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  • Her Irish Soul

    Her Irish Soul



    A young American girl follows her heart to Ireland where she discovers deeply hidden and unique connections to the island that she had never dreamed of. Upon arriving in Ireland to study, Erin feels something awaken in her she never imagined could be real.

  • Irish Rose

    Irish Rose

  • Welcoming the Irish

    Welcoming the Irish

  • Irish Cream

    Irish Cream

    The fifties were different for us queers. There weren't no Pride parades or DVDs or internet. Back then, if you wanted man-on-man stuff, you had to know where to look for it. Back then, a young man who caught your eye had to be mighty careful about letting things go further. All kinds of risks in those days, on the racetrack and off .

  • Irish mythology  101

    Irish mythology 101

  • When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

    When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

    Felix is in real trouble this time. Not only did he wake up nearly naked in a foreign country -- drugged and abandoned as a prank -- but soon he finds himself being interviewed by the police after crashing the truck of his handsome rescuer, Ronan Malloy. The only way for Felix to make amends is to work off his debt on the injured Ronan’s shabby, struggling farm.<br><br>Ronan Malloy and his grandad Lorcan have big plans for their ancestral farm. Their new boutique cheese will put Malloy Cheesery the map. But he hasn't struck it rich yet. Between the bank and his scheming neighbor, he has enough troubles and doesn't want to deal with an untrained Yankee on top of it.<br><br>Although Felix resents having to stay behind as his friends continue their backpacking adventure across Europe, he begins to see that farm life isn’t so bad. Ronan’s charming smile and sparkling eyes are an added bonus. And Ronan learns soon enough that the Yankee isn't as helpless as he thought.<br><br>Felix isn’t sure he’s up to the task of saving the deeply indebted Malloy Farm from calamity and devious plots for its downfall, but for Ronan, he’s willing to try.

  • Irish first kiss

    Irish first kiss


  • The Turning Moon

    The Turning Moon

    Julie Embleton was born and raised in Ireland in a suburb at the foot of the Dublin Mountains. Her writing journey began in her mid-teens when the fantasy worlds in her head proved far more interesting than the drudgery of maths and Irish homework. After graduating college with a degree in graphic design, Julie lived in London before returning to Ireland where she now works part-time in human resources. With fantasy continuing to be an escape from today’s adulting, Julie writes for the New Adult Fantasy genre. She lives by the shores of the Irish Sea with her amazing daughter and ridiculously cute cats and is happily buried in the creation of her current book. The new Alpha of Nyah Morgan’s pack has aligned with dark forces and his plans for Nyah break the most absolute of Lycan Laws. With her entire pack under his thrall and her own wolf maimed by his magic, she turns rogue, her incapacity landing her in unfamiliar Lycan territory where she catches the unwanted attention of Dean Carson, an Alpha who is determined to learn the truth she hides. With her Alpha closing in and the safety of another pack at stake, Nyah is forced into making a choice. Her bound wolf is killing her, both Alphas can save her, but which one, and at what cost?

  • Irish dan Ruang Fisika

    Irish dan Ruang Fisika


    Ini adalah cerita paling anti mainstream. Jika kau memutuskan untuk membacanya, maka kau siap bermain dengan teka teki dan sesuatu yang tersirat di dalamnya. Ini adalah sebuah novel yang bercerita tentang anak-anak yang mengukir mimpi mereka diatas lanngit olimpiade fisika. Mereka jatuh bangun, berpegangan tangan, bersama mewujudkan mimpi mereka dan tetap bersama selamanya walaupun karantina telah tiada.



