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  • Raising A Monster Empire In Another World

    Raising A Monster Empire In Another World


    Feeling the cold breeze on his "private," Damian snapped out of his sleep, only to find himself in the middle of a forest that was too... naked!Thrown into an unfamiliar world with uneasiness and fear of the unknown, when Damian saw the horde of monsters, he wondered if he was supposed to fight them with his bare hands.Just when he thought he was all alone... *Ding!*«Installation of the system: 100%»«Booting the 'Monster King' system»He is destined to command armies, and he will do so, subduing every Moster.Fighting and living among these monsters, he soon realises that monsters aren't the hateful demons of fantasies; in fact, they are the victims.«A Spritual mine has been discovered!»«Build your monster nation?»Building a kingdom was Damian's unachievable fantasy, but now that he has the chance, he won't settle for a kingdom; he will build an empire!His growth, however, is seen by others as the rise of a monster... The nature-protecting elves of the South;the cunning humans of the West, for their watering mouths.The money-loving drawfs of the underground, aren't holding back in the least;Waiting for a war is the northern army of beasts;far from the chaos are the mysterious observers of the east.All eyes are on the Monster King, waiting for the right time to give his gold mine a feast. How would Damian fend off the hungry veltures in order to keep his promise of rising this unheard-of culture?-----//---« Status »---//-----> Release schedule: 4 chapters/week> 1 chapter every day except: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.___________________________________To support my work and to read advance chapters for free, visit my page on buy me a coffee. Link:-https://www.buymeacoffee.com/MonsterKing

  • Spritual love makes feel a person in heaven.

    Spritual love makes feel a person in heaven.

  • Time Rebirth

    Time Rebirth

    Becoming God of the world and bringing back spritual energyUsing enemy as stepping stones to open a path to immortality

  • Rania Putri

    Rania Putri

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE COMEDY

    [Spritual+Romance] ✓

  • Teenagers to mature

    Teenagers to mature

    My past life is like from teenage I was a addicted in weeds drugs tablets and many other i got suspend from many school and i use to flirt and all(simply just I use love that world) after that my life was fully unmanageable and I faced rehab then I know about sprituality and improved my mentality and physical and now am leading a good life with music and I am rapper soon I will open my YouTube channelAnd many more to say inside about that topic...




    Rezeki, jodoh dan kematian sudah ditentukan jadi percaya lah pasti ada hikmah dibalik itu semua :) Termasuk yang terjadi dengan sekarang dialamiputus hubungan bukan hal buruk apalagi karena ia ingin lebih taat pada Tuhannya ALLAH SWTRank cerita di WATTPAD#369 jodoh Rabu, 12 Agust 2020#266 nikah muda Rabu, 12 Agust 2020#545 fiksi umum Rabu, 12 Agust 2020#107 spritual Rabu, 12 Agust 2020#1 mantangebetan Rabu, 12 Agust 2020#133 ta'aruf Rabu, 12 Agust 2020#79 uwu Rabu, 12 Agust 2020#11 mantan pacar Rabu, 12 Agust 2020#77 lesti Rabu, 12 Agust 2020

  • Heaven Earth Hell

    Heaven Earth Hell

    From stone age to now there is always a talk about supernatural beings. some are called gods some as myths but little did people know that truth was just before them all this time. cornor a spiritual mage (sorcerer) was assigned to a task of recruiting people with high spritual potential to maintain cycle of destruction and creation.

  • Runtuhnya Negeri Nusaraya

    Runtuhnya Negeri Nusaraya

    Dari prespektