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  • Necromancy


    Fantasy ACTION R18

    A story of three factions at war against each other in the land of Arcaea. ‘Impiety’ often known for their brutality, chaos and corruption. ‘Rectitude’ known to be the mirror opposite of Impiety. ‘Order’ which takes no sides but seeks to only conquer as much as possible.

  • Necromancy


    I wasn't supposed to be here, and I'm reminded daily by the shadows that lurk around. I lived my life trying to ignore them and the horrors they tend to bring, but that proved difficult with each passing day. I yearned for a healthy life growing up, I still sometimes do. Some would say what I have is a gift, sure one I would like to return. It's not fun being able to see the dead, I know television and books make it sound like a goddamn superpower, but I'm here to tell you that it's a fucking burden. One that literally sucks all life and energy from you isolates you and keeps you from having simple things in life, like a friend or a family. I hate this curse and all that it brings. It's hard to be happy and alive when you're surrounded by the dead.

  • The teaching of necromancy

    The teaching of necromancy

    Freya's dad went missing leaving a letter behind telling her to go to the old voodoo shop, but little did she know it was a start of a long adventure to save the world. Meeting companions along the way. will one of them be more than just a friend? and will she save the world or destroy it?

  • apocalypse necromancy

    apocalypse necromancy


    the apocalypse has begun, mysterious gates randomly opened and from them poured out hordes of monsters slowly flooding the earth however not all hope is lost for humanity, for among them stood people with magical abilitys called warlocks, raging war against the monsters all under the watchful eyes of the constellation***Kyle Smith is an 18 year old boy that gained the "necromancer" class when the apocalypse begun together with his friends they try to survive but...isn't this a bit too easy

  • Necromancy In Prehistoric Era

    Necromancy In Prehistoric Era


    “Get up and great your boss!” A huge black smoke covered a giant reptile which was dead and was lying in the large river. The black smoke slowly rose up and took the form of the same reptile. ‘Gwwrrr’ The reptile was staring at Kai who glared back at it. The reptile then suddenly bowed in front of him as if he was meeting his King. “Good, another fine material in my collection.”, Kai grinned. Join me in this amazing adventure where a boy somehow ends up in prehistoric era and dominates it using the skills of Necromancy that he stumbled upon somehow![ Chapter releasing schedule ]3-4 chapters a week.Wednesday - 1 chapterSaturday - 1 chapterSunday - 1 chapter[ Valid only till August 30, 2021 ]

  • the necromancy system

    the necromancy system


  • goddess of necromancy

    goddess of necromancy


    this is a story about a 29 year old corporation slave Kuragari Kage. Who died and got sent to another World as a female know as Katsuki kage. Look forward to what she be showing you in the future

  • Necromancy Reborn

    Necromancy Reborn


    Two bodies lay in front of a man, one of his daughter, and one of his wife, dead. Someone had killed them. Dread takes over and he has no reason to live anymore, until a suspicious email arrives, telling him of another world where possibilities are endless. He eventually finds himself in a downwards spiral of despair, trying to see his daughter's smile once again, will he succeed? Or will he sink down even further, to be embraced by the cold darkness?

  • necromancy system

    necromancy system


    this is the world where everyone has the power that we think of but you have to get the awakening stone for that power to awake and use to fight in a dungeon these who fight in dungeon called userand this is the story about a boy who is going to get system that will change his life

  • Ascension of the Nephilim

    Ascension of the Nephilim



    Kyros Steele was the strongest warrior in the Omega Kingdom. But when the Great War of All began, this kingdom fell. Kyros was captured. Destined to become a slave through necromancy, Kyros could only curse at his led bitter life. But on his final moments, he meets an eccentric Old Man who claimed to be the God of Time. Much like Kyros, this Old Man was fated for suffering and defeat. Because the God of Time could not be killed, the Great Gods conspired to curse him and make him human first. And so the God of Time escaped but was now human. Even if he used his powerful magic to send his consciousness back in time, he would still be defeated, for his soul was no longer a god but a man. Helpless as his time-traveling rebirth would easily fail, the God of Time offers and asks for Kyros's help. He would send Kyros back along with his own consciousness back in time. This would hide the God of Time from his enemies and give Kyros the chance to fulfill his revenge. Just when the two were about to time travel, a shocking mystery caused the God of Time to marvel in awe. Kyros was not a human but had the bloodline of the most accursed and dangerous race of all. Kyros is the legendary Nephilim. And so begins the Ascension of the Nephilim.