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18

    " Mahal kita..mahal na mahal at ikaw lang ang babaeng..mamahalin ko habang buhay pangako.... → JACK IRISH DEMONIC

  • The Strongest Innocent Irish Family's Successor of the Apocalypse

    The Strongest Innocent Irish Family's Successor of the Apocalypse

  • The Billionaire I Fell in Love With

    The Billionaire I Fell in Love With

    A story of a young lady named Irish Levine who has been through enough problems in her life to last her in a life time. She was desperately in need of job after she lost her Model Job.She applied for a job and was offered a nanny Job to the Billionare's daughter. Ethan Harlow Was in need for a nanny for his 6 years old daughter Arin. Arin's Mother who as his ex wife had dumped him for another man. Fortunately Irish happened to be there when his daughter went into depression after being bullied in school , Irish was able to calm her down when no one can. The nanny and his daughter grow a very strong bond. What happened when they start having uncontrollable feelings for each other? Will his ex wife allow them to be? Will they be able to look past their flaws and pasts?"

  • I Slipped into Another World and Became this Demonic Guy's Pet

    I Slipped into Another World and Became this Demonic Guy's Pet

    Romance ROMANCE


    Nastasia Mikhailovna Vasilieva, an Irish-Russian American, a jack of all trades, and now a world slipper... After having been betrayed by a colleague, Nastasia finds herself slipping into an ancient Chinese-like parallel world. Attacked by the people and chased by soldiers for being a Red Demon she happens upon a demonically bewitching man. If it weren't for the fact she couldn't understand a lick of what was being said, she never would have become his pet. Throwing out a smile that entailed nothing good, he threw out a sultry... "Come, my dear pet, help me warm the bed." "Ah," she bemoaned, "I know 5 languages, why couldn't one of them have been Chinese!" Follow along as Nastasia overcomes languages barriers, wretched schemes, and a supernatural demon that can't keep his hands to himself. ------------------- Updates 1 chapter every day Mon-Fri generally around noon (MST) If you are moved to do so, please support me on my Patreon!

  • The Rising Storm (Dropped)

    The Rising Storm (Dropped)


    This story follows a 15 year old boy named Kuno Heroki, his best friend Kiato Nensho and Leo Koto when all three join U.A. high. They are in fact 'friends' but when the past comes back to haunt them will the lies go deeper and deeper or will the truth resurface.This store takes place in the fictional world of the My hero academia which I don't own___________________________________________Disclaimer: I will be using the MHA world but none of the characters. This is the first story I have written so expect grammatical errors, bad writing and feel free to give feed back. All character are original creations I don't own the cover image.

  • Man of Dao

    Man of Dao

    Born.Abandoned.Grew.Became the strongest.Became a DAO.



    Noah, bos arogan yang tidak pernah menyukai pernikahannya dengan seorang gadis muda cantik dan mandiri bernama Irish. Irish ditinggalkan tanpa alasan, tepat sesaat sebelum mereka menyongsong malam yang seharusnya menjadi penyempurna pernikahan sepasang insan manusia."Kamu akan tetap jadi patung di kamarku tanpa pernah sekalipun aku sentuh," kata Noah tanpa perasaan. "Jangan mimpi aku akan melepaskan kamu, apalagi berharap bisa cerai dari aku."Meskipun Noah tak pernah memberinya malam-malam yang sempurna, dia selalu memaksa Irish untuk tampil sesempurna mungkin jika sedang menghadiri acara-acara resmi perusahaan. Noah menuntut agar mereka berdua bisa terlihat sebagai pasangan serasi yang tangguh dan sulit dikalahkan.ig @setia_am

  • My Father Wants To Kill The Heroine Of The Novel

    My Father Wants To Kill The Heroine Of The Novel


    A Simple College Girl Died At Asthma..She Thought She really die But..."Wahhh!!! What is this ?? Empire!!""Did i got reincarnated Into The Novel??"And of all the character of the novel she became "MAGARETH VEINA LA VERITA ZORGON!!"She became the Forgotten Princess Who will die At Her Very Young Age "Gonna Take down my throne and then i will go and leave this place..."But before that let me see who is my father is

  • Rebirth of a General's Wife

    Rebirth of a General's Wife

  • high school vixen

    high school vixen

  • Love to death

    Love to death