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  • Passionate Evil

    Passionate Evil


    A tale of a 78-year Evil man who was cursed with the ability to not forget, The eternal memory. He who regained his senses after being crippled for thirty years.He who had killed thousands of lives in the name of cleansing once again begins his journey pioneering in a world called Warleroz that's engulfed by the Darkness called magic.Read to follow, Kraven's ruthless path to achieve the freedom he longed for.***Release rate- Irregular***[WARNING R-18 content]: Contains elements that may offend people by the character's actions and contains gore, violence, swearings, sexual, graphic contents, etc... (Remember you are warned so, you are reading on your own accord.)Instagram: TheNeoravJoin Discord serve for more discussion and questions:

  • Passionate Choice

    Passionate Choice

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Selena has made the mistake of falling in love with Keith Walker when all he wanted was a casual fling before he married someone else. Once burnt, twice shy. The new man in Selena’s life was everything that Keith was not: steady, reliable and eager to commit himself to her. So why did she find herself hankering after Keith when they met again in the Caribbean where it had all started?

  • Passionately Passionate

    Passionately Passionate

  • The Duke's Passion

    The Duke's Passion



    [ MAIN STORY COMPLETED ]In the Heart’s Kingdom, a kingdom where vampires reign and humans were nothing but livestock, Lilou, a peasant, found herself being preyed upon by the worst maniacal vampire of his kind. However, as terrifying as what he addressed her as his ‘reserved meal’, this vampire also called her his bride! Except: My eyes brood with fear, gazing at the still-beating heart in his hand. “My Lord, pardon me but… is this the bloody proof you promised to show me?” I asked, my voice shook as I gulped down whilst struggling my trembling knees from giving away. “Mhm… do you now believe I’m good at capturing hearts?” The silver-haired man, bearing those menacing pair of deep crimson eyes stared proudly at me after a nod. I gasped when he clenched his hand and squeezed the fresh heart to smithereens. “Yes, milord. You’re good at it, literally.” I’m mortified, watching the pieces of the heart fall as he approached. His every step made me take a step back until my back reached a solid pillar. “Huh,” Samael chuckled briefly, stopping in front of me. His long, pointy nails that were covered with blood traced my elbow down to my hand. Gently, he clipped my forefinger in between his, guiding it before his lips. “Did I pass your test, though?” He asked, the sharp tip of his nail playing over the tip of my finger. I stared at his penetrating gaze as I reluctantly answered, “Barely.” He smirked, nodding in satisfaction before he pressed his nail on the tip of my forefinger that was quick to produce a drop of blood. “Such sweet aroma.” He whispered, placing my bleeding finger in his mouth and licking it with passion. His menacing gaze never left mine as he consumed a bit of my blood. “Does that mean you’re accepting my invitation?" Keeping my finger in between his fangs, Samael inquired. I bit my lower lip unconsciously, my heart within my chest drummed as my back broke into sweats. “But… I’m just…” I paused, hoping my answer would put an end to this. “… I’m just a human.” Samael clicked his tongue, displeased at my response as he let my finger go. “No,” He whispered.My entire body stiffened when he bent over, caressing my shoulder up to my neck by the apex of his nose, as his hot breaths prickled my skin. "You're not just a mere human... you are my human." He stressed before I sensed his lips part and the tip of his fangs against my skin.Cover not mine. ***Original Story by: alienfrommarsFOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for original character arts: @authoralienfrommarsDiscord server:

  • Passionate Love

    Passionate Love

    Contemporary Romance URBAN

    Ray was always a sweetheart, and fell for the good girls. Yet lasting love never seems to find him. Until he meets Ivy Rose Jones a female Queen Pin who number one focus is staying on top. One crazy meeting leads them on a passionate path to love.

  • Passionate Romance

    Passionate Romance

    Contemporary Romance R18 REVENGE

    **Alarm bell:Mature content. Slow ignition book. Burlesque comedy, sitcom, full-on entertainment**"It's always been you and for the rest of my life, it will be you. Till my last breath, I will guard you with my life for eternity. My promise.She was the sugar. He was the spice. Their paths unexpectedly collided. Just after, everything felt nice. And they set off as tyrannizing mates. Come and experience the barrel of laughs with their amazing witty sallies......*****This is my original story****

  • Passions and Passionate

    Passions and Passionate

  • Passionate Devotion

    Passionate Devotion


    A few days after her wedding, Tong Lu was told that her husband had passed away. She was asked to never remarry and to look after her husband's illegitimate daughter as her own, for the rest of her life. Four years later, her deceased husband's twin brother entered her life like a whirlwind. He was rich, powerful and handsome. However, he was also intimidating and seemed to be full of secrets. He invited her and her daughter to live in his mansion despite his family's objections. Tong Lu thought that she and this desirable man were from two different worlds, but she was spectacularly wrong...

  • Passionate Happiness

    Passionate Happiness

  • Passionate Butterflies

    Passionate Butterflies

  • A passionate writer

    A passionate writer

  • City Life: Passionate

    City Life: Passionate

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18 HAREM

    Selama sepuluh tahun bersembunyi disebuah pedesaan terpencil. Dia memutuskan untuk kembali ke kota, karena suatu alasan. Apa yang terjadi?Sebuah kisah kehidupan penuh gairah di kota yang harum pun dimulai.(PS: Novel khusus dewasa, ditulis oleh seorang pemula. Jika ada kesalahan kata atau kalimat, mohon bantu koreksi.)

  • Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

    Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard



    The night before their wedding, her fiancé ran off with his mistress. Out of frustration, she grabbed the man standing in front of the Civil Affairs Office, "President Mo, your bride has not arrived and my groom has run away...May I suggest we get married?" Before marriage, she said, "Even if we were to share the same bed, nothing would happen between us!" After marriage, he said, "If we don't try, how would we know?"

  • billionaire passionate love

    billionaire passionate love




    "Argghhhh, lepaskan aku" jerit Rose disertai deru napasnya yang memburu." No, Rose you're Mine and always be mine" jawab Alvaro dengan smirk diwajahnya dan kesungguhan hatinya yang menggebu-gebu."Tidak, aku tak sudi berdekatan denganmu apalagi memiliki pacar sepertimu. Kasar, arogant, licik dan jahat sepertimu tak pantas bersanding denganku" Ucap Rose lagi."Dengar sayang, jadilah gadis baik dan penurut. Kau harus patuh dan ikuti semua yang aku perintahkan. Atau jika tidak aku akan melakukan hal yang berbahaya dan mengancam nyawamu. Ingat itu baik-baik" ancam Alvaro dengan tatapan tajam dan seringaian buasnya.Area berbahaya 18+Hanya orang yang sudah cukup umur diperbolehkan membacanya.~Alvaro Dylan Zachery Syahreza~~Rose Sherawali Maisha Anderson ~



    "Love comes to those who deserve it. " So my mother told me. "It just hasn't come to you yet. You'll receive a love so passionate, your love story will be told for generations and will bring tears to the eyes of whatever audience comes upon it. And my dear girl never go for anything less." Those were the last words my mother whispered to me on her dying bed. She lay there so weak and pale. I couldn't keep myself from crying any longer. I was 18 years old at the time. My father died when I was 2, I had no memories of him. All I know of him are the few stories my mother could bring herself to tell me, when she was not in one of her melancholy moods. Those words remain with me, for who wouldn't keep the last words of their dying parent who was practically the only parent they knew their whole life?I wept for my mother, but I also wept for myself. Who was going to protect me from then on?? Life was never fair. I had thought at the time. I just never knew many times those same words would come back to haunt me...

  • Passionate love with a rich man

    Passionate love with a rich man

    She has an amazing fighting spirit she would survive anything thrown her way.she is a princess who has everything she wants. Her only desires in this life is to find true love He is the only child of a wealthiest family all over the world. The only thing he desires is a woman who will marry him for love not for his wealthXi Mei and Qi Chen are two people with the same goal to find genuine loveLets make their dreams come true or not?

  • A Passionate Night With The CEO

    A Passionate Night With The CEO

    After three years of marriage, Gloria was still a virgin.In order to fulfill her mother-in-law's wish to have a grandchild, she dressed up and decided to gave herself to her husband, wishing to give him a surprise.Unexpectedly, her husband gave her a bigger surprise.Looking at mistress, Gloria gnashed her teeth."Since you are so heartless, then don't blame me for being unjust!" She thought. Soon, Gloria found a new target, but that man was not someone she could have sex with at will."Mr. Grimes! I was wrong. I shouldn't have...""It's too late." Easton pulled Gloria into his arms. "You're pregnant with my child. You can't excape."

  • Highschool passion

    Highschool passion



    He fell for her right from the first time he saw her. SUMMARY Throughout her life, Jessica has been kept isolated by her father who thinks that keeping her away from the dangerous and cruel world is the best way to prevent her from getting hurt by it but as she changes school she meets Julian: who lightens up her boring world. She starts feeling emotions she has never felt before. Will these emotions benefit her?

  • My Hot Bodyguard is Passionate but Shy???

    My Hot Bodyguard is Passionate but Shy???

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE POSSESSIVE

    "Don't leave me." He grabbed her skirt and his hand slowly trailed down her thigh, even though he refused to meet her gaze. He turned his head even further away as his face reddened."Hah? I'm going to the work." Isana looked at him in disbelief. He turned and looked at her. His eyes were filled with sadness and at the same time, she saw a glint of hunger. And he blinked slowly as to ask why she had to leave without him."Fine!" She sat back down on the bed, giving into him. "I'm staying for five minutes, okay? But that's it." Happiness flooded his faced and his face glowed. His pink hair fell on his face as he smiled brightly. "Yes!" He hugged her sweetly.His smile then slowly changed into a smirk and his eyes filled up with same hunger she saw before. -------------------------------------------------------------------Aeon Isana, the daughter of the CEO of the rising graphic designing company, Prism, is not only being forced into marriage but is also on the run. But all the tables turn when she picks up a amnesiac man who she meets due to a sudden turn of events. Rhydian Diara, is a man who only remembers his name. He accepts living with Isana due to her proposal of him being her bodyguard and also because he feels like his past has a connection with Isana. But every person has his secrets, and so does he.What happens when Rhydian starts getting back his memories, one by one, and Isana is running out of time to stop the horrible from happening?P.S. Passionate - having, showing, or caused by strong feelings or beliefsPassion - strong and barely controllable emotion.AND ALSO Passion - intense sexual love. (don't expect this too much, kay?)