  • God of Necromancy

    God of Necromancy

    ***ALERT - Starting from the chapter "Unusuable Flute", we will have a helper assisting me in making more story, the quality of the chapters will increase a lot! Along with the length of the chapters. Without further ado, you can start reading!***Hai'er was a child who lost. As a child. He was constantly tormented and even was beat every day. He was weak and was put as a servant in a noble family. How will he find his way around life?***to see progress of the new chapters that are upcoming, please join our discord!***

  • A Fallen Knight-Lost art of necromancy

    A Fallen Knight-Lost art of necromancy



    Severus, a handsome lad with a shy nature. He lived a life that could be called 'non-exisistent, his interaction with the opposite sex was more or less 'non-existent' as well, except for the crown prince's fiancée, Melanie. That too because both of them were childhood friends.But this didn't last long, because Severus— was killed. Previous life -----Severus was the ex-general and Shadow Knight of the Rivera kingdom. He was a loyal and charming knight who performed his duties very well. Despite his looks, he lived in the shadow of Crown Prince; Maverick, but destiny turned its wheel and the Crown prince's fiancée fell in love with Severus. Betrayal, heartbreak, and jealousy surged inside him and Maverick planned an assassination for his best friend Severus.Severus died in pain. He felt betrayed and cheated by his own sworn brother but he accepted his fate and closed his eyes to accept death. The next moment he heard something earth-shattering.Nobody knows what Maverick told Severus but whatever it was, it questioned Severus's existence.“No, this can’t be true—”“Who am I?”“What am I?”“Who are my parents?”“What was the reason behind my existence?”Severus died while these questions remained unanswered. ——Present life——Severus got reincarnated, but to his surprise, he was reincarnated in his same body and same timeline.“Heck, it’s only been few days since I was assassinated and I got reincarnated”“What are these powers?”“A bird? Why is a bird here?”“This black Raven is known as Noworry?”Severus got a new life, and he vowed to unfold the mysteries which remained unsolved in his previous life. He swore to himself to take his revenge.***********************A new character is introduced in his new life; Noworry, a funny bird who becomes his pet, sent by Hades to help him.In this life, he will have no shortage of women who wish to accompany him. Starting from ghosts and mortals to gods, Severus will entertain visits from every existence.However, Severus didn’t ask for women. He was a man who believed that love can happen only once. Since his first love was unsuccessful, the word 'love' disappeared from his life.Will there be any girl who would bring love back into his life?Or will he remain as a monk for his entire life?Witness Severus's growth and troubles, on his way to unfold the various mysteries of the world and becoming a great necromancer.---[I don’t hold any copyrights of the image above, it’s just a random image I chose. If you own this picture and want it to be taken down, just dm me. I will do it.]

  • Tap! for Necromancy

    Tap! for Necromancy

    Sci-fi VIDEOGAME


  • Thieves And Necromancy

    Thieves And Necromancy

    Fantasy MAGIC FAMILY

    Dorothy Marlow has been murdered, Dorothy Douglas has been framed. It's up to new member Blue and the gang to clear her name. And yes, that may mean talking to the victim herself.

  • The Supreme Necromancy System

    The Supreme Necromancy System


    The main character is going to be going on a spine chilling adventure with his supreme necromancy system—————————————————————This is my first novel read the prologue for some more info “””warning R18””””” also I tried uploading a cover photo of the author wants me to take it down then contact me

  • Demon Queen Rebirth: I Reincarnated as a Living Armor?!

    Demon Queen Rebirth: I Reincarnated as a Living Armor?!



    Due to the mercilessness of a wicked God, the Demon Queen’s Soul is sliced in half, reincarnating twice in her third life! Unfortunately for her, one of her halves reincarnated as a Living Armor inside the depths of a labyrinth! Reincaranted not as a Living Being, but as a Living Armor, an Undead Ghost inhabiting a set of rusty armor, she will have to survive within the depths of the labyrinth as a Level 1 Monster! However, as the former Demon Queen, she will destroy each challenge that dares come her way by relearning all the abilities, skills, and spells that she once held as the Sovereign of all Demons while merging them with the unique powers of an Undead! As she rediscovers her previous life powers and knowledge, she begins to build a Demon Kingdom from zero, gathering strong allies and going against the Nations that had deemed of Demons, Beastmen, and Monsters as unholy existences! ...However, a dark shadow looms on the horizon, creeping slowly towards her future as she unravels the mysteries of the world and the gods that govern it. And amidst the chaos of her third life, where could her other half had reincarnated? Ruthless against her enemies, and compassionate towards her people, she shall reform the Heavenly Laws set by the Gods themselves! This is the story of the weakest Demon Queen, who has sworn to never commit the same mistakes of her previous lives, and now, she will become the strongest! An exciting action-filled adventure with Sci-fi, Necromancy, Magic, Fights against Gods, and Kingdom Building! Discord:

  • Hope's Necromancy

    Hope's Necromancy

    A healer in a game-like fantasy world lay dying, desperately healing himself to try to stay alive. He failed, but got brought back as a lich, and is now the master of a new dungeon. His choice to live along the path of good conflicts with the evil that comes with being undead, and also with being a dungeon master. Will he succumb to the dark temptations, or will he triumph over them and come out even stronger?On hold for an indeterminate amount of time. May be continued on a different website and not here. Or I might chose to continue it here as well. I'm really unsure.

  • Necromancy 101(To be updated in the future)

    Necromancy 101(To be updated in the future)


    Magic was real.Monsters were real.A hidden world exists that only the elites have access to. A world where schools and academies trained young magicians to become powerful Warlocks and Witches that go on to becomes leaders of all fields.Amidst rising tension and chaos, a young magician from a disgraced household starts his journey to become the most powerful Warlock. The only thing he has to his name is his powerful lineage, as well as a black book titled: Necromancy 101.---I do not own this cover, and it can be found on Pinterest. The art is only used for the purposes of a cover and if the artist would like for me to take it down, please do not hesitate to contact me ^.^

  • My Necromancy is Telos

    My Necromancy is Telos


    I must protect you child. *Waah ..waaaaah* it's ok child just have to bear this suffering for a while. Soon we will reach to the *Cathedral*(while ridding house in it's full speed) Although I am successful in escaping from The king (my husband) because of *My Necromancy power'* but that monster will definitely know about my weaknesses during parturition : A Necromancist powers was extremely low and that's my condition right now .I am at a loss right now despite of being a disciple of God "Hekate" they will easily defeat me. The Cathedral. Father! please save this child of God.( On knee and tear in eyes) I am begging you. Hah? begging you a witch like you who perform Necromancy must die that's the faith of *you* and *your daughter*. It's a curse from me both of you will die miserably. That's my allowance from God for gifting my eyes to him. {Then he took a blade and stable his Both eyes one by one} ( He is a 1st rank prist whose mother is killed by a witch) All remaining 2nd and 3rd rank prist by seeing the devotion of the 1st prist were in shock and hostile towards Catherine (the Necromancist witch) Prist! Enough ( Father who is in highest rank among them and cherish after God) (Elohim) 3rd rank prist take (Tzevaot)1st rank along with (Shaddai) 2nd rank prist now. Yes father. Bring this child to me (father) Here! (Witch) Would you like to give her a name. RAZIEL............ I cannot change you and your daughter's fate as you know that it's a curse and Bait is already given by the priest with his own hands you cannot change it now as well. I know father. But still cherish her with all your heart so that at the time of her miserable death she will not regret anything. I will.........................

  • Only I Am a Necromancer

    Only I Am a Necromancer


    It was just one of those ordinary college class sessions when all of a sudden, texts and quest cards started popping up in the air.While everybody is flustered by the strange situation, all the lights go dark and the lecture room is engulfed in pitch darkness. Panicked, everybody is afraid of reaching out and taking the quest cards, but not the main character, Seong-woo: He instinctively realizes that he has to pick a card to survive, and he chooses to become a necromancer.Soon after, a tutorial quest appears, and the entire school turns chaotic. Suddenly, goblins pop out everywhere and start slaughtering people. Survivors find it hard to adjust themselves to all the sudden changes, but Seong-woo overpowers one of the goblins by using his necromancy skill and starts to complete the quest given to him.Seong-woo continues to grow his power and so does a number of his followers. He is surrounded by the forces of death that vow loyalty to him, as well as talented followers and trustful colleagues, but he is challenged by numerous villains in addition to a system that threatens to degenerate all of humanity.In a world that is facing a change that it has never experienced before, a necromancer destroys everything with his committed forces!

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