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  • Optimism


    To keep oneself on right track one must need to think right.Whatever the things are in control or out of control.You act positively or negativity.Atleast keep your mind on right track.Even situations are not controlled.Fate is not withhold..But keep your mind not to deviate from positivity.Hundred times a day repeat your cellphone reminder keep your mind positive,keep your heart soft fill it with love.God is unlimited,timeless and utmost beautiful and charitable.Be like that.....Try to act like that.Take your trial if you lose hope gathering your energy and set back and shake your negativity.When you feel yield to,try again gathering energies and target it with more positivity more love inside your heart more patience.If you again feel sorrow try it again.Think of Sea,red rose,unlimited glaxies lead your mind to unlimited Creator.Feel Unlimited love,feel positive,feel lovely,dress up yourself,put a perfume.Try to be beautiful all the time.Try to feel beautiful.Try it a day many times.Try it second day.Try it third day with extended energies.

  • Super Gene Optimization Fluid

    Super Gene Optimization Fluid


    Due to an unexpected turn of events, Xia Fei consumed a Super Gene Optimization Fluid that bore no brand, expiry date, instructions or stated its place of origin. Our story begins here...

  • Optimism Comes With a Cost

    Optimism Comes With a Cost

    Fantasy Romance SUPERPOWERS

  • Optimism Made Simple

    Optimism Made Simple

    This is a short anthology of five true, inspirational stories which illustrate the amazing power of optimism.<br><br>Read about an airport shuttle driver who inexplicably waits past his midnight deadline for the author’s family. Find out what happens to a farmer who demands payment for hay he made but was given for free, or the stable manager who demands high payment from a rider to replace fence boards and posts the rider’s horses didn’t break. Meet a young man cured of Bell’s Palsy through prayer, or the unhappy woman who helps pay for a young relative’s college tuition after the author prays for her well-being.<br><br>Coupled with forgiveness and charitable thinking towards those who wish us evil, positive thoughts can resolve the toughest of situations to produce a happy result.

  • Optimize!




  • The Great Demon System

    The Great Demon System



    In a world filled with abilities and superpowers, Moby Kane, a 16-year-old boy, is an orphan who is living his life with a little too much optimism, trying his best to get by.Due to him having no ability, he had been bullied and tortured every day. However, for some odd reason, he never complained and always stayed happy no matter what. It was almost unnatural.On one cruel day of immense pain, he realized that the world is a brutal, unforgiving place, making him regain his lost senses.In his moment of desperation, a miracle happened.[ You have unlocked the Demon System ]Now that Moby has the power to change his cruel destiny, how will he use it to get back at the world that wronged him on the road to becoming the demon lord...(Free high quality art in certain sections of the novel, {paragarph comments}) ;)------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO NEW READERS! PLEASE READ!My first few chapters' writing quality is very bad and lackluster but gets much better as the novel progresses!Also, the first 5 chaps are kinda similar to vamp system but the story and settings differentiate after that into their own thing past that point! Hope you stick around! :)Quick note! many people in the world are cruel and almost psychotic but there is a good narrative reason for that, it will be explained later on in the novel I promise! :D------------------------------------------------------------Artist! https://www.fiverr.com/share/5Arry4------------------------------------------------------------Donate to support the author!https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/AuthorDripJoin the discord!https://discord.gg/8eryTRA5kN

  • Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

    Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain



    Chu Nan was just an ordinary student, but because of an accident, he obtained the data collection, analysis and processing ability equivalent to the most advanced optical brain. In his eyes, everything in the world could be analyzed with the most accurate data. Any attack by the enemy was only a combination of countless data points. Even the flow of Internal Breath in his meridians could be accurately quantified with data. With the help of such extremely accurate data, he could use his physical strength optimally and also create the most suitable internal cultivation method for himself. Following this, his strength naturally advanced by leaps and bounds. After such a sudden event, his life was completely changed.

  • Shell Energy Optimization System

    Shell Energy Optimization System


    Leonvolt Machia Oliver Preston is a 15 year old young lad who is a member of the Preston Royal family. However, he is fat, slow-witted, and even has the worst talent of all time. Because of his succeeding failures, the Royal family is ashamed to recognize him as the 9th Prince of the Kingdom. "You are a failure.""You shall be banished from this Royal family, never to return!"Leonvolt, was kicked out, stripped off the honor of a Royal, and was sent away to the poor lands. But then a reversal in his life ensues.[Welcome to the Shell Energy Optimization System]With the system that he has gained, he shall receive the favor of many. He will let those naysayers swallow their tongue. He will rule the people wisely. He will rise to the top of the world as the greatest Lord of all.

