss

    Arrogant Ceo and Cold hearted Miss

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE REBIRTH

    She was a cold hearted Miss of the Xiao family with her organs failing and her life at the end of the road she decides to fall in one of the scheme of her third uncle to push her siblings to become more vicious than her and become the new head of Xiao family but what she didn't expected was thatto be reborn in a romantic novel as cannon fodder with similar name as her pushed by her ex and the male protagonist to commit suicide watch Xiao Mei to cunningly rip off the fake white lotus facade, leave her not so loving mother and half sister and make the Arrogant Ceo Luo ting fall in head over heels in love with her

  • The Substitute Villainess

    The Substitute Villainess

    Fantasy Romance REINCARNATION R18 COMEDY