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  • The Sole Skull

    The Sole Skull


    Winner of Writing Prompt Contest #36 : Dungeons--------------------------A group of people found themselves in an 'Elevator.' They didn't remember anything but their names.None of them knew, but a giant labyrinth world that filled with monsters was the first stop in their new lives. A boy named Dante was among the amnesiacs. By chance, he obtained a weird Hidden Class called 'Skull,' and the legend began.Join Dante as he clears the dungeon and finds his memory fragments inside of the monsters.--------------------------Tags: Action, Adventure, Male Protagonist, Dungeons, Weak to Strong, Survival, RomanticSubPlot, Game Elements, Hidden Classes--------------------------Three guaranteed chapters per week.Depending on the power stone rankings, there will be bonus chapters every week. Every Sunday, the rankings will decide the chapter count of the next week. (Writing this paragraph felt weird for some reason.)First 150 --->> 1 bonus chapter.First 100 --->> 2 bonus chapters.First 75 --->> 3 bonus chapters.First 50 --->> 4 bonus chapters.(I'm not stingy, right?)If The Sole Skull ever enters the first fifty, I'll add new weekly goals.PS; The image doesn't belong to me. I don't claim any right on it.




    There are seven absolute rules that must be followed :1. All candidates are numbered, candidates are not allowed to reveal there real names to others. Failure to follow through with this rule will result in execution 2. Escape is futile. Failure to follow through with this rule will result in execution3. Rebellion is futile. Failure to follow through with this rule will result in execution. 4. Teamwork is encouraged but not compulsory. 5. Killing of teammates is allowed and also encouraged 6. To win you must kill 7. SURVIVEFailure to follow these rules will be your downfall.----------‐-------------------------------------------------------_______________________________________________________Earth 2125: the planet has gone to shit.The United nations that were supposed to act for the good of all life on earth has instead destroyed it . And now they've created a game . A trial of sorts .Tagged,chipped and herded up together ,The people of earth are basically cattle to fuel there sick game. Maestro is one of them but unlike the rest , HE'S DETERMINED NOT TO BE BUTCHERED .Lucky for him he's got Syryn - his "other" half and to kill those bastards higher up ,he'll do anything.--------------------------------Additional tags cause for some reason webnovel isn't allowing me to add them on the tags part:psychological, dark fantasy, cruelcharacters, ruthlessmc, dystopian, romanticsubplot

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