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  • Skyrim System in Danmachi

    Skyrim System in Danmachi


    Ethan awakens amd is greeted by ROB. " Hey... sooo... yeah I killed you sorry. But I am compensating by dropping you into a fantasy world with a system. With no memories at that. You're welcome. Byeeee~"" Wait, F*** YOUUUUU....." 'poof'------------------------------This is just an idea I want to see but no one wrote about it. I'm not a good writer and would love to see someone else write this but until then you get my sh**y work. If anyone does start writing based off my idea, please let me know, I would love to read yours instead of mine.

  • Skyrim Xbox

    Skyrim Xbox

  • Reborn in skyrim

    Reborn in skyrim


    Follows the main character through his rebirth in skyrim and him taking the role as the dragonborn named dragneel.

  • Sent to Skyrim with mods

    Sent to Skyrim with mods

    Magical Realism ACTION ADVENTURE R18

    Hopefully you enjoyed main character gets sent to his favorite game to survive should be good twist for you

  • A Skyrim Story

    A Skyrim Story

    Fantasy ISEKAI

    What If TALOS was the MAIN VILLAIN of Skyrim?

  • Skyrim is for the nords

    Skyrim is for the nords

  • Skyrim: Dragonborne rising

    Skyrim: Dragonborne rising

    I'm gonna start off by saying this is a retelling of my most recent vanilla Skyrim playthrough, with some reconstruction on how I imagened the characters (including the player) would have reacted to the situations, and how the NPC's would have reacted to the choices made by the MC (my Character)-----------------------------Will be doing mostly main story, depending if I feel like it or if I have enough time, I will do dlc's too.-----------------------------keep in mind, I won't be changing all that much in the main interactions between my character and the NPC's during the major plot points, just the moments in between. (travelling to and from quest points and side quests.)will not hold back on the mature content so just a heads up, it might get edgy at times, might not, we'll find out together.

  • Reincarnated As My Skyrim Character

    Reincarnated As My Skyrim Character


    This is a story of a guy that got reincarnated as his Skyrim character.

  • Skyrim System In The Real World

    Skyrim System In The Real World

    Magical Realism ROMANCE SYSTEM

    There are times in a man's life when opportunity comes knocking. It's whether we open the door that matters. Follow Devin Roberts as he accepts a destiny far greater then he is ready for...So, I messed up. When selecting novel type, apparently I was supposed to select fanfic there. I thought it was under genre. My bad guys! Sorry Webnovel! I tagged it as a fanfic of Skyrim at least. Hope that's good enough. Anyway wish me luck and sorry for super short chapters. I'm writing on my phone and having hard time with inspiration.

  • The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

    The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

  • I Got Isekai'd Into Skyrim As A Lich!

    I Got Isekai'd Into Skyrim As A Lich!

    Charles Grant was really just another gamer shut-in, or a NEET as some would call it. However, after getting to the end of Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, the Underking warns him of the changing timeline of the future due to the Dragon Break, that will cause an unforeseen calamity which will shake Tamriel to it's core. With Charles as the second coming of the Underking, the lich that worked in the shadows of the empire holding it upright for centuries, it is up to him to decide whether to let Tamriel rise or fall. And yes, this is definitely an Isekai

  • Skyrim System: High King of Dragons

    Skyrim System: High King of Dragons


    He came to this world a common man, however he will not stay that way! With his "unique system" and knowledge of the Thu'um he will conquer Skyrim and become the true High King. All will bow down or fall to the might of Thorondir Trueblade!

  • The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Adventures

    The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Adventures


    "I used to be, an Adventurer like you until I took an arrow in the knee" Follow Jeannette a Nord with a Breton name as she was captured by Imperial forces after leaving Cyrodiil in search for a way to earn a living. There, she meets a Breton Mage as they agreed to go on adventures together and they'll find what her destiny is... As the Dragonborn

  • Blood's Honour: Companion Fanfiction (Skyrim)

    Blood's Honour: Companion Fanfiction (Skyrim)

    Fantasy Romance WEREWOLF

    A child is brought to Jorvaskr and raised among the warriors there, a sibling to the twins Vilkas and Farkas.Born a child of the Daedric Lord, Hircine, she ends up the Quarry of the Wild Hunt. The worst part? She's trapped in his realm, the Hunting Grounds.Finding her way back to Nirn may cost more than she knows.(Elder Scrolls V fanfiction)

  • a different story of peace in Skyrim [dropped]

    a different story of peace in Skyrim [dropped]

    the original story and all place and people named is property of Bethesda studios this story is just something that I wrote just for fun so go easy on me

  • The Undying goes to Hogwarts (Skyrim Harry Potter fanfic)

    The Undying goes to Hogwarts (Skyrim Harry Potter fanfic)

  • The Boys of Skyrim: Book One: The Sun of Cyrodiil

    The Boys of Skyrim: Book One: The Sun of Cyrodiil

    Book is being republished under a new account

  • The First Dragonborn (An Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Fanfiction)

    The First Dragonborn (An Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Fanfiction)

    Asfuriox, the strength of steel, was nothing short of a titan, he stood at a hight closer to a giant than his fellow man, with unyielding strength to grapple the world and use it as his own weapon, he gained this strength as a response to those that held him down, the chains the surrounded his neck only made it to where he stood up up stronger, this mortal was gifted with dragonblood, not many remember who was the first of dovah sos, whether it be Miraak or Asfuriox none alive can tell. This dragon blood was emmense within him, against his dragon rulers will and knowledge he ventured into the plains of oblivion to steal powers from those that would not give it to him. He battled Hircine and Molag Bal for there gifts and gained the title; The Sunderer of Princes. When the dragon war ensued he was the front line against them, Alduin himself would not fight him, but that did not stop him from sending most of his army to fight him. How do you think the heros of the old could fight Alduin alone? Alduin had the back of his opposition many thousand men with hundreds of dragons to reinforce those lines.

  • The Vaewolf System

    The Vaewolf System


    Textbook Definition of a Vaewolf; Hybrid, of Vampire and Werewolf. When the FAE, creatures of fantasy and long-lost history, rushed out of the depths of the earth, sick of how humanity had destroyed the world, no one had expected it. Unable to contend against their magic and advanced technology, Humanity was on the verge of extinction. Until, one ambitious man, invented the Fae Serums. And thus, a new world of Fae Humans was born. Miles Lykaon was meant to live a life of absolute comfort and power, as the next heir to Lykaon Industries. But when he was still a child, his parents passed away. Even with his Butler/Guardian watching over him, as a young child, he was could only watch helplessly as his inheritance fell into other hands. Until one fateful night, when two mysterious strangers, monsters, crashed into his home. A Vampire and a Werewolf.Miles was meant to die, but a ghost saved his life, sacrificing the two monsters in his place. When he woke up again, he had gained something he didn't have before. The Vaewolf System. And so begins the Legend of the Vaewolf, the Vampire Lord of Blood and Shadow, the Werewolf Huntsman of the Wild.Discord Server: Art: Drawn and Designed by Yours Truly. So expect more art drawn by myself. Updates: I will do my best to update daily. This story is inspired by the glitch in Skyrim, and the general coolness of the idea.

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