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  • The racist system??

    The racist system??


    Watch Tim protect his kfc from crack head niggas all the way from super niggas

  • Marvel Endless Power

    Marvel Endless Power


    One day, Roddy counted the abilities he had gained on a whim. Mental attack, stealth, mindfulness, metal control, freezing… After half an hour, Emma can’t stop!p.s: this is a translated Chinese novel, so sorry in advance for the racism and I hope you do not. get mad because not all Chinese are racist it only depends on where they live and what they teach them that will cause them to be racist because they are not born racist they were trained to be racist by a short government and bad parents who approve of it.

  • The psychopath named Dan

    The psychopath named Dan



    Dan grew up in a small village with orcs,half-orcs,ogres,giants and trolls. Day after day Dan would get in fights against students to test his strength. sometimes he won sometimes he lost. With his strength hitting a plateau Dan grew more and more apathetic until he felt no emotion. This all changed after receiving a system that allowed him to grow stronger without hitting a plateau. With this newly discovered power he drops out of school and travels the world with his friend who wants to kill the summoned heroes. Listen I'm not going to lie, there is a shit ton of grammatical error in the beginning. I started writing this book for fun with zero experience but I started taking it more seriously. By book 2 everything is sorted out. That includes the messed up power system, the cheat system, the characters and the grammar. I hope you can get through the beginning. During the Elf Folulheim arc, that is when the true nature of the MC begins to show as a physchopath who only wants to cause problems and death. Also side note MC is very racist towards elfs. He hates them and goes out of his way to kill them if he sees them. Also there will be a lot of disturbing things in this story.Also I'm not gonna lie, the first volume and half of the second volume is trash. I wrote them when I was inexperienced. It is unbearable and terrible but if you somehow managed to get through that then I promise I will do my best to deliver quality writing to you.

  • Master Cuckmaker:The BBC System

    Master Cuckmaker:The BBC System



    Leonardo (Leon)Waters suffers the curliest of fates when he discovers his girlfriend of 3 years cheats on him. Moments before he gets the chance to kill her he answers a spam call for some unknown reason. Which changes the course of his life forever.Leon learns the true meaning of BBC and gives ahegao to every female he “connects” with. With Leon’s new system he will steal all the women who’s looked down on him for the color of his skin. Racist men beware your women will be taken from you only after Leon soils them I front of you. A/N : If you like Blacked this novel is for you. CUMMING soon on a white girl near you.

  • Transformers In Marvel (dropped)

    Transformers In Marvel (dropped)


    Downey was a cargo driver until he crossed to Marvel. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Hulk and Abomination enthusiastically carrying out the demolition work on the streets of New York. He suddenly turned black and awakened in shock.With the variant ability of “, he began to modify his minivan, which he named “Optimus Prime” step by step.Magneto: “So, Downey’s ability is to control metal? Is it?”Iron Man: “So, in the future, my suit is temporarily broken, and Downey will be responsible for putting me a layer of mecha.”P.s: this is a Chinese novel but doesn't worry it is not racist and if you do see a racist text tell me and I will change it or delete it completely.Author : Great Demon

  • As a ghoul in My Hero Academia/MHA/BNHA

    As a ghoul in My Hero Academia/MHA/BNHA



    MC dies and is reincarnated in the unique world of MHA as Sasuke Uchiha as a ghoul, how will our flesh eating friend live in this sick and twisted quirk based society where the so called heros who abuse their title's authority in the shadows are idolized while the the quirkless are looked down on and seen as second class citizens and those with the so called 'villainous' quirks are discriminated against even if they are meer children so how will the society look at his 'monstrous' quirk that makes him the natural predator of humans. What does the Uchiha Ghoul think of all this well he absolutely LOVES IT!!!.....after all he knew full well what he had wished for.....how ever thought of those sheltered racists watching his cute child self devour humans like it is the most delicious thing in this world fills him with joy, just imagining the reactions on their faces as they gaze at his exquisite spotless seemingly innocent face stained with blood and his seemingly fragile child body covered completely in the insides and outsides of of their destroyed and mangled corpses makes him so excited a long lost feeling of interest in humans coming back.