  • The Way of the Sword (BL)

    The Way of the Sword (BL)



    Zemin Yan is an orphan who lived on the streets, until the day that the Celestial Sword Sect makes large-scale recruitment, in which even the beggars were analyzed in the Qin Empire. He who lived in an isolated village had managed to pass through the most difficult examination of the sect, but even so, his talent was the only medium. At best, his prospect was to reach the intermediate-level Aurore Core realm. Zemin Yan was happy with this prospect, after all, he was just a humble mumper, over time, he learns to read and write, he even grew a little taller, but his physique was delicate and flexible, not pretending that he was a martial practitioner, thus generating mockery for his colleagues even a strong bullying. However, Zemin Yan didn't care and always proceeded with optimism, until the moment that was allocated to be assistant of the greater cultivator of the young generation of Celestial Sword Sect. Zhong Liang is the supreme talent of the Heavenly Sword, he is tall, handsome and powerful, he is the dream of all women and the goal of all the boys. He is loved and appreciated by all but remains with his cold character and his expressionless face. Because of his Swordless Dao, Zhong Liang was getting colder, indifferent, and cruel, so his Master, fearful that he would turn to the demonic cultivator, decides to put three young disciples to serve him and keep him company, whether in missions outside the sect or even in as servants of this great prodigy. The Master of Zhong Liang wanted him to develop some kind of bond that would prevent him from getting lost in the path of the Dao of the Swordless Thrill. Unfortunately, Zhong Liang doesn't agree with his master's vision and astounds all the young disciples, only one remains he is as firm as a sword stuck in the ground, this disciple is Zemin Yan. "Senior Zhong, do you want grapes or apples?" Asked Zemin Yan with his typical silly smile. Zhong Liang didn't respond and continued training with his sword, he just ignored the existence of this young disciple. "So it's going to be grapes," Zemin Yan said without even letting his mood fall, he had already grown accustomed to the lack of response from his senior disciple. When Zemin Yan came back to call Zhong Liang for dinner, the grapes were far from visible, which left Zemin Yan with a silly and contented smile for the rest of the night. NOTE: 1. R 18 (IN THE FUTURE) 2. Slow Romance 3. Romance 1x1. 4. Contest 59. 5. COVER: POPPY QUEEN 6. Follow my Ko-fi for news and weekly calendars: https://ko-fi.com/post/Calendar-1001--1601-L4L27V5L9 and Ko-fi.com/take_the_moon. Thanks for your support in the 2021. Hope we're together in 2022 too.

  • Release that Man

    Release that Man

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY


    The alien DNA is the best thing that has ever happened to Ye Shuang because the genetic optimization it offers has made her more beautiful, more formidable, and more brilliant. But… why doesn't this unknown alien species have a fixed sex before adulthood‽ Alternating between both sexes every few days, why‽ For gender equality‽ Thankfully, she still has a chance to save herself. As long as she can settle down with a partner before full genetic assimilation, she'll be able to carry on with her life as just one specific sex. For the sake of the perfect female body, all the men out there, beware! But wait, what are all these women up to? Why are you all looking at me like a piece of meat‽ Halt, stop, don't come any closer… What the hell‽

  • Dawn of a New Era

    Dawn of a New Era


    Spiritual qi is recovering, the martial path is burgeoning. Numerous space channels leading to the ‘Other World’ appeared on Earth. Countless supernatural lifeforms enter Earth, including divine beings and spirits, bringing with them the descent of laws. Strange phenomenons manifest everywhere, an era of evolution begins for humanity. A young man became the master of the ‘Book of Knowledge’. He can deduce cultivation arts, and optimize secret manuals, viewing things from a third-person perspective. He has strong attributes and bizarre capabilities, embarking on a journey on the supernatural path.

  • The Age of Magic Cards: Hidden Information

    The Age of Magic Cards: Hidden Information



    This was a parallel world that resembled Earth. But unlike the peaceful Earth, this world was surrounded by countless space cracks, where there were many secret realms and monsters inside. They were the source of this world's destruction. Thankfully, the guide of humanity had finally discovered the way to become a 'Magic Card Master' after a painful apocalypse, and he had opened the door to humanity's hope. Since then, humanity had finally entered the age of Magic Cards! Loren had been in this world for three years and lived an ordinary life. Unexpectedly, however, when he reached 14, he realized that he could see the hidden information. For example, the best time to create Magic Cards; the success rate of sealing magical beasts; the weakness of the magical beasts in battle; the optimal item, and time for evolving magical beasts. He could see them all. Thus... [Use Advancement Card 1 minute and 21 seconds later for 100% advancement rate of Snowflake Dragon!] [Enter the draw 3 seconds later to get the Ghost Warrior Card!] [1.5 seconds later, the target’s Abdominal Defence Index will be 12!] [...]

