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  • One Last System

    One Last System



    Scorned by the world he was born in, Arthur had no other choice but to learn how to deal with it. Yet, just as his hard work and dedication were about to pay off, the hate towards his origins brought him to his death. But that wasn't his fate. His future wasn't supposed to end with his head cracking against the edge of the stairs. His bloodline could not die as that would be against the wish of the universe itself. Thrown to another world, he found himself in a situation where the skills and craft he honed would be no longer of use. His patience, his creativity, his logical thinking were no longer in demand in a world where strength reigned supreme. Or was it? "My system is overpowered. I'm not shameless enough to deny it." "Scores of women and slaves all around? Those are the wishes of a naive kid, not mine." "Lower the price of those apples by a quarter and we will have a deal!" "Dear, stop, I cannot hold any longer!" Jump in and follow Arthur's adventures as he proves that even the illogical world of sword and cultivation has its own rules. Laws, that one can learn, laws, that Arthur sets off to use to his own advantage! **** This novel will have some comedic elements, but it won't be the core of the story. I also won't hold back any punches when it comes to dark humor, heavy elements or morally ambiguous aspects. If you are looking for a fckboy/edgelord/cliche, then his novel is not for you. Discord:

  • Last Wish System

    Last Wish System



    In a universe where the great experts can reincarnate, Yale Roanmad reincarnated with almost no memories of his past life and didn't know who he was.Despite the problem with his memories, Yale had obtained a strange legacy from his own past life the Last Wish System.Yale, who remembered the pain of dying, decided to turn strong to avoid suffering the same pain again. Moreover, he also decided to investigate his own past life to remember who he was.However, he didn't know that a Mysterious Expert, who knew a lot about him and his past life, was looking at him from the shadows.______________________________________________Join the Last Wish System Discord Channel: is a channel to report errors there, I might not see your reports if you put it in the comment section because I am not getting notified when people comment.This novel has been completed. I will still go back to edit old chapters whenever I have time. The prequel will be released soon!You can also support the novel on Patreon: by donating in Paypal: is a Wikia under construction. If you want to help, you are welcome: 3D characters based on the novel characters, be aware of spoilers if you aren't up-to-date:

  • The Last Primal

    The Last Primal



    Darkness. The ultimate ruler, the true One-Above-All. Everything starts from it, and everything returns to it eventually. People say that in your final moments, darkness seeps in your very existence, engulfs your whole being. They say it’s an incredibly relaxing feeling that takes you on your journey to your afterlife. They say that in the very darkness, the ‘nothingness’ your weary soul will finally be able to rest and relax. This brings up some very philosophical and existential questions. Do you even exist?Follow the epic journey of Aiden, the last primal, a unique and ancient race as he finds his place in a strange, new world, filled with threats and violence.-----UPDATE: A supportive reader has created a Discord Server. Here's the link if you would like to reach out to me and/or join the community: you would like to support me and leave me a personalized message, you can buy me a 'coffee' at Ko-Fi: story (and the world itself) is something I started writing and creating 15 years ago, while I was telling stories with my friends in our regular D&D sessions. The world is a hand-crafted fantasy world, filled with history and lore that we created over the course of years. While I may be new to the writing scene, I will do my very best to bring you an enjoyable experience. Hope you enjoy the journey just as much as I enjoyed creating it.

