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  • Mistaken


    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    He is an egomaniac and a self-centered human who only opened up to his dead ex.And she is a young professor of Psychiatry who once had everything she ever dreamed of.She looks like his first love.And he reminds her of her fiancé.They cross paths and are drawn to each other for two different reasons. Firstly, Anna thinks Dylan has a piece to her past while Dylan thinks Anna is his first love. In fixing the misunderstandings between themselves, they begin to see reasons why they were mistaken or not.

  • Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

    Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities


    Her step-sister just died three months ago. Now, she insists on marrying Chu Lui, who is supposed to be her future brother-in-law, the mind behind the Chu Enterprise. The world is sure that she, the new bride-to-be, haa caused her step-sister's death in order to seduce him. Even her own mother says to her cruelly, "Don't call me 'Mom'. I don't have a daughter as vicious as you." During their wedding ceremony, her husband-to-be tells her, "I won't kiss you; you disgust me." All her embarrassment is captured by the numerous cameras present. He shames her. 'Xia Ruoxin, you went so far just to marry me? I will make your life a living hell.' And her life indeed becomes a living hell. For his business, he sends her to another man. To right the reputation of his beloved woman, he sends her to company a bunch of men. Later, he marries again, and on his wedding night, she remains in an ice-cold warehouse, giving birth to a girl. Many years ago, the boy promised, "I'll come back for you when we're older. I'll marry you and make you my little bride."

  • Mistaken Redemption

    Mistaken Redemption


    The estranged and deranged scientist and researcher; Dr Edward Stein left civilization behind to pursue his own personality dreams in his own way without hindrance from the little minded fellows Around him. He discovered many things and even found ways to expand and empower the skills of sorcerers, basically anyone with talent in energy manipulative could achieve sorcery, Stein didn't stop there he crave for more knowledge and hence more power, he realized the frail nature of his body and started experiments in hope of creating a being that could achieve his dream for him, he wanted to be responsible for creating a being that could rival the strongest of beings. That idea began his inhumane experiments on beasts of all species, trying to use a combination of sorcery and his innovations to create his unfathomable being. Naturally it failed multiple times creating many beings he had called failures, until one that particularly piqued his interest came into existence, this particular subject, Named Azrael possessed a hidden trait that allowed him to unlock a wide area of information that had been gathered before he gained sentience and understand and utilize it efficiently. He would end up learning a lot from and about his thought archives and would develop into a formidable sorcerer which, with a bit of luck, could possibly achieve Dr Edward Steins Dream....I take no credit for the cover, I simply edited it.All credit to its respective creator.

  • Mistaken Identity

    Mistaken Identity

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE WEREWOLF

    Isabella Hendrix, a she-wolf awaiting her mate. The Alpha of Nightmeadows happened to be her mate. It was suppose to be the best day ever yet it turned for the worst. Rejected and shunned as if she was a harlot, Isabella runs. A fresh rogue running into the abyss of the forest aimlessly running to forget her old life. Isabella Hendrix was no more. Kayden Night, King of all Werewolves. He has been waiting for his second chance mate for years now, but is slowly losing hope. Almost giving in to his father's demands, a rogue shows up in his kingdom. A rogue who so happened to be his second chance mate. (NOVEL ALSO ON WATTPAD)

  • Mistaken love

    Mistaken love

    I have started hating boys after such tragedy with me.. But when I first saw him I felt he's the only one meant for me.. My whole life was just his.. And he is the only one who will love me the most.. But I am mistaken.. He has his priorities were in I am no were...

  • Mistaken upload

    Mistaken upload


    Sohla Kim has everything you could want in life. Born rich and smart, to a family that has status, money, and power, while dominating the investment world. A pre-set betrothment to her childhood best friend, Jyeon Park. The handsome, equally wealthy, and smart, future heir of OLO, their joint family company. An unbreakable bond between two families, a future that looks bright and rosy. Only the perfect picture is only that, and ten years on, alone, holding her head above water, in a loveless marriage laced with tragedy, her entire world is turned upside down. Everything she thought she had and knew comes crashing down one fateful night. New waters, new faces, and a denial of the past will bring her back full circle to really question everything she was born for. Was it always about money? Was she always a tool to elevate Jyeon to higher levels? Did none of them really love her?

  • The Mistaken Identity

    The Mistaken Identity

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE COMEDY

    A romance blooms from a mistaken identity.

  • A Mistaken Truth

    A Mistaken Truth

    Magical Realism ROMANCE URBAN

    A night that was meant to be a celebration, ends in tragedy, when Katie, a local veterinarian, becomes the victim of a sexual assault. She must learn to come to terms with the consequences, such as falling for the officer assigned to the case.Avery, a newly appointed police officer with the Tucson Police Department, is assigned his first case. Trying to make a name for himself, he arrogantly plans to solve this case in record time. Falling for the victim was never part of his plan, and he finds that this case will turn his world upside down.

  • Mistaken for the BBEG

    Mistaken for the BBEG


    Aylin suffered from what he liked to call Vampireosis, AKA Allergic-To-Sun Disease, where his skin would start to burn almost immediately after coming into contact with sunlight. As such, whenever he went out, he had to dress extremely strangely. A usual outfit for him when traveling outside often consisted of a long sleeved shirt, long pants, boots, and gloves. Sometimes, on extremely hot days, he would use an umbrella or parasol to block the sun instead, since long sleeved shirts would get too hot.One day, Aylin entered a strange parallel world where ghosts, zombies, and other horrifying creatures existed. In this world, he somehow became a rich man, but...He inherited a mansion that was previously owned by a vampire. The cruise he went on for vacation was nearly overturned by a siren. The cabin in the woods he visited ended up being haunted by ghosts. Even his favorite restaurant started serving the undead. It turned out he was now living in a game world.He was fine with all this, but he would like to know why...The players all thought he was an NPC‽Not only that, but they all believed him to be the biggest NPC BOSS in the game‽He's just an ordinary man trying to live an ordinary life! The people and players around him are the strange ones, not him!((BBEG: Big Bad Evil Guy. Typically the Ultimate Villain, often used in DnD campaigns))

  • Mistaken Identities

    Mistaken Identities

    A young college student is mistaken for a spy..... and is suddenly kidnapped... An explosion occurs... in the midst of all the commotion his double ganger jumps into the scene..... How could this happen?... He is now treated as a fugitive by the Government....... What will happen to him from here on out??

  • Mistaken Alliance

    Mistaken Alliance


    Neil Hope and company must salvage the Earth from alien forces, but at what cost?

  • Mistaken Truth

    Mistaken Truth

    Tatlo silang magkakapatidMaria Anaiah Celestia Mae H. Rodriguez 17 Famous yan ghorl (sa dati nilang school) [di ko lang alam kung hanggang ngayon bahala na si author hehe] (btw fraternal twins sila amariah and anaiah hindi identical)Maria Amaraiah Cynane Mae H. Rodriguez 17 Laging ginagamit yan para sa assignments kaso wala nga lang syang kaibiganMark Axel Charlton Max H. Rodriguez 16 Baka mabugbog ka nito lagot kaaaa lalo na pag hinawakan mo jowa nyann protective kaso nilokoPaano kung madaming sikretong nakapalibot sakanila na hindi nila alam?May lablayp ding magagawa hindi lang tayo naka focus sa family matters nila may mga lablayp din yan HAHAHA sana ollDate started: March 25, 2020

  • Mistaken Nobody

    Mistaken Nobody

    When transported accidentally to another world, one might think of the exciting adventures he or she might encounter. But Ace was different. She wanted to live peacefully as a commoner after receiving the freedom from her previous company. What’s weird was that...she was no mere commoner at all.

  • life is mistaken

    life is mistaken

  • Definitely Mistaken

    Definitely Mistaken

  • Mistaken Soul: Second

    Mistaken Soul: Second

    The same with description with my first book.

  • The Mistaken-Impression

    The Mistaken-Impression

  • The Mistaken Idol

    The Mistaken Idol

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE IMPOSTER

    Ying Yue lived the life of a princess as a prominent member of the Jiang family. She was beautiful, young, and the world was at her finger tips. Her twin brother was no joke either. Shing had embraced his social status and became an idol in the music industry. He was ever bit as handsome as his sister was beautiful. Suddenly, their father falls ill and Shing is needed to begin to step into the shoes of his father at the company..times seemed tough as the board members began to pressure Shing as their uncle claims he is more qualified than an pop idol to run the company. Without a warning, Shing goes missing without a trace...his car abandoned on the side of the road in the countryside near their grandparents’ villa with a note on the steering wheel saying “I’m sorry...” Keeping the news of their son a secret for fear of the public eye, their parents look to Ying Yue to cover for her brother...but how can a princess pretend to be the big boss?...Shing’s manager keeps calling! His career is on the line if he doesn’t show up for the concert next week!...Shang Han, her brother’s best friend, is always around asking questions AND HE IS Too HOT for her to handle! Can she successfully trick the board in to thinking she is her brother? Can she create the illusion of her idol brother to his countless fans? Can she withstand the temptations of her childhood crush to keep up the facade with Shang Han??? Only time will tell if this mistaken idol has what it takes!

  • The Mistaken Sisters

    The Mistaken Sisters