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  • Single is Single

    Single is Single

    Contemporary Romance ADVENTURE COMEDY

    "Everyone is born single. Kaya naman yung mga sikat na acronym na NBSB, NGSB, malamang sa malamang ay totoo. Wala naman sigurong tao na pinanganak na may karelasyon na, kahit pa nga ang arrange marriage eh hindi natutuloy kase maaaring hindi nila gusto ang isa't-isa."Single had no qualms being a single. She literally is not interested in engaging in any kind of romantic episode. Anong pake niya sa relationship na yan, hindi naman nagiging monetary ang investment doon. Sayang pa sa oras at ATP. And yes! Isa siyang dakilang NBSB ng taon, halata naman siguro sa pangalan niya.

  • Single Father

    Single Father

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ACTION R18


    Claudie Cavero Orion. Adalah seorang Ayah tunggal yang harus mengurus putra semata wayangnya Reynand Sky Orion, buah cintanya dari sang istri Arana Richela Orion yang sudah meninggal dunia akibat insiden sebuah kecelakaan mobil. Sejak kematian sang istri, kehidupan Claudie Cavero seketika berubah gelap, ia berubah menjadi sosok yang sangat pemurung, suka menyendiri, dan tidak banyak bicara. Bahkan senyum nyaris tidak pernah terlihat di wajahnya, dan merasa jika senyumnya hanya untuk sang Putera Reynand Sky. Briella Amora Alexio. Mahasiswi tingkat satu di sebuah universitas. Seorang gadis berusia 21 tahun yang ceria, smart, mandiri, dan ramah. Bahkan ia selalu di juluki sebagai gadis hangat seperti mentari pagi. Hingga keceriaan Briella Amora hilang dalam waktu singkat, berubah menjadi sosok pendiam, bahkan terlihat aneh di mata semua teman-temannya sejak ia mengalami sebuah insiden kecelakaan mobil yang tidak sengaja menewaskan istri dari seorang pengusaha terkenal. Bahkan tidak hanya sikap dan mental Briella Amora hanya berubah, namun gadis tersebut juga mengalami Traumatis akut yang membuatnya selalu ketakutan jika berhubungan dengan mobil dan kendaraan lainnya. Sejak menjadi seorang Ayah tunggal untuk putranya, dan kakak yang selalu menjaga adiknya dengan baik, Claudie Cavero memutuskan untuk menutup hatinya juga dirinya sendiri kepada wanita manapun. Sampai akhirnya kehadiran seorang gadis tiba-tiba mengusik ketenangan hatinya juga putranya. Gadis ceria yang memiliki trauma dan kenangan masa lalu kelam yang mampu membuat hati juga putranya merasa nyaman. Namun apa yang harus di lakukan oleh Claudie Cavero jika ternyata gadis yang sudah berhasil mencairkan hatinya yang lama beku ternyata sosok yang sudah menyebabkan dirinya kehilangan wanita yang sangat di cintainya? Dan jangan lupakan Kenzo Aristide, adik dari Claudie Cavero yang ternyata juga sangat membenci gadis tersebut.

  • I Transmigrate as a Single Mother of the Three Antagonists

    I Transmigrate as a Single Mother of the Three Antagonists


    Qiu Tong transmigrated into a storyline about the poor family background of three major villains.. Her father was a financial fraud, and the three children she raised by herself would become super villains in the future. Their family would end up miserable. Qiu Tong wanted to leave, but the three children were so pitiful. Without her, they would die. In the end, she decided to change their fate! After that, Qiu Tong worked hard to earn a lot of money and became the richest person in City A. The three children also went from gloomy little devils to bright little angels. They even referred to her during their interview. The jaws of the executives dropped when they saw the interview. "These children look exactly like the President!" "President, bad news. Your children are looking for a stepfather for their mother!" Before long, Qiu Tong was brought to the magnificent palace where a handsome man was waiting. "You want to run away now after stealing my seeds?" "What do you want then?" "I want your heart in exchange." Qiu Tong: Charming looks and exceptional character. Off-the-charts martial arts skills and a minor expert at money-making. Eldest Child: Male, genius in chemistry. Second Child: Male, extreme martial arts skills. Third Child: Female, their mascot in her little cotton-padded jacket. A highly-intelligent and skilled hacker. Jin Yang: S Country's President. Handsome and cold-hearted. He was set up to have a one-night stand with Qiu Tong. He only found out later that she kept the children.

  • Single Stat System

    Single Stat System



    Because of his greed in his past life, Sakim suffered his karma that even the System in the afterlife only gave him a single stat available to be invested. What even worse is that the stat available is Vitality stat. He can still accept it if it's Strength stat but how can he possibly level up in this freakishly Vitality stat?! *** Author's Note: The cover is not mine C: This is actually my favorite character in all times haha. Guess who...?

