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  • The King of Fairies is now a Demon Lord

    The King of Fairies is now a Demon Lord



    Drifting across the abyss was the soul of a celestial. Immensely loved by the universe yet bound by the chains of nihility, he was never able to leave his ruling realm due to constraints. Time passed, moments became days, days became years and years became eons. Did he even exist? He didn't know the answer to that. Suddenly a bright light apeared in the abysmal darkness, he was overjoyed thinking that he might not have been alone. To his dismay, it was not another residue soul but instead a single page with letters incomprehensible. Upon reading the page, great pain struck his astral self shattering it and merging with the page. The pain was so great that he lost consciousness. Upon waking up, he noticed he was no longer in the void. ~ In his first life he was the King of Fairies, in his second life he was a normal human in a parallel world. His arrogance and narcissism had toned down quite a bit due to becoming a powerless being. Still he didn't give up hope! He was finally able to become a world renowned pianist. And a secret doctor in the underword, using his expert acupuncture techniques. Many thought that he was a chunnibyo because of how he talked, he ignored them all. Many women threw themselves at him, but he rejected them all. Even though he had become human he refused to even look at a human girl. Ugly! That's how they looked to him. Him, who had seen world shaking beauties couldn't even bare to look at human women. Hence many people thought he was gay and sent gay people to him to curry favor with. Result? He killed the bastards! In the end, his second life was like a joke. Choking on cup noodles his life came at an abrupt end. But the end is a start of another beginning. And this beginning would be the best one ever. ... .. . One thing is certain, beauties from all the realms, be it the Celestial or the Godly! All would fall in love with him! The Almighty Stepfather! ~ This is a light read, not comedy nor too serious. ~

  • The Nihility Chef

    The Nihility Chef


    In a World of swords and magic, schemes and conspiracies and the looming threat of the fucking abyss can a chef truly survive and cook his way to the top? A young chef reincarnates into a fantasy world with his golden finger being his pseudo OP physique and bloodline. He strives to reach the peak of cooking and on his journey he becomes a legend, he becomes the strongest. In this world strength is all that matters. The strong rule and the weak serve. So tell me what are you, the strong or the weak? Will you control your own life or be at the mercy of others? Will you fight for your rights, for your freedom or will you surrender? I do not own the cover art :0

  • Nihil humani

    Nihil humani

    Rose is a young women studying on university. She tries to live her life as world is falling into chaos. One day mysterious event takes place giving hope for some and frighten others.

  • Unrivaled System

    Unrivaled System



    There are Three Strongest power in the Universe The Chaos, The Nihility and The InfiniteTwo Ruler of the Gods and Devils hold the power of Nihility and ChaosThe God has the power of Nihility while the Devil holds the ChaosThe God couldn't defeat the mastery of Chaos from the Devil who was at the summit while he is only at the peak, The God sacrificed some of his lifespan to bought some time to create The Unrivaled SystemFinally after millions of years the God created the Unrivaled System but he was still not confident in defeating the Devil because he believes only the holder of the Infinite canIn the end the God sees a wandering soul in the void of his Nihility and betted on him that he will hold the Infinite, The God gave the Unrivaled System to the soul and the Power of Nihility and sacrifice his life to buy sometime to make the soul get stronger.___________________________________________Now let us see the adventure of the Soul which who will hold the power of Infinite and Nihility while having the Unrivaled System to guide him and destroy the Chaos and be Unrivaled in the Universe.

  • Lord of Nihility

    Lord of Nihility


    I ask you, why do we exist in this universe? Why do the universe exist itself?This is a story of a boy, Julius Grace. His rise from a mortal, to a being who looks down on the heaven. He is a hero for the masses, but worse than a devil who harms his loved ones. Are you confused about whether he is a hero or a villain? Well, he is neither. He is just a scholar who wishes to find the truth of the world.

