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  • _BRUTAL_






    "Oo na, sige na, kung takot ka sa multo. Huhulihin ko sila para sa'yo, ayos ba?" Ang S. C. I ay isang bagong Unit na nakatuon sa mga kumplikadong kaso. Isang unit na pinangangatawan ng lead detective na si Yutong at ang matalinong Psychologist na si Yao. Ang tanong kaya nga bang mag-bigay hustisya ng dalawang taong may mag-kasalungat na ugali?



    Anita, extravagant and charismatic blonde, decided to form Agency for following and investigating her clients' spauses and partners. Listening suspicions of her friend Rachel about her fiance's loyalty, she decided to help her and instead of cosmetic saloon open Cupid Investigation Agency. She professionaly hired CAM team, photographer and cameraman, and for all three of them it was beginning of beautiful and successful journey...







    Jerry Nikolas adalah seorang polisi muda yang tampan. Tubuhnya sangat bagus dan sixpack. Dalam tugas penyamaran pertamanya, dia dikirim untuk menyelidiki Daniel Thomas. Daniel seorang tersangka utama mafia di Indonesia. Jerry tahu lebih baik untuk tidak terlibat dengan pemilik klub malam yang tampan itu. Tapi sejak awal, percikan ketertarikan di antara mereka berdua tidak bisa terelakkan. Segala sesuatu tentang Daniel tidak dapat diduga. Dia sangat manis dan pemalu, serta memiliki sisi kutu buku yang menurut Jerry sangat menarik. "Apakah pria tampan ini benar-benar seorang penjahat?" Tidak peduli apakah Daniel bersalah atau tidak, keluarga besar polisi Katolik Indonesia yang bernama Jerry dan kaptennya tidak akan pernah menerima hubungan ini. Seseorang dari kelompok gangster yang berbahaya memanipulatif Daniel, dia juga tidak terlalu senang melihat Jerry dan Daniel bersama, dia ingin Jamie keluar dari permainan polisi tersebut. Selain itu, Jerry masih belum pulih dari perpisahannya baru-baru ini, jadi Daniel tetap tidak bisa hadir untuk Jerry. Tidak mungkin hal di antara mereka berdua itu akan terjadi. Terlibat dengan Daniel Thomas tidak pernah menjadi bagian dari rencana. Tapi terkadang, rencana yang terbaik adalah diaman kita berjalan, itu adalah pilihan yang tepat. Bagaimana kisah cinta polisi tampan dengan seorang pria tersangka utama mafia ini?

  • Investigation novel

    Investigation novel

  • Concealed Crime Investigation

    Concealed Crime Investigation

    Martial Arts ROMANCE ACTION

    There are some cases even the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) can't solve on their own, so the government created an unit to help them out - the Concealed Crime Investigation.For that only the smartest and strongest people of the country are collected to join this unit - if they want to or not, they have to. This unit created is something like the CIA or the FBI, but with one difference: the public doesn't know about their existence! So whoever is chosen to join, they vanish from their surroundings and seem to be never seen again.•She may be two years younger than me, so I'd say around twenty-two. She is... well, pretty. But her face is hard like stone. She looks like a warrior."Do you want to introduce yourself?", our coach asks her."I'm Yasmina.", she begins and ends her introduction in those two words. There's nothing more she says, she just looks around us four and keeps on her cold face.•Completed

  • Diary of investigation

    Diary of investigation


  • Investigation and Witchcraft

    Investigation and Witchcraft

  • The Investigation Team

    The Investigation Team



  • Investigation
chapter -1

    Investigation chapter -1

  • Investigation of The Midnight Creatures

    Investigation of The Midnight Creatures

    Fantasy ADVENTURE

    gone this bores me now because this is literally the plot of an anime already

  • Academy of Crimes and Investigation

    Academy of Crimes and Investigation

    Fantasy MYSTERY

    Hiller Cort, a world renowned prodigy child in the world of chess. Just at the age of five, he beat the undefeated world chess champion like it was nothing after just a few months of playing chess. After that, he participated in many other tournaments and championships but quickly became bored as no one could defeat him. People were so terrified by his skills that after a year, no professional player would even face this small kid. So at the age of 7, he retired from chess and disappeared completely from the world of fame and fortune like he never even existed. But, he had left a legacy behind proving to people that he indeed was the best chess player the world had even After several years, an unusual boy joined the Academy of Crimes and Investigation ( ACI ), the world renowned academy said to be able to produce the most elite human beings capable of leading the society. This boy was none other than Hiller Cort himself but, as much had changed, no one recognized him.How is the chess legend going to compete against the other geniuses using real life tactics and strategies? Come and see for yourself~

  • The Hacker Under Investigation

    The Hacker Under Investigation

    A simple crime can lead to a disastrous turn of life,it can be Blessing to others but a Curse to you.Marco Moreau, caught by hacking multiple schools is now caught and known as The Hacker Under Investigation.Would he be able to escape the destiny he have? Or would he stay at the destiny fate and time gave him?Would he be able to change and atone for his mistakes?

  • Hummingbird Department of Investigation

    Hummingbird Department of Investigation

    Historical Romance HISTORICAL

    Historical fiction.The world of Fantasy has great magical warriors, but it also has normal citizens. So that normal citizens and Fants could peacefully coexist Yun Li,cold assassin princess, made the Hummingbird Department of Investigation. With the help of her husband, Ming Tian, Dream King. After Yun Li and Ming Tian got married, Yun Li became the Queen of Dream. Yun Li was still able to be the director of the Hummingbird Department of Investigation. In order to continue the bloodline, Yun Li and Ming Tian had three children; one boy and twin girls. That brings us to Mi Xi, Yun Li's youngest child. Mi Xi, Mi Yue, and Mi Yao are currently training at the department to become great detectives. Join Mi Xi as she grows into a strong and smart detective while she faces boy problems, bestfriends, and dangerous evildoers.

  • Investigation : The Creepy Maiden

    Investigation : The Creepy Maiden

    Romansa Kontemporer ACTION

    Aegeana Livina, seorang Detektif Tanpa Nama yang terlibat dalam investigasi pembunuhan seorang Konglomerat, menemukan bahwa seorang gadis di mansion yang dipanggil orang-orang sebagai 'The Creepy Maiden' adalah kunci dari kasus pembunuhan itu.'The Creepy Maiden' mengaku bahwa dia bisa melihat hantu dan berkata bahwa ada sosok hantu yang ingin dia mengungkapkan kepada orang-orang bahwa Nyonya Rumah alias Istri dari Konglomerat yang dibunuh pernah melakukan pembunuhan.Orang-orang menganggap bahwa 'The Creepy Maiden' adalah orang gila dan menjadi tersangka utama dalam kasus pembunuhan itu. Namun tidak dengan Aegeana.Apakah 'The Creepy Maiden' adalah pembunuhnya? Atau, semua yang dikatakan olehnya adalah kunci dari pembunuhan tersebut? Atau, dia hanyalah orang gila yang asal bicara saja?

  • Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana

    Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY MYSTERY


    It's not easy being a detective when one can see ghosts. Due to her bad performance, Nakashima Wakana is sent to the cold palace to receive her career's death sentence. When she thought that her dead career couldn't be more dead, she meets her first love, Minami Sei. Love at the workplace? Nakashima Wakana has enough problems for sure.Things take a turn when she becomes the next chosen target of a demon. She's forced to use her abilities. WWhen she thinks that it's over for her, she finds out that she's chosen to become a part of the supernatural investigation agency? Who is this person that is always saving her?Is he a ghost or her personal guardian angel? Should she throw salts in his eyes or kiss his beautiful lips? Maybe she will do both. Join Wakana's supernatural adventures and her journey to love. ___ Warning: NSFW/GORE/VIOLENCE/SMUT Cover Source: PixabayInstagram: Koch_NorahGoodreads:****Full list of my novels*******Novels with Interconnected Worlds:1. The Love That Remains (Completed)2. His Mischievous Time-Traveler: How to capture a celebrity husband? (Completed)3. His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? (Completed)4. Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana 5. When A Ghoul Falls In Love6. Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire ApocalypseStandalone Novels: Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife?Miss Chicken & Her MisterThe Villainous Emperor is My Pet? (Available on Goodnovel.Com)Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana (Available on Goodnovel.Com)

  • Detective Lou's investigation

    Detective Lou's investigation


    Shanghai in the 1930s. Qin Xiao Man(rookie) is a beautiful young woman who just graduated from the police academy and dreams of becoming an outstanding detective. She moves into the Sullivan appartment complex in the International Settlement and solves one case after another. Her neighbor is the famous master sleuth Luo Fei (detective) who works as adviser for the Criminal Investigation Division of the police department. Due to their completely different personalities, the two don't get along at first, but have to join hands in the end in order to solve a bizzare case.

  • Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

    Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered


    [Two-faced Languid Rich Male Lead vs. Deeply Hidden Beautiful Female Lead] Qin Ran had grown up in the countryside. She disappears in the third year of high school and ends up suspended for a year. One year later, she is brought to Yun Cheng by her mother to attend First Middle School. Her mother tells her: "Your stepfather is from a prestigious family, your brother is a genius, and your younger sister is a top student. Don't be an embarrassment to them." Anybody who is anybody in Beijing all receives a warning from Master Juan of the Cheng family: Master Juan's wife is from the countryside and doesn't know how to socialize nor make connections... her temper is also really bad, so please be tolerant of her. One day, when Master Juan is investigating a certain big shot, his subordinate stares at the sockpuppet—an online identity used for purposes of deception—he had accidentally revealed. It's from the wife that supposedly doesn't know anything... He falls into silence. The two bigshots has probably been hiding their sockpuppets from each other in order not to make the other party feel inferior.