  • White Blaze

    White Blaze



    IMPORTANT READ : First ADD TO LIBRARY then continue below, For Synopsis, the Earlier one was a little bland failing to attract attention….So let's try the nowadays trending method- Pros 1.Adventure. 2.Action 3. Shonen genre (idk spelling) 4. Realistic storyline 5.No cheats, hacks, or system 6.Romance (yeah we have!) 7.Cultivation(sort of) 8. General Positivity ( spread optimism, in the end, there is too much hate in the world) 9.Food ( oh! are we talking about novel? ) 10.Different characters with different stories to choose your favorite from.Mine is Nuve(introduced later in story) Cons 1.No Harem(oh noo) 2.No Face Slapping ( I miss them, but WN is already full of those) 3.No repetitive story policy(like xinxia(but l love xinxia)) 4. Little Typos ( I have made it readable guys....cheers) 5.Idiot and shy Author 6.Not overly dense or arrogant MC(if heavens block my path,I will crush heaven. [I love lSSTH by the way]....No, we don't do that here.) 7.MC doesn't get best everytime like 1st position in every competition, every artifact, winning every fight etc.(but he has the PLOT ARMOUR, I mean who doesn't have) 8.hmm,m I can't think of any more why don't u tell me in chapter comments ;) So if you are tired of reading too many novels with the same storyline try this for a fresh breath of air. If you agree with one or more pros, come on hop on the shaky journey. If you want something from con…...you should still give it a try…..ok kidding you can skip this book. Just read something that makes you happy. Those who are already following the book, please don't be shy like me. You can make review or give power stone for push . P.S- I don't own cover. Contact me with comment or review to take it down. P.P.P.S- Say No to Hate, spread happiness. You have little time on this earth spend time by being happy…...Happy Reading .

  • Urban Martial Arts System

    Urban Martial Arts System


    Zhou Ping was reincarnated with a modern world similar to ours. In this world, however, martial arts are used in every profession. Even being a star requires strong martial arts. The media no longer paid attention to celebrity new and gossip, they were focused on the latest trend in the world of martial arts.However, Zhou Ping had poor aptitude with martial arts and couldn't keep up with his peers. Fortunately, he was born in a rich and powerful family that didn't abandon him.On the day of his college entrance examination, a Martial Arts Optimization System appeared on his consciousness. With a single click, he could optimize a basic martial skill into a better one. With a single click, he could become a peerless genius.

  • •Blood Gacha•

    •Blood Gacha•



    What if you found that there is more to this world than catches the eye.What if there was a great secret. A story forgotten by time. If you found a way to awaken ancient powers buried deep underground, or if you could receive a gift for a drop of blood. Follow Konrad on the road to greatness as he unravels the secrets of the past and gets stronger, thanks to a mysterious lottery that demands his blood.(It's not an isekai or a system...but maybe it is muahaha ;) You'll have to find out )I'll be updating every 2-3 days because I'm currently studying (Curse the damn virus!) and I fell like its the optimal time so I don't fell rushed or anything like this.

  • Snowed In: Kit and Harry

    Snowed In: Kit and Harry

    Someone -- or something -- is causing magical blizzards at Fairleigh Hall. The estate is suffering, and the Earl has requested assistance.<br><br>Constable Kit Thompson, of Bow Street’s Preternatural Division, isn’t especially thrilled to be sent out to the country. At least the assignment gets him away from fashionable London society and his own unwanted celebrity after successfully solving a notorious case. Of course, he’s now trapped at a country estate due to closed roads, snowstorms, and magic, but Kit’s always liked solving puzzles. He’s good at using empathic skills for investigations, and this is definitely a challenge. Besides, the Earl’s younger brother is an irritating and delicious temptation, all blue eyes and muscles and boundless enthusiastic optimism. Kit wants to either shake sense into him or kiss him senseless -- and can’t trust him, either, because if someone’s genuinely sabotaging the weather, everyone’s a suspect.<br><br>Harry Arden, younger brother of the Earl of Fairleigh, has never met a Preternatural Division constable before, much less a famous and celebrated one. He wants to help. And he wants to make that attractive but cynical constable smile, at least once. But the estate hides a family secret, and Harry knows perfectly well Kit doesn’t trust him ... and for good reason. Still, Harry offers to do what he can to assist with the investigation, and if that means spending more time with Kit, that’s a bonus. <br><br>When Harry and Kit end up caught by those magical storms, snowed in together at the old hunting lodge, they’ll have to trust each other with their secrets ... and their hearts.

  • Mission to the moon

    Mission to the moon

    Creationists of optimism

  • The Florist

    The Florist

    The novel is set in Gwangju, South Korea in mid-2013 where Gaia Choi is known for her positive outlook on life and knowledge about flowers. Despite her optimism, she shared heartbreaks. Her childhood friend, Yohan Min, left her without a word five years ago while she waits for him in Sajik Park Observatory. After five years of loneliness, she then meets Harry Jung, an heir to Jung Group of Companies, and becomes her regular customer. He buys flowers for his lover, Cleo, every week. However, he then discovers Cleo's secret: she dates wealthy men who can spoil her with expensive gifts and luxuries in life. Harry then ends his relationship with Cleo and pursues Gaia instead. Yohan finally returns to South Korea after he graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in England to look for Gaia and confess his love for her. Gaia rejects Yohan but he persists. He will do anything in his power to have Gaia for himself. Harry and Gaia now have to fight against Yohan's obsession for them to live happily ever after.

  • Muhammad sharif

    Muhammad sharif




    Martial Arts SYSTEM


    *Ding*System upload complete ...System beginning modifications...Breaking the Host free from the laws of the universe under the order of GOD.Resurrection halted... optimizing SystemThe resurrection of Hosts conscious...Hosts mind is operable to full capacity...Awakening Host...