  • A Close Call with the CEO

    A Close Call with the CEO


    Odetta Lawrence has a secret, she is posing as Olivia Reyes, a renowned breakout fashion designer.The world was finally recognizing her for her talents but not as her true self. She falls in love with the distrustful bigshot CEO of Luxe Textiles, Edward Cummings and Edward is falling for Olivia, but what happens if she lets her heart lead?Will she give up her career for love or love for her career?***I hear she assaulted a local in Delhi, what a racist. _Exes15 Olivia scoffed tossing her phone into her purse and zipped it up clapping her hands together. "If you'd like, I'd put up that outfit," He leaned on the wall. "Maybe buy it off your hands," She spread her arms to keep them apart, Edward just had the best way of endearing her and she stood her ground."You...you will?" She nearly forgot about the headlines. They walked together on the beach, she held her hands together. "I appreciate that," She bit her lip. He stepped in front of her and she stopped "I could grab my boat_""Yes, I'd love to sail," Tasha stepped in wearing a green wrap up bikini and fabric around her waist, she rolled her eyes when Dante nudged her and she blushed."Quit bugging me alright?" She said and bit down a laugh then blinked at Olivia."Poor dear, I'm so sorry about that guy...,"Olivia fidgeted locking her fingers, "Nevermind," Edward held her shoulder and she disliked his advances. "I know, he was really good looking, I guess you never can tell," She ranted holding on to a bunch of keys and sighed."The boat,""Right," She said and they roamed to the docks. Olivia watched a crab wrestle with a broken shell and she saw another empty one."Are you gonna give it or live in it?" He cackled unknotting a rope, he had help with the sails and she tossed it in the water. "No thanks, I'm fine, it's a really nice boat," "Thanks, it's just a rental," He said and he stepped inside stretching his hand."No, thanks I got it," She stepped up and her other leg was stuck in-between. "Help,"She crossed over. "It's slippery," He said and made it to the controls after he released the sails. "Are you sure you know how to sail? Because I'm concerned_""You had to stand and watch me do a safety check. Olivia, there's a lotta things I had to learn," He said and twisted the keys and the jets rumbled spewing a stream of water. "Hang on," He said and she reached around his side. "This is not funny," She said leaning on his shoulder and he was the least ridiculous at the moment. "Here we go," Edward stirred the boat and he was aware of the direction of the wind and set sail across the shores till he was sure they hit the water. The smell of salt lingered in the air and he set his hand above his eyes at the distance. Olivia was wistful and held on, she couldn't think of the last thing to worry her, maybe a sail was what she needed the whole time. The water wobbled and the sky was getting grey and he picked up speed warranting another grip from Olivia.He felt a drip on his skin and she yawned. In a moment, the turbines gradually stopped spinning and her head rose stepping away from him. A smile returned to his face when he was sure they were safe, the island was just a few metres away, he would drive there in a moment but still, they had to enjoy the view. She sat down on a chair wistful about her dad's trips. "It's been a while since I've been on a sail," "Not long enough," He went to retrieve two glasses and handed her one."Been a while since I've had a drink," She swivelled. She sipped and her eyes popped at the sweetness. "Apple juice?"He laughed. "I figure if we did, then none of us will be leaving this boat," She imagined careening and Edward laying on the edge, wasted and she shook her head. "Better safe than sorry," She crossed her legs

  • The Miseducation of Riley Pranger

    The Miseducation of Riley Pranger

    Pepper writes stories that span the gamut from humorous to heartfelt, however the common theme is crossing boundaries. Pepper's unique stories often tackle taboo topics such as mental illness and homelessness. Readers will find themselves questioning their own sense of right and wrong, attraction and desire. In addition to writing, the author is also an artist, an introverted recluse, a self proclaimed empath and a foodie. Pepper Pace can be contacted at: pepperpace.author@yahoo.com When all you know is what you were taught by parents and friends that are ignorant to the world, you grow up to be a man like Riley Pranger, a passive racist and chauvinistic. But Riley is going to get a fast re-education when a single black mother rents his home for the summer and he has no choice but to recognize the actions of the people around him. Stella Burton is a no nonsense, 6-foot tall curvaceous black woman who has no problem with hurting a man’s ego. She is opinionated, specifically about a country where she has been single handedly raising her multi-racial son to be a well-rounded black man. What happens when white privilege is suddenly challenged? When races clash and you mess with the wrong black woman? This novella contains twists and turns and sexiness as well as appearances from Lt. Christopher Jameson, Ashleigh and their children from the novel Beast, Bodie and Shaundea Matthews from A Wrong Turn Towards Love and True from True’s love. Warning: This story includes sexual situations, graphic and strong racist and homophobic language. This story discusses American politics and race relations in a fictional setting.

  • Road to Hollywood

    Road to Hollywood


    This is not my novel I'm just translating it and making changes to it whenever I deem they are important(like minimizing the racist stuff and things that are too cringy). All the due rights of the work are retained by the original author White thirteen. If the original author wants me to remove it, I will do so, for that please contact me using my email id: omkar22052000@gmail.com, 1.8K words per chapter-------------------------------------------------------------------------This is an extremely dazzling circle. Every step up here requires a huge effort and one has to step on the heads of countless competitors.Countless geniuses come to Hollywood with dreams, most of them fall on the road and return back to being ordinary.In the process of climbing up, the role of talent often exceeds that of hard work, but opportunity is more important than talent and hard work!This is a story of a transmigrator who after his rebirth seized every opportunity to embark on the road of Hollywood's peak.

  • Batman: Crusade

    Batman: Crusade


    The city of Gotham City is terrorized by mysterious murders caused by a racist sect known as "The Crusade" that has been killing people of different ethnicities. Problem is that Gotham City opened its own stadium for an event of international games promoted by the Wayne companies and with the visit of tourists from other countries "The Crusade" comes into action while Batman and the police look for the roots of this damn sect before it more people know death.

  • Human race to sectarianism

    Human race to sectarianism

    human race converted into modern racist

  • Black girl in the 17th century

    Black girl in the 17th century


    ATTENTION!!This novel is an original work. All right reserved to me ( Andorea).Warning!! The novel may provoke some readers. However, this novel is from the writer's imagination and any similarity is a coincidence.black girl from 21st century travels across time to the 17th century in America in the racist time against the African race.

  • Western Lands

    Western Lands

    Jackson was a Confederate soldier in the Civil War, it's been roughly a year since the war has ended and his family was killed and he was captured and held as a prisoner by old confederate soldiers he knew. Jackson escapes and is fueled with a passion to avenge his family. (Warning for racial slurs, racist themes, PTSD themes, and violence)

  • Whoever Fights Against Them Shall Be Annihilated.

    Whoever Fights Against Them Shall Be Annihilated.


    Heckler Konninsberg was some bloke who was a general arse and racist. (well when he's reincarnated.) He was run over by a certain white truck and reincarnated in the world of Konosuba with the power of imagination creation with no limits. Will he be a generally nice person? Or an Arse? Read to find out. Ok, that last part was cringe.Notes:---------------------------------------------------------------Formerly titled: Dividing and Conquering.Ported from Wattpad without permission. Because I didn't ask myself! Seriously I am the original author.Yeah, just some Konosuba fanfict. Also, the Megumin here is gonna be really really hot.Oh and this has scenes of people burning to death and a lot of violence.And LOADS OF WAR CRIMES!if war crimes aren't a genre, I don't know what is!

  • Tongues of Fire

    Tongues of Fire

    In addition to writing books, Sebastian Badarau also acts and directs for stage and film. Most recently he has worked with film director Graham Baker (Alien Nation) adapting the novel A State of Denmark for a 2021 release. His latest project is radio-drama ¨The Uncertainty Principle¨ which he wrote and directed himself and was broadcast by Radio Iasi, last year. It tells the story of three scientists who are on the verge of a major breakthrough in quantum mechanics but find themselves in conflict over what the discovery actually is. ¨TONGUES OF FIRE¨ is about this extraordinary take on the theme of alien body invasion that I hadn't seen before in books nor movies. It is also the one that resonates with me the most, on a more personal level. Not that I, personally, have been invaded by aliens but I find it empowering and also deeply humane. It is also quite simple and logical if you spend a bit of time meditating on the world, Space and our role in the Universe. I think there is good literature out there, but you got to know where to find it. We may also have very different definitions of what a good book really is. My definition is somewhere in the essence of writing, which is tone and style, and not necessarily story. It is the art of story-telling more than the art of owning a good narrative. 'Brothers Karamazov' by Dostoyevski is a pretty mundane book, in terms of narrative, but the style is spectacular. Same for Hemingway, Dickens, Camus or Boris Vian. If it were simply for the story, Boris Vian would not pass the test. I also love science, particularly physics and mathematics. And also love art about science. You may wonder what theatre or performance has in common with science. But I think the answer is quite obvious. Both physics and art are direct pathways to investigating phenomena, whether it's the natural world or human behavior. Science asks the biggest questions: ¨who are we?¨, ¨where do we come from?¨ ¨what's the final goal?¨ Anyone who has worked in arts, know that artists are preoccupied by the exact same questions. I believe anyone who will delve a little bit deeper into both worlds may come to a comforting answer sooner than those who like to keep the two separated at arm's length.¨ Rick Sarpaulis is a young mathematician who returns to the fictional town of Fayhill, after a very long absence, and takes up a job as a substitute teacher at the local school. Both his previous relationship and his job as an assistant researcher at the Department of Non-Euclidean Geometry at Courant have ended in failure. He's dreading the prospect of facing the locals, who've known him since he was a kid and whom he views as racists, non-inclusive and ready only to spread gossip about the return of the prodigal son. He attributes the failure to sustain any relationship and build a career on his chronic depression and inability to function properly in society. In Fayhill, he falls in love with Audrey, a young woman he describes as having a ¨downcast glow to her face, immobile; like that of a wild child being raised by wolves, while her eyes perpetually strip any potential partner for signs of passion and vulnerability.

  • I Hate Chinese but love their cultivation genre

    I Hate Chinese but love their cultivation genre

    Basically it's a fanfic about a racist dude who hates China but tangled because he likes their cultivation genre and born in teen wolf and goes ....( We will see , if he goes some where else )

  • Different Times

    Different Times

    I’m not racist in any way and I don’t want to offend anybody but my buddies and I decided to make this. The story takes place in a multiverse where somehow humans now have the ability to conjure abilities based on the racial jokes many use today but no racial slurs shall be said.

  • In Da Bank

    In Da Bank


    From the sickos behind 1000 Ways To Die comes an incredibly boring...Documentary/Book...a Docubook. A Documentary Crew follows a Bank employed by questionable people. With Manager Phillip Brent at the control and an ex convict in charge of money, this can only be...weird? (CONTAINS: Homophobic/Racist/Sexist remarks, Mentions of rape/suicide/self harm, detailed mentions of death, and above all LANGUAGE)

  • Daydreaming: Anissa Mohammed

    Daydreaming: Anissa Mohammed

    Anissa Mohammed is an imaginative child.With 7 siblings- most of which are annoying, nosy and loud, it's her only way of escaping reality. Her teacher is extremely racist with Muslims and doesn't even try to hide it.She really needs one of her dreams to come true. Like, ASAP!