  • God of Nihility

    God of Nihility


    Not many people can reach the top and live with enemies all around them. However our boy codenamed Dark Horse who loved torture has died due to a nihility particle disease that kills all who come in touch with Nihility. Join Zane as he awakes from a coma in a new world filled with many cultivators as well as dark dimensions brimming with power along with a Nihility system in his head

  • Battle of the Nihility

    Battle of the Nihility


  • Encompassing Nihility

    Encompassing Nihility

  • Asaltha: Supreme of Nihility

    Asaltha: Supreme of Nihility



    I, Asaltha of the Leons am grateful to my Grandmother Lafn who took care of me and stayed by my side every night when the nightmarish dream of the unknown came.I am also Grateful and missing my parents who gave birth to me. I vow to find you guys on my System's existence.I also am Grateful to my enemies, who gave their lives to help me grow up. I vow to help you all, to be of existence in the Nihility. I vow in the eternal name of that One, who played me like a fool, that his Divine and Infernal will be doomed for infinity in the Nihility.I, Asaltha of the Leons, the Supreme Of Nihility, vow upon my eternality that, That ONE, will be named for all of eternity but exist in not a single form of infinity be it positive or negative......NO HAREM. AND SLOW ROMANCE.. . . . NO FACE Slapping LIKE Come bro I'm a dog and you need to kick me in the face.....The system will not make MC OP instantly like the trend now ongoing. [well I nerfed the System] Man I am the creator god of this multiverse.If you are in honour of the cover, please notify me. I will take it down. It was from Pinterest

  • The Legend Of The Nihility God

    The Legend Of The Nihility God


    He Had Been Born All Alone But Still Fights To Be FreeHe DiesDeciding To Not Live A Life Like Before,He Gets Companions And Loved Ones He DiesBorn Again As A New Born With Loving Parents That Stands At The Peak Of The World, He Decides To Grow His Power To Not Make EnemiesHe DiesBorn As An Orphan, He Now Uses The Experience He Had In His Past Lives To Never Get Killed AgainHe DiesHis 5th Life, He Decides…..

  • The Theory of Nihility: Chaos and Creation

    The Theory of Nihility: Chaos and Creation


    There was once a God in the realm where only Divine Beings lived. He didn't know where he came from, for he did not have parents. He was all alone. One day, he found a companion - someone who he shouldn't have met by the laws of their world. As it goes, with time they fell in love. But there was a problem - she was the Devil, and he was a God. He committed the 'sin' by setting her free. Stripped of his divinity and sent to hell for eternity. She gave up her divine form and newfound freedom to accompany him as a spirit. It was tragic. As soon as she got her freedom, she had to give it up again. The Gods thought he could never escape from hell, but they made a fatal mistake. The 'hell' wasn't merely hell, it was a place where beings transcending Gods were born. The strongest curse in their arsenal was breakable. In fact, in ancient times it wasn't a curse but a sacred method for ascension from Godhood. The Nine Cycles of Samsara. The nine cycles to temper one's Soul. With each cycle, one would have an exponentially stronger soul than before. It was once an essential part of Soul Cultivation. But they thought it was a curse... Having broken the 'Curse' and surviving the Nine Cycles of Samsara, Asura Ryuu and Asura Tenka reincarnate in one of the lower Celestial Planes. The new life gives them new opportunities. Who wouldn't want a new life, especially when rising from 'hell'? Although the Gods thought they banished Asura Ryuu for good, they didn't even imagine what it would bring to their realm. With Destiny having taken a liking to him, Asura Ryuu would surely not be an ordinary being in his tenth life, would he? A pair of Heavenly Dragons, Asura Ryuu and Asura Tenka, set off on their new journey together, with Destiny in their grasp this time. Come join them, as they write the story of their lives and the theory of their own - The Theory of Nihility. The Avatars of Chaos and Creation shall share their story with us!

  • Nihility: First Order

    Nihility: First Order


    Humanity has always been at the brink of the next war, Cities burn, people die, new constructs arise with new overseers of our civilization, but people often forget their roots, the humble beginnings of their universe, and I shall be the reminder, the darkness to their light. I, am Nihility.

  • Endless Samsara, Limitless Nihility

    Endless Samsara, Limitless Nihility

    Being born in a middle class family in India, Anush grew up to be just like any other Indian. Overcoming different challenges, he pursued his aspirations of exploring the wonders of life. But fate propelled him onto a completely different journey. A journey that will see him uncover the truth of his death, A journey that will bring him love, hate, friendship and betrayal, A journey that will open the door to secrets no one was privy to, A journey that will compel Anush to conquer Endless Samsara and grasp Limitless Nihility. ------------------------------------ I attend a university and work part-time. So I won't be able to get any chapters out on weekdays. Most of the chapters (3 approx.) for a particular week will be published during that weekend.




