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  • Grimoire


    Now Updating ever *MON/ WED*There is no mystery behind the truthes of the world, at least, that is what the young aid Gil is lead to believe.That is, until his master and long time friend Lord Warren Salphus sends him to retrieve a particularly ominous book for his collection. Upon learning the contents inside the seemingly unimposing book, Gil's world is flipped on it's head as he's forced to enter the gates behind the fog, the gate's guarded by witches. Once the truth has been unveiled to him his is forced to fight for the chance to continue living with his eyes now opened.

  • Redo: Grimoire System in the Apocalypse

    Redo: Grimoire System in the Apocalypse



    "Am I being eaten by a SLIME?!?!" A normal man woke up to find himself surrounded by the unconscious figures of his family and neighbors. The land around him was large and open, not a single structure in sight. "What's... going on?" **** Taylor, an emotionally detached family man, woke up in a strange place. Dungeons dotted the land and Monsters ran rampant. After conquering his first Dungeon, he decides that the best way to protect his children is to build a strong community. He begins his conquest as a Support build, focusing on Defense and healing to better protect his loved ones. Is that good enough to keep them alive? Can he build a community strong enough to survive the incoming disasters? Can he unlock the secrets of the mysterious Mana? Join our hero as he uses his powerful defenses to protect those he cares about! **** Notes from the author: For those who are not already aware, you can get more coins for your money by buying through PayPal instead of going through Google Play. Just a heads up for those who don't know (You can access the Paypal purchase option through "Top-up" in your profile) *Not for children, this novel will have both lewd and gruesome moments as it progresses further into the story. If you see stars around the **chapter name** then it is an explicit chapter, don't read if you don't like sex xD Cover artwork by BlackLapiz, she did an amazing job at bringing the MC to life. Tags: System, Fantasy, Romance, Fighting, Sex, Love, Husband and Wife, Multiple Lovers, Harem, Apocalypse, Magic, Mana, Kingdom Building, Survival

  • The Grimoire

    The Grimoire

    An age of corruption is upon us.A servant lives in the Duke's castle. And like every other servant, she faces an aptitude test to determine her magical potential. Yet unlike most other servants, her magical aptitude is decent. And soon after her aptitude test, a grimoire appears to her in her dreams. After that, everything changed.The time for revolution has come.Cover by gej302.




    Perdamaian, ketenteraman dan kesejahteraan rakyat Kerajaan tidak terlepas dari sebuah pengorbanan. Perang yang membawa kesedihan, kemarahan, keputus asaan. Kegelapan terus merangkak di bawah hidung mereka. Balas dendam dan perebutan kekuasaan. Siapa yang akan berada di puncak tertinggi singgasana? "Dendam atas kehilangan orang-orang yang aku cintai, membutakan hati nuraniku. Di telan dalam kegelapan. Karena dalam darah ini, mengalir bagian dari sisi Iblisku." Galerna Gosswardt "Aku memang tidak berguna, menjadi beban kakakku. Tapi, aku memiliki jalanku sendiri. Aku tidak membenci kakak, tapi aku akan balas orang yang membunuh kakak." Lin Haziraman. "Aku hanya anak dari wanita bangsawan, aku hanya ingin keadilan hidupku dan ibuku saja. Apa salahnya kalau aku ingin merahi puncak, dengan mengorbankan banyak orang." Krisan Wangsa.

  • Eclipse Grimoire

    Eclipse Grimoire


    For years the inhabitants of Centura have lived in fear of the vicious Ryka- a blood thirsty race of demons bent on world domination. The gods -seeing their creatures cower in fear- began giving out 'grimoires' as a way to enable them to fight on equal grounds. However, since the Ryka were their children as well, they too received the power of the grimoires. And so... nothing changed. The Ryka continued their rampage, pushing the others races even closer to extinction with the help of their new found power. A new league of grimoires have began to come out, grimoires with different classes and rarities. Sadly, Centura's fate might rest in the hands of the same people they tossed aside, in the hands of those that have grown to hate others around them.

  • Grimoire of Twilight

    Grimoire of Twilight

    Fantasy SYSTEM

    Grimoire of TwilightThis contains up-to-date stats from The Summoner and Contractor SystemWarning: Contains spoilers! Don't read unless you're caught up on The Summoner and Contractor System!

  • Oxias Grimoire

    Oxias Grimoire

    uh. huh.

  • My grimoire

    My grimoire

  • Anagogic Grimoire

    Anagogic Grimoire


    Anagogue: [archaic] a spiritual ascent, and upwards vector.

  • Symbol Grimoire

    Symbol Grimoire

  • The Grimoire of Solomon

    The Grimoire of Solomon


    Asher was hoping to have a great vacation but...__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I hope you enjoy reading!If I have creativity and free time I will post every day.I sincerely appreciate your interest in this story, if you like the story, don't forget to leave a comment: DIf you like The Grimoire of Solomon and you want to support me financially, you can do it in the following link.

