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  • Mommy! How did You Lose Multiple Identities Again!

    Mommy! How did You Lose Multiple Identities Again!



    In the delivery room, she had a massive hemorrhage and delivered through great difficulty. Her new husband, who used to love her so much, and had married her because she was pregnant, coldly looked at her while she was almost dying, smiled and told the doctor, “I don't want them to live.” Qiao Nian was confused. Her husband used to dote on her, from pursuing her to marrying her, to the point that everyone envied her for having a perfect husband. However, after she had been sent into the delivery room for a few hours, he had changed! Then she saw her rich sister come into the room and take Qin Xiao's hand. She came to know Qin Xiao's love for her had always been fake. Five years later, she made a fabulous return with her child, and found that the baby's father was not Qin Xiao! It turned out that her child’s father was the extremely noble Qin Yang, the head of the Qin family! And it was he who ordered to save her life no matter what happened! Qiao Nian was stunned. When was she pregnant with this man's child??

  • Hero System! Transported to Another World

    Hero System! Transported to Another World



    Alex, a 20-year-old guy was a born loser. In a world filled with superheroes, he had to live a horrible life. But this all changed when he was approached for an opportunity, something too good to deny. A simple and easy scouting mission. After it was done, they would give him a huge reward. But the mission wasn't what Alex expected, it was a blur and the next thing he knew, there was a voice in his head, [Does player Alex want to continue?] LINK FOR MY DISCORD :

  • Individuals Love

    Individuals Love

    Do you hear the whistling of the water? The force and wind of the water? The magic and aura that swirls inside the water? The high and low tunes following the ups and downs of the tides and waves. All in all there is whistling in everything. The sea whistles has a more foreign melodic tune rather than the chiming and soft wood whistles. Fast paced, a low then high range, and tumultuous waves it's none other than Aercia Gwondlon, just another average mermaid.

  • Extraordinary Individuals: Josiah Rising

    Extraordinary Individuals: Josiah Rising


    In a parallel universe, most of humanity has begun to exhibit superhuman powers once hitting puberty. On the day he hits puberty, Josiah Smith awakens the power of tactile telekinesis and lives his daily life swearing to never use his powers unless absolutely necessary. After Josiah beats his best friend Braxton in a sparring match, their friendship slowly devolves into a bitter rivalry as Braxton's ego sends him on a power trip to prove he's just as strong as Josiah. Things take a turn for the worse when Braxton's ego causes him to go off the deep end and start rampaging, causing Josiah to cut ties with his best friend and Braxton to snap, leading to a confrontation where only one of them will walk away.




  • Her International Multiple Identities

    Her International Multiple Identities



    Everyone knew that A-list Best Actor, Jiang Sheng, married a penniless pretty face. On the day of announcing their marriage, his fans wailed. Jiang Sheng's social media platform was flooded with fan posts: [Divorce now!] Jiang Sheng: [Do I need others to point fingers at how I live my life? Nobody knows how many damn years I've been chasing after her!] Fans: [I don't agree to this marriage! She has ruined my Big Brother's resources!] Jiang Sheng: [Please shut up! Your Big Brother's resources are all thanks to her!] Fans: [How is she worthy of my Big Brother? If they don't get a divorce, I'll immediately stop being his fan!] Jiang Sheng: [As for who's the one who's not worthy of the other, I know it from the bottom of my heart, Sis.] Fans: [She doesn't even know how to wash clothes and cook. How can she take good care of our Big Brother?] Jiang Sheng: [I don't need her to take care of me. I can take care of her!] ...Ning Xue was annoyed. She said, "There's so much noise. Let's divorce if it doesn't work out." Jiang Sheng hugged her thighs with tears streaming down his face. "Wifey, please don't say that. I'll listen to everything you say!" Ning Xue replied, "Scram. Men will only affect my attack speed." Persona: Ning Xue: Cold and arrogant; she was harsh on the outside but soft on the inside. Jiang Sheng: Cold and arrogant on the outside, but he was a maniac who loved his wife tremendously.