    Ada Tiga Kekuatan Terkuat di Semesta The Chaos, The Nihility dan The InfiniteDua Penguasa para Dewa dan Iblis memegang kekuatan Nihility dan ChaosTuhan memiliki kekuatan Nihility sementara Iblis memegang ChaosTuhan tidak bisa mengalahkan penguasaan Chaos dari Iblis yang berada di puncak sementara dia hanya di puncak, Tuhan mengorbankan sebagian umurnya untuk membeli beberapa waktu untuk menciptakan Sistem yang Tak Tertandingi Akhirnya setelah jutaan tahun Tuhan menciptakan Sistem Tak Tertandingi tetapi dia masih tidak percaya diri dalam mengalahkan Iblis karena dia percaya hanya pemegang Yang Tak Terbatas bisa Pada akhirnya Tuhan melihat jiwa yang mengembara di kehampaan Nihility-nya dan bertaruh padanya bahwa dia akan memegang Yang Tak Terbatas,Tuhan memberikan Sistem Tak Tertandingi kepada jiwa dan Kekuatan Nihilitas dan mengorbankan hidupnya untuk membeli suatu saat untuk membuat jiwa menjadi lebih kuat .... Sekarang mari kita lihat petualangan Jiwa yang akan memegang kekuatan Tak Terbatas dan Nihilitas sementara memiliki Sistem Tak Tertandingi untuk membimbingnya dan menghancurkan Kekacauan dan Menjadi Tak Tertandingi di Alam Semesta.NOVEL INI BUKAN KARTA SAYA SENDIRI MELAINKAN NOVEL TERJEMAHAN GOOGLE

  • The Ascension Merchant

    The Ascension Merchant

    What do you do when you require something? Of course you buy it. What about if you want to buy your way to Ascension?

  • My Jester system

    My Jester system


    Getting a chance at redemption after facing defeat from the Promidial Demon King Diablo, a strange glowing screen took him by shock. [Ding!] [System detects something...Chance at mischief detected.] [You triggered the Heretic system, please make a decision:] [Option one: Interact with the portal in front of you; Choose the Heretic Title] [Reward: *Mythic Title: The Heretic (-90 favourability; 60% stat reduction in the beginning; All negative statuses set on user last till the end of nihility; Unable to wield items; Item proficiency is unavailable; 90% reduction in mana cost; Cursed with the blessings of the death goddess Hel. Total stats reduction.+0.1% stat growth with each heinous act committed.] [Option two: Interact with the portal in front of you; Choose the Outworlder Brave Title] [Reward: *Mythic Title: The Outworlder Brave(+30 favourability with all the believers of Exodus, god of Divinity, family, and fate; 50% increase in all stat growth; All negative statuses have a weaker impact on user till the end of nihility; 75% increase in the effectiveness of items; 50% reduction in mana cost); +0.1% stat growth with each heroic act committed.] "What in the actual Fuc... Never mind, Let's choose option one this time, shall we?" *I don't own the cover picture, all credits go to its owner/creator.

  • the amusement of the goddess

    the amusement of the goddess

    follow this goddess as she amuses her self with gods and mortals alikecheck out my work on scribble hub.

  • Ami Maya

    Ami Maya

    Aya belum bisa menerima kalau dirinya telah dilamar oleh Ara secepat ini. Ia memang menyetujui untuk bertunangan, tapi belum untuk menikah. Ia mencari cara agar pernikahannya tidak segera dilangsungkan, namun nihil. Aya akhirnya harus menikah dengan Ara karena keinginan kedua orang tua masing-masing. Aya tidak memiliki sedikitpun perasaan terhadap Ara. Sebaliknya Ara sangat mencintai Aya sejak dulu.

  • Andragogy


    Nihilism can dethrone all human emotions.

  • Not Another Transmigration

    Not Another Transmigration

    A black lawyer from Chicago transmigrates to Ancient China in the body of the Prime Minister's Di daughter after a failed suicide attempt. Culture shock, love, palace intrigue mixed in with a heavy dose of nihilism and suicidal ideation. Follow Zhao Shuzhen as she is forced to survive in a merciless new world.