  • Grimoire: Atonement of Souls

    Grimoire: Atonement of Souls


    Aarav ran away. Who could really blame him, though? The list of things Aarav that didn't excel at was long and humiliating, borderline pathetic even. A list that included fighting too. So when he encounters a group of monk-looking assailants in black with books floating next to them, ganging up on a little harmless kid…he wasn't exactly sure how to deal with that situation. More so, when that strange encounter snowballs into him being attacked by a giant tentacled monster; he did the only thing he excelled at—he ran away.Being able to see the dead since his birth was strange enough for him but being chased by a monster was taking things a bit too far. But now thrust into the strange world of dead souls, demons and grim reapers; Aarav has to make a choice. Does he continue to live in the ignorance of the blurred lines of two worlds, or will he muster up the courage to do what is right? To save the people close to him, no matter the lengths he has to go to achieve that goal.Even if it required his own death.

  • Guns and Grimoire

    Guns and Grimoire


    It's 1849. A new magician named Charles is traveling to California when he encounters a vengeful bounty hunter named Lefty. He's on the hunt for an infamous drug lord that rules the West: Daddy Mack. Charles and Lefty set out to topple his empire of bandits, but Daddy Mack's secret plans spell doom for our delinquent duo.

  • Daybreak's Grimoire

    Daybreak's Grimoire

    Li Ming was a 22 years old white-collar worker of the largest game developer company in the country. He worked ardently on his job not only to earn higher salary but also he loved to play online MMORPG games that the company created.He was a sword fanatic and knows everything about swords. His hobby was to buy antique and replica swords as he added them to his collection on his home.However, he lost his job and became depressed as he knew no one would hire him to work on other game companies.Li Ming decided to jump on the bridge to drown himself because he can't swim. He was reluctant when he remembered his pet dog named Hei. He went down from the bridge's railing. Unfortunately, he slipped and accidentally fell to the river and died... or not.

  • Card Apprentice Daily Log

    Card Apprentice Daily Log



    Dr. Dalton Wyatt, a world-renowned Scientist, and Inventor is transmigrated to the body of a high school student Dalton Wyatt who committed suicide due to unfortunate circumstances and complicated life. The new world was completely different yet similar to Dr Wyatt's homeworld earth. Unlike peace full earth where humans fought other humans, This new world was plagued with Dungeons and Monsters people here fought with monsters for the survival of humanity. Mortal humans were not strong enough to fight these mythical and legendary creatures, thankfully some blessed humans could actively control their soul to manifest soul power and become Card apprentices to fight for the humanities chance at survival. Card apprentices are people who contract grimoire and use various powerful yet resourceful cards to fight off the monsters and conquer dungeons. Grimoire provides the card apprentice with abilities like Card creation and Card fusion, most importantly it allows the Card apprentice to display their full potential in a cardfight. Even though this world has the concept of science but it is not focused on electronics and industrialisation like back in the earth, here the world has cards for every little thing's eliminating the need for electronics. This new world is highly focused around grimoire abilities Card creation and Card fusion. Coming to a world where money could literally buy him strength Dr Wyatt had to earn money for his survival. But thanks to his otherworldly information and knowledge, card creation comes easily to Dr Wyatt compared to other card apprentices. Dr Wyatt creates and sells various perfect, powerful and resourceful cards to earn money and get stronger step by step in this monster-ridden world for his survival. ... "What did you say? making good cards is hard! Bah!! Card making couldn't be easier""Trash materials! Let me teach you there are no trash materials only trash card makers."[Bloody Veins - G rank, Mortal grade][Nylon Rope  G rank, Mortal grade][White Core - G rank, Mortal grade]Card creation… complete! [ Card Name - Bloody Rope   Card Type - Item card  Card Rank - E rank, Common grade   Card Rating - 3 stars   Card Durability - (100/100)   Card Effect - Bloody rope can be used to bind opponents. If bound on open wounds additional effects of paralysis and blood drain activates unconditionally.]"Omg! You used a G rank mortal grade core but how did you create an E rank common grade card with 3-star ratings and that too with full durability. This is a dream! Yes, I am dreaming! I didn't wake up today. I am still in my bed dreaming!"...

  • Lucas's Grimoire

    Lucas's Grimoire


    Lucas Andrews live a life of luxury yet it is not as fun as you may think, after awhile the life becomes dull and repetitive. Lucas dies of old age and is reincarnated onto the ward continent. P.S newbie writer

  • Destiny's Grimoire

    Destiny's Grimoire

    Fantasy ACTION

  • Unknowable Grimoire

    Unknowable Grimoire

    In a world where power is calculated from the beauty of Grimoire covers and various types of magic, Akira, a man who has a shabby and horrible black Grimoire, seems to be destroyed at any time, registering at a magic academy in the Royal Capital.He wants to be the strongest wizard to avenge someone who in the past has killed his mother and seized his only happiness. This is the story of a young man who fell into a ravine and rose as a Demon King.###This is English version. Bahasa Indonesia version was published on Wattpad.

  • Blood and Magic: Grimoire

    Blood and Magic: Grimoire


  • Re:Althea, The Grimoire

    Re:Althea, The Grimoire


    Holding onto the rusty chains of the swing; listening to the cheerful sounds of children, I stared at the endless sea of clouds reminiscing of the joyful times before, out of the blue, an enormous shadow was cast upon the playground, an aircraft in blaze fell upon the joyful scene, turning the innocent playground into a graveyard. Ten days passed, with the little wisp of life in me... I wished to the skies, a wish of the childish me: "I wish... I wish I could be the Grimoire of Love..."