  • Multiple Intelligences

    Multiple Intelligences

    Vincent is a high school student who does not make good use of his life, he is always lazy, but one day he feels very sorry for his life, he hopes that if he is born again he will do the best in his next life. Then God heard that prayer and suddenly he was reborn as a baby into the world of knights and magic where the strong can rule the weak and become a noble and the weak must obey the strong. Vincent was born an ordinary citizen, his family was always tortured by a nobleman because his family had a debt of money to the nobleman, the nobleman was a nobleman who was very arrogant, stingy, and always tormented the weak. Vincent really hated the nobles because he always tortured his father and mother. And this is Vincent's journey to change the world for the better, the journey that was very easy at first suddenly became very difficult for Vincent to do.

  • Extraordinary Individuals: Deep Cover

    Extraordinary Individuals: Deep Cover

    Two months after his battle with Braxton, Josiah is hoping for a bit of a break. But when he gets pulled into a world of espionage and secrecy, he’s forced to once again but everything on the line. Recruited by the Sentinels, Josiah is tasked with investigating an illegal drug that could tip the balance of superhuman society if it gets in the wrong hands. Taken under the wing of the Sentinel’s leader, Josiah comes face to face with a ghost from his past who threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.

  • An Individual's Power

    An Individual's Power


    Harrison Lawford was broken inside and outside, having lost his mother and being on the brink of losing everything he has, he felt so hollowed that the world lost its colors to him. Coincidently, on the same day that the bastard of his father died, the new opportunity that he had been looking for appeared in the form of a woman called Sabrina.Follow Harrison in this world where science and magic come together to form a world where both myths and scientific innovations walk together. From aliens to monsters, and everything in between, this story has all.

  • Banned Individualities

    Banned Individualities

  • Heavenly Kingdom: The Kingdom among the clouds

    Heavenly Kingdom: The Kingdom among the clouds

    A story of Asagi Mikumi being transported to another fantasy world with the floating Kingdom that she bought in her idle game.She was transported due to a message from the system and when she agreed to it she was transported in another world as her game avatar Asagi, now she is the owner of her own bought floating Kingdom and at the same time the queen of the said kingdom.Follow Asagi on how will she fare in another world with her own floating Kingdom that she bought in her game store for her idle game and her as it's Queen.

  • Multiple Yaoi Series!^^

    Multiple Yaoi Series!^^


    This Boy's Love Series is for everyone whose interested in reading !^^^Btw...Reading this is a bit of mature content so please be advise, that anyone who reads this knows it isn't PG !^^^If you have any comments or concerns feel free to comment down below !^^^And tell me whatcha think!^^^As well as suggestions for any new series to create!^^^New Chapters: Anytime, or Mon, Thurs!^^^Author: A.M.C (Kawaii_galaxykit)

  • story of an indian individual

    story of an indian individual

  • Multiple sides

    Multiple sides

  • Transported Warlock

    Transported Warlock

    Book cover made by silentscarlettt Thank you :)He strongest warlock who died and was reincarnated on earth what will he do...

  • Transported To 1475

    Transported To 1475


    Will be back on December 15th.

  • Ashwood Institute for Troubled Individuals [BxBxBxBxBxMxMxMxM]

    Ashwood Institute for Troubled Individuals [BxBxBxBxBxMxMxMxM]


    Everyone knows Jinx Blackwell. He is a cold and sexy bad boy with a knack of finding himself in trouble. After he is accused of murdering his adoptive father, he is expected to be shipped off to prison, however fate has other things planned. Jinx is offered an opportunity to attend Ashwood Institute for Troubled Individuals. The Institute was created 5 years ago to help troubled individuals overcome their problems with the goal to reintroduce them into society. Jinx accepted the opportunity because anything is better than prison, right? After arriving at Ashwood, Jinx finds that his barriers that he painstakingly built around his heart to protect himself start to crumble as eight charming boys enter his life.

  • Fate of two individuals of different countries

    Fate of two individuals of different countries

  • The Transporter

    The Transporter

    Magical Realism ACTION ADVENTURE

  • multiple short stories

    multiple short stories

    This is my first time writing, so I'm sorry if it does not turn out to be good. Different short stories will be presented.