  • The Last Warlock

    The Last Warlock



    "Revenge, he promised me... So, I took the Oath... and The Tower of Chaos, I was allowed to enter. That's how my journey began, from a nobody to what they call me now.... The Mage Slayer, The Devourer of Worlds... The Last Warlock." ---- Warning: This book has explicit content in several ways Regular updates at 13:00 GMT -3 Read to chapter 40 to have a better idea about the book --- Below is a more in depth description of the novel with a bit of spoilers (please avoid and go read) --- The story has a lot of action, blood, gory, and battles. It's a mix of sci-fi with magic, runes and cultivation and there are a lot of lore from other cultures, like the Nord/Viking culture. It has runes, wizards shamans, mutations, genes, high technology, guns, spells, and abilities. The novel has a different approach to system, that is very subtle, and the MC has a rare bloodline and evolves using it, but that comes with its own drawbacks so MC has to deal with those shortcomings in several ways. There is no cheat code here. The novel has a lot of small and subtle references in every single chapter. Some say its a mix of cultivation and star wars, while others think its a high technology + eastern fantasy. The true is I mixed a lot in this book. The MC do not get reincarnated but instead he is sent to a tower where he 'levelup' and evolves from weak to strong. The story itself is very dark for some and has a sadic humor and a lot of 'what the heck is going on?' moments. The MC is not the devil incarnate but its not good either, he seeks revenge and has a lot of ambitions. Btw: people said the batlle scenes and war scenes are awesome. Well, the thing I can say is that it has a lot of action indeed. [cover not owned by me, unknown artist]

  • The Last Luna

    The Last Luna

    Ellie is content to rule her pack by herself. Choosing to call herself Luna in honor of her late mother, Ellie thinks she doesn’t need an Alpha, relying on her father, Michael, to help her with the pack. Michael not only wants to retire, he wants grandkids! When he comes up with the idea to have a tournament so that neighboring Alphas can compete for her hand, Ellie reluctantly agrees. What she doesn’t plan on is falling in love with one of the Alphas! She is ecstatic when she finds out that River feels the same way, but he still must win the tournament in order to make her his. Will River win the tournament and her hand, or will one of the other Alphas swoop in and with the contest—and Ellie’s hand—instead? The Last Luna is created by ID Johnson, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • The last last last last

    The last last last last

  • The Last Embrace

    The Last Embrace

    Fantasy Romance VAMPIRE


    In the 20th century... Enraged by the savage vampires merciless slaughter, the human race had enough! Finally, the anti-vampire vaccine was created by humans to protect themselves. The vaccine was able to annihilate 90% of vampires' race on earth. With nowhere to go and trapped below the ground, the remaining vampires needs to survive, it's either adopt... become mortal and survive...or perish! Prince Adam was assigned the task to take care of the mortal being named Jessy, the girl that was chosen in the prophecy. Once her blood ingested by vampires' it can transformed them into human beings, fangs gone within seven days, guaranteed! Prince Adam fell in love with Jessy... the girl that was destined to marry his brother, Prince Zain. Prince Zain and Jessy's union will secure the vampires' royal lineage... their offspring will bring forth a new race of powerful crossbreed. One day the vampire race shall reign supreme again on earth. To secure the safety of the vampires turned into mortals, Jessy has to make a big sacrifice that will change her life forever. ***The cover is not mine. All credits goes to the owner. ~My other novels on this site~ * The Beauty And The Wolf ~ Completed. * The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny~ Completed~ Vampire, Demon's, Shapeshifter. * Hidden Husband ~ Completed ~ Contemporary Romance * The CEO's Painted Skin ~ (Completed) Contemporary romance, 510 chapters~ Completed. * Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife~ Completed. * The Tale Of Three Sisters : ( Completed) Fantasy Romance, Adventure ~ Completed.

  • Last Shelter Online

    Last Shelter Online



    Together with the shocking death of a famous gamer, a new VRMMORPG was launched. “This is not just a game, this is about building a second life.” Said Dr. Jeff Johnson, the founder of Ninecent, when he announced the new game. [LAST SHELTER ONLINE] It quickly became the number one wanted game that even affected the global cryptocurrency market. However, after the mysterious death of his brother. Hiro’s life had been wrecked with no money left to spend and no place left to live. That is, until he received a surprise late birthday gift from the deceased. While other gamers around the world were scrambling to get the limited edition of full-dive VR, Hiro received the mysterious beta-testing access. Being an expert gamer himself, Hiro soon found something unusual about the new game, and it seems that there’s much more to it than a simple game. Will Hiro find the truth behind it all? [System linked.] [Welcome to Last Shelter Online]

  • Last For You

    Last For You

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE FAMILY


    Last For You Volume 1-Valery Katkins & Ken Wiliam Saat orang terdekat dan dunia seakan melupakan keberadaanya dan takdir seakan menggantikan perannya dengan orang lain dikehidupan nyata selama 15 tahun,membuat hati seorang Valery Katkins ditutupi oleh kebencian,tidak ada seorang pun di dunia ini yang bisa dipercaya,hingga pertemuannya dengan Ken William seseorang dari masa lalunya yang membuat Valery harus kehilangan keluarga dan masa depannya.Akankah Valery memainkan perannya demi membalas dendamnya atau justru merelakan dendamnya. Sinopsis Last For You Volume 2-Sean Wiiam Sean Wiliam saat berumur 7 tahun datang berkunjung kembali ke Los Angeles,dan memiliki rencana untuk bertemu sahabat kecilnya namun harapan Sean kembali pupus saat ia mendapati bahwa sahabatnya sudah tiada. Sean Kecil beranjak tumbuh dewasa dan memiliki kesuksesan ditangannya,namun saat Sean telah melabuhkan hatinya pada Kayla wanita yang dicintainya,Sean kembali bertemu dengan sahabat masa kecilnya Alexa yang menjadi kompetitornya dalam dunia bisnis,dan perlahan-lahan semua masa lalu Sean kembali terkuak tentang asal-usulnya. Valery dan Ken Wiliam ternyata bukan orang tua biologis Sean,dan hubungan Sean dengan masa lalu Valery dan Ken,membuat Sean akhirnya terpuruk dengan keadaan itu,rasa bersalah membuat ia memilih ingin pergi menjauh dari keluarga Wiliam. Tidak ada yang bisa menebak jalan hidup seseorang jika ia menjadi bagian dari sebuah kesalahan dimasa lalu. Hal yang sama dialami oleh Sean Wiliam..... Akankah Sean bahagia saat mengetahui rahasia besar dari masa lalu dan dengan kehadiran Alexa, diantara Sean dan Kayla??? Semua rahasia akan terungkap seputar kehidupan Sean Wiliam,Alexa dan Kayla....!!! #cinta#dendam#persahabatan#keluarga#

  • My Last Hunt

    My Last Hunt



    [Check out my #WSA story 'The Player's System'] A wicked and greedy hunter who intentionally triggered the broken morgue in search of treasure. He was cursed by the aura of death. Being the high level hunter he was given a chance to cast this curse onto someone else and save himself. He disguised himself in an old woman and stopped a youth walking on the street. To be college student and getting good grades is not enough if you cannot hunt monsters.Bam* “I am your opponent and enemy, you have choice whether to level up or face brutal death in front of your younger sibling. I choose you as my target to sacrifice in place of my mistake and crime. I have offended the ancient sacred soul of Hunter Monarch." “What, why and why in front of younger sibling? How do you know him and who the hell are you?" The youth was forced to drag through the portal and enter in unknown world. (Note: if you are fan of OP MC from the very start of the story then you should not try this.) Author _Sha Story: Original Updates: 2/daily Discord Link:

  • Last Paladin

    Last Paladin


    Darkness rules the land since the sacred order of the Paladin vanished for to the point their tales are now but legends and none now live who’ve seen a Paladin let alone known someone who has. Maybe they never really existed but if they do the people of Arcadia Nine could really use their help. This is the tale of a young man who chooses that weather they are real or not he was done being pushed around and would from this point forward stand up against the darkness.

  • My Last Chance (The last miracle)

    My Last Chance (The last miracle)


    After her sudden death, Raeliana wakes up in the body of an unnamed seven-year-old slave who is found face to face with her tormentor. The new world is unknown, previous memories of her body will appear to her every night, with only something in common, suffering and pain. Her life will become a living hell when she discovers that people look at her with fear and disgust because her characteristics are the same as those of "beast" people who are tempted by blood. And she too, little by little begins to be tempted by it. The hatred of someone else becomes hers and continues and grows even more after every pain she suffers. Who is Raeliana? Just a nameless slave or a monster locked in a cage? Can she solve the mystery of this new world and find peace, or will it be her last chance in the pursuit of happiness?

  • The Last Rudra

    The Last Rudra



    Onish was a yogi on earth. After a long and arduous practice of yogic rituals, he got enlightenment. And when he was trying to go to Brahma Loka (an upper world where exalted beings live), a mighty hand tried to crush his soul. Appalled by sudden accident, Onish used his newly awakened yogic powers called siddhis and fled. His newly awakened power sent him into an unknown world called Mazia, filled with wonders and horrors. After some misfortunate events, he was forced to settle in the body of a boy, named Ishit, who lived in Minaak, a city of spirit wielders. A tale weaver fed him a memory pill and modified his memories. A powerful fiend was gradually recovering his powers. A mysterious voice sighed in Ornish's mind. Some hidden memories surfaced telling him he is from Samara. Who was after him? Why did his siddhi send him to Mazia, a cursed world? Let's discover the mystery of the universe with Onish, a fallen yogi. what this book has: 1. Hard to Kill Bad Ass Villain 2. Eternal Love Story ( It starts after chapter 56 ) 4. Time Travel 5. Multi Magic Systems 6. Mysteries 7. Suta, Spirit-wielders, Wizards, Druids, Moriyans, and many more 8. Multiverse ******************************* ******** 1 chapter a day chapter-length: 1500 -2000 Here you can support me!!

  • The Last X

    The Last X



    Chen Yu lost his life of luxury, pleasure, and thrills, was forced to live as a thousand tragically minor characters, to die a thousand tragically minor deaths. Now he only needs to successfully complete ten last missions to escape the system's control. Done with playing bit parts, he can finally crush the golden fingers, chomp the thick thighs, crumple the plot armor and outshine the proud children of heaven.

  • Last Boss

    Last Boss


    Kenapa Iblis itu harus dibunuh? Pertanyaan itu muncul di kepalanya ketika ia diminta untuk mengisi kuisioner setelah dirinya berhasil mengakhiri game yang baru saja keluar kemarin.Edward, dia adalah seorang pelajar SMA tahun terakhir yang memiliki hobi bermain game. Dia adalah seorang maniak, hampir semua game yang dikeluarkan 2 atau 3 tahun sudah ia selesaikan.Lalu game yang ia mainkan bernama Aester World, sebuah game RPG dengan sistem game paling buruk dari seluruh game yang ia mainkan. Sebuah sistem game yang mendekatkan dengan kenyataan, NPC yang mati tidak dapat hidup lagi, perlu makan, minum dan tidur, mendapatkan skill perlu proses yang lama. Dalam waktu 24 jam, ia berhasil menyelesaikan game itu. Setelah mengalami bug dimana krusor tidak bisa digerakkan sama sekali, muncul sebuah kuisioner yang tidak asing lagi baginya. Itu hanya kuisioner biasa, setiap game berakhir developer akan meminta pendapat tentang gamenya. Itu yang ia pikirkan, tetapi setelah mengisi itu sebuah pertanyaan lain muncul yang membuatnya sadar ada sesuatu yang salah dengan jalan cerita game itu.Pertanyaanya, Bagaimana menurutmu tentang boss terakhir?Boss terakhir ada seorang Kaisar Iblis, yang saat ini wilayahnya telah hancur dan dikuasai manusia. Kalimat terakhir dari Kaisar itu mengganggunya, ia sama sekali tidak mengerti apa maksud dari Kaisar. Ia mengisi pertanyaan itu dengan pendapatnya tentang sang Kaisar.Lalu, Pertanyaan lain muncul Kalau begitu, bagaimana jika Kamu menjadi Raja Iblis?Tidak ada opsi lain selain kata 'Yes' dalam kotak kecil dibawah pertanyaan itu, perasaan takut ia rasakan, ia mengalami bug pada gamenya dan itu membuatnya tidak bisa melakukan apa-apa.Bagaimana jika Kamu memahami apa yang dirasakannya?Dengan begitu pertanyaan mu dapat terjawabAyo, kemarilah.Satu persatu kalimat itu muncul di layar komputer, ia berdiri dengan kaki gemetar, ketakutan melihat sesuatu terjadi di layar komputernya. Ia berusaha berlari keluar, namun cahaya menelannya. Ketika ia sadar, dirinya bukan lagi seorang pelajar SMA akhir tahun, kini ia menjadi seorang pemimpin dari seluruh Ras Iblis.





    Mr. Dayal, an investigation officer is trying hard to solve his very last case as he'll soon retire from his service. It was not only the last mission for him but also a sort of justice to his daughters culprit that he tells about at the end. Everything seemed to end as he got no information or clues against the culprit until one day he coincidentally collided with Jake who has connections with this politician that Mr. Dayal assumed to be the main culprit.Jake promised to help him along with the other 3 officers who were selected for the team. *** "I'm planning on switching sides. Again! "Mr. Hussain and his brother widened their eyes."Did you just.. " Mr. Hussain, the politician asks."Yes you heard it right" Jake smirks."Then tell us what they are exactly planning? Tell us everything. " Mr. Hussain asked."You just need to go meet them and the rest,you guess!""Huh! As if I'm going to blurt everything out to them. I never thought Dayal could be this naive."The politician laughed.***Will they be able to last as a team till the end? Will they succeed in the last mission? Find out more about this last mission by reading the story further. Find me:Discord: Juman12#1675Join my discord server for more updates!!

  • The last mage of Krypton

    The last mage of Krypton



    Not my book just posting on webnovalThis was written by the bearded oneI do not own Harry Potter or Superman, Marvel and DC do.There is one sentence in Bulgarian in this chapter. The translation is at the end of the chapter.!

  • The last breath and last fright

    The last breath and last fright

    Its your story

  • The Last Memories

    The Last Memories


    Ebi, gadis cantik yang tumbuh dengan rasa sedih sepanjang hidupnya. Mamanya pergi meninggalkan dirinya setelah melahirkan, ayahnya meninggal dunia, dan hanya Bu Jihan - adik dari mama Ebi yang dengan berat hati mau mengasuh gadis itu. Hidupnya tidak gratis, harus ada imbalan yang ia berikan untuk Bu Jihan. Namun, kehidupan pahitnya berubah menjadi manis ketika dirinya bertemu dengan cowok bernama Alzam, dan Alfa. Mereka memberikan kisah manis yang tak pernah Ebi bayangkan sebelumnya. Meskipun manisnya hidup di rasaka, tetap saja ada rasa pahit yang terus Ebi lalui untuk bertemu dengan mamanya yang entah ada di mana.

  • One Last Merchant

    One Last Merchant



    Magic is not real.Monster that defy logics should not exist.Yet, I cannot refute what is before my very eyes. What my mangled body has told me through painful experiences. What my dying mind has comprehended with my last willpower. The world that I have once lived in changed abruptly one day, and the new era dawned for the human race.It is done by the hands of those who are known as Rulers. They call it mercy, but I know it is a game to them. If they truly wish to help the human race, then there surely a better way than sacrificing billions to uplift the selected few.The Zoning Events was set in stone, and the dimensional barrier collapses, allowing the monsters that we could never hope to defeat with our current technology to enter our universe. Allowing horrifying worlds and landscapes to merge with our own.And through blood, sweat, and fear, we understand that our science cannot truly surpass the natural law of the universe. Only through magic, the human race might survive. Only through magic, a better future can be reached.Everything has its price, and no price is too great for the second chance.This is the story of the last Merchant. One Last Merchant.***Disclaimer: This story contains graphical sex scenes and depictions of torture! Please enjoy!Tags: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy, Supernatural, Male-Protagonist, Sexual Content, R-18. And a bunch other.***Story List: story.erosire.comSupport me: patron.erosire.comContact me: