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    The vampires in Greenville have been living in plain sight among humans. But everything changes when young Evan Desmond is found dead one morning, his body drained of blood, and two puncture wounds on his neck. The news say it's an animal attack, but Evan's father, Jeremiah Desmond knows it isn't. And he plans to avenge his sons death. -----------Vampire bachelor Samson can’t get a mate, and he's convinced that maybe he's cursed to be alone forever. That changes when the lovely Isabella tumbles into his arms after a seemingly random attack. Suddenly there’s this connection to her, and Samson is excited about reacting to anyone this way in a long time. Thinking all he needs is one night with her, Samson indulges in a night of pleasure and passion. However, another dead body later, and Samson has his hands full: not only with trying to hide the fact he’s a vampire, but also with protecting the people he cares about.

  • Feral Fangs

    Feral Fangs


  • Vandalism Fangs

    Vandalism Fangs


    Behind his bright gold eyes and extremely mascular appearance, a quest to evolve.He's powerfully built... he's sagacious..he's the alpha among all gray beast packs.Theodulf has ultimately reached his destination into the woods and under the full moon, he's primed to select a future Luna for their pack. The tables have turned as soon as he lays his eyes on a humble human.

  • Fangs Deep

    Fangs Deep


    Maya Phillips was thrown out and disowned for having a girlfriend, and being bisexual, shortly after ending the relationship. Her older sister, Lisa, tattles on Maya to their conservative, super-republican parents. Alaric, Maya’s best friend since preschool, asks her to come live with him in Massachusetts after hearing about what happened. During the summer, Maya packs up and gets ready to move. Meanwhile, Alaric’s little brother Dimitri gets assigned to make sure Maya’s family doesn’t try anything to her ex — someone they knew quite well. While in California, Dimitri gets caught by Maya’s college friend Honey. Trying to get rid of the sassy woman and watch over an annoying family proved much more difficult for Dimitri than he previously thought. And while this is happening, a dark force has shaken the supernatural world and called for the two Dark Princes of Velteria… The Vampire Kingdom.

  • King Of Fangs

    King Of Fangs


    Life was perfect for Katherine. Everything went according to her plan and she was at her happiest. But unfortunately, life revealed it's true colours and they were quiet 'bloody' in colour. From being buried alive to waking up and being claimed as a Vampire's daughter to finding out that she was the mate of the man she once dated as a human and was the king of this very kind, Everything was just messed up. Especially since she craved blood and had fangs like them.

  • Wings and Fangs

    Wings and Fangs

  • The Fangs of Regret

    The Fangs of Regret

  • Of fangs and fur

    Of fangs and fur

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • Prince's fangs

    Prince's fangs


    Due to an act of betrayal, Prince Robert was removed from his family, home, and country. He would have to fight hard to survive a world he has never known. First problem, escaping from the men who have ripped him away.Second problem, basic survival. Third problem, where was he and how can he get home?Will he find any friends to help him get home or is he doomed?..... .....From Chapter 15Jacob shifted uncomfortably on the bed. " Honestly, I do not know. I do not know what magic my kidnappers used."Surprise ran through the healers face, " You were kidnapped?"Jacob rolled his eyes and snorted, " Of course! Do you think a human child would be here by choice?"

  • Avery's Fangs

    Avery's Fangs

    Avery is the successor to the thrown of a powerful vampire clan. She's a strong, a smart, and a vicious young beauty. Avery was born with the most exceptional powers a noble vampire could have. As a spoiled, fearless, and merciless princess, her wishes were people's commands. Despite living the best part of her own fairytale as a real princess, Avery had a feeling that catharsis was right by the corner...

  • Mr. Fang's Feisty Mistress

    Mr. Fang's Feisty Mistress



    [R-18] Who made the rule that a woman can't be the first to confess her feelings to a man? If there was one, then it didn't matter to this young woman. In order to escape from her stepmother and stepsister, Zhang Liling sought help from Mr. Fang, a Business Mogul, specially invited to take her department on Business Management, and she was rejected because of her absurd request. But through his Personal assistant, she managed to cunningly secure a home-work contract and moved into his villa. A few weeks of living together as a Boss and Employee was enough time for Mr. Fang to see all the crazy sides of Zhang Liling and also for her to discover his health secret, hyperosmia. But the irony of her scent not affecting him baffled her. Mr. Fang not being used to Zhang Liling’s unrestrained behavior and coupled with the rumors about them threatened to throw her out of his villa. But when she finally left, he began to long for her return. At last, Zhang Liling returned. To others, she was a different person, but to Mr. Fang, she was the same feisty woman he has always known. Together as a couple, Zhang Liling and Mr. Fang unmasked her stepmother’s deep dirty secret that will threaten the Zhang Family’s reputation. ****************** EXCERPT “Mr. Fang, do you accept stray cats?” Zhang Liling asked a little breathlessly as a layer of sweat formed on her forehead. She had just run over in other to catch up with him. Mr. Fang paused briefly in his steps and turned to give her a good glance after adjusting his reading glasses. “You look like one,” he said in a deep voice before continuing in his steps. How could Zhang Liling let him leave like that when it was a matter of urgency? She quickly chased after him and yelled, “Mr. Fang, you really have to take this stray cat in.” "I don't accept stray cats, I only accept humans," Mr. Fang replied as a slight smile turned up on his face. Book Cover Arts commissioned by Laylee (please don't steal) Instagram: @authorPaschalinelily Discord Server: Check my profile to see more books by me.

  • Night fangs

    Night fangs


    Please read the disclaimer before jumping to the story itself. Right from the beginning of their creation... Werewolves and Vampires were sworn foes. ** - In a futuristic dystopian society where supernatural creatures with special abilities, fight for domain leaving humans out as they only side with the winning side. Kyra, the princess of the defeated vampire clan must complete some mission to take back the vampire glory from the werewolves. However, even before the completion of her first mission, she met a human boy- she believed- whose presence disrupted her whole mission. Now inside his life drama, she must figure out how to deal with his drama and her goal. —- cover is not mine.

  • Two Fangs

    Two Fangs


    After a strange death. I awake as a vampire. Yet, contrary to the regular form of a vampire, I have green eyes. Where will I go now? And am I the only one who has came from another world?

  • Moon Fangs

    Moon Fangs

    In a village where humans and werewolves live in harmony. They're ruled by a lovely human queen and a werewolf king. They have two children. The oldest - a werewolf; and the youngest - a human. Originally, however, there was no harmony between the werewolves and human, the werewolves believed they were superior and could rule the humans. Even so the monarchy now was the one who brought peace to both kinds.The King and Queen have been ruling for over half a century and it is time to give up the throne. However both of them can't decide which Prince to give it to. Therefore an agreement was made by them - to let both of them rule. But first they must select a Queen to rule along side them. Every Human and Werewolf are destined to have different fates, but that doesn't stop their unbreakable red threads of fate intertwining.Leona finds herself being in this kind of situation? What is the fate awaiting her? And her werewolf partner? What has fate decided for the course of their bound threads?

  • his fangs

    his fangs

  • Devy Fangs

    Devy Fangs

  • Twisted Fangs

    Twisted Fangs

  • Eastern Fangs

    Eastern Fangs

    “A princess without anything, crownless, penniless, and an orphan to boot. You are nothing. But from nothing, you shall arise. You will be the bloodthirsty fangs of the east. Your thirst can only be quenched by revenge.” The Empire of Elysia and the Kingdom of Wilhelm are the two most powerful nations of this realm. Princess Amaranth Ellis, who is the daughter of the Emperor of Elysia was about to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. Everything had been going well until she noticed something odd. Her eyes saw everything, her ears heard it all as well. It was her heart which skipped a beat when she saw her parents being assassinated as their blood splattered across the throne room. This caused the collapse of Elysia as Wilhelm invaded the nation, launching a full-scale take-over of the Eastern Empire of Elysia. Now, without an empire to her name, without a single coin to her name, but most importantly, nothing to lose, Amaranth sets out on a dangerous path towards avenging her parents. Before she does so, she digs two graves, one for herself and one for the assailant, as one does when they set out for vengeance.

  • Fangs Of War

    Fangs Of War


    Please allow me to show you my fangs, they're quitehungry! Can you outrun them, or will war claim yetanother victim? Let's find out, shall we? [DARK,MANIACAL, HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER AND SOUNDSOF FLESH, BONE, AND METAL FOLLOW QUESTION]

  • Caught by fangs

    Caught by fangs

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY

    "The devil's nudes?!"***What would you do if the devil was after you for his nudes?Diana Morgan is a counselor with the power of soothing anyone with just her voice that she is required so much for the survival of people.She stumbles on a boy in the woods and finds out he is not just a 23 year old, but an alpha and he's her mate!She finds out a secret about herself and why she has the ability of enchanting people and now, she's on the run from the devil's best friend, Dracula.