  • Single Heart

    Single Heart


    [Completed]This is a super short story of three chapters.This is a romantic story of Alex and Jenny who share the same heart.What? Share the same heart?How?Well, you will know when you read it.*****This is my third novel on Webnovel after 'The Mysterious CEO' and Cool CEO & His Model Wife.Hope you like it...###If you're interested, you can support the author's work at: can also visit our website to read more interesting stories:- https://blissfulstories.comYou can find us online as well:-Facebook:- Blissfullstories@gmail.comTelegram Channel:- Channel:-

  • single father

    single father

    seorang single father sedang berusaha untuk memperbaiki hubungannya dengan putrinya. setelah berhasil, hadirlah orang ketiga yang membuat hubungannya dengan putrinya semakin jauh



    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE

  • Single Daddies

    Single Daddies

    A Collection of Five Hot standalone, full-length, light-hearted romances. Romantic comedy and mystery in one bundle! Book 1 – Single Daddy A falling star, a failing father, and a heap of post-sex embarrassment. What could possibly go right? Book 2 - Fake Daddy A playdate for my nephew and playtime for me. Pretending to be a daddy seemed like the perfect solution. Book 3 - Accidental Daddy I picked it up and took it home. Now, I'm a daddy by accident, and I have to find the girl, to return her baby. I didn't want one with my ex, and I certainly don't want one with a stranger...or do I? Book 4 - Cowboy Daddy I found out that I had to be two things that I never thought I'd be in life. One was a cowboy, and the other was a daddy! Book 5 - Seal Daddy I'm back home, hoping that the girl I left behind still wants me back... Single Daddies is created by Ted Evans, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Single Dad

    Single Dad

  • Single wife

    Single wife


    Alison Micheal an independent woman who has gone through with ups and down of life .She is finally to settled down and move on with her life when Williams her past finally catch up with her.Read more and find out how Alison will fight her destiny and will she be able to have her happy ending

  • Pretty but Single

    Pretty but Single

    Seorang wanita yang bernama Sabrina dan sudah menikah selama 10 tahun lamanya yang baru mengetahui bahwa dirinya adalah seorang biseksual. Kisahnya tidak sampai sini karena dia harus berhadapan dengan orang yang sangat disayang dan harus merelakan apa yang sudah dimiliki selama bertahun-tahun. Bagaimana nasib Sabrina nanti? Apa yang harus dia lakukan terhadap keluarga kecilnya?Kisah ini diunggah kembali dari Wattpad dengan sedikit modifikasi dan masih dengan penulis yang sama. Akan diperbarui tiap seminggu sekali pukul 10:00 WIB.

  • A Single Wish

    A Single Wish

    In the world of Erth, every human-like individual is granted a blessing upon birth and a wish on their 10th birthday along with their calling. Now this is story about how someone cheated the world system and learned the hard way the three things you cannot wish for.

  • A Single Taste

    A Single Taste

    Fantasy Romance R18 DARK IMMORTAL

    Who knew bathing in that pool could be so dangerous?Who knew that the fey king himself would come to collect me?Well, despite whether I should or shouldn't have known I'd end up in his castle. My choice now comes down to whether or not I'll have a single taste of the banquet laid out before me. Or the man looking at me so invitingly?

  • A Single Key

    A Single Key

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE SLICEOFLIFE

    An downtrodden musician surrounded by a gray space meets a scarlet-haired girl playing the piano in the music room. This triggers a sequence of events that would eventually lead to both pursuing the live stage.

  • Monarch of Time

    Monarch of Time



    The power of absolute control... Time.After Rock died, he mysteriously reincarnated in Shun Long's almost dead body when a triangular-shaped rock merged with his soul, and a sudden influx of information flooded his head. He has now found himself in a mystical world filled with extraordinarily powerful cultivators who can destroy mountains with a single punch, and split seas in half with a single slash of a sword!This is Shun Long's journey in the majestic world of cultivation, as he fights geniuses and reaches the pinnacle of both alchemy and martial arts!

  • A Single Spark

    A Single Spark


    Humanity has united against the terrible force that is demons. They lurk in the shadows of dungeons, hoping to feast upon human flesh and blood to advance and eventually rise as the apex civilization! By climbing and ascending dungeons, while also consuming purified demonic essence, human also hope to become the apex civilization to ascend and gain immortality! Aden is trying to become a part of the fight and ascend to immortality himself! Can he resonate with an element and create the spark that will set world ablaze?



  • Not So Single

    Not So Single

    my life has never been this complicated

  • Single Not Bad

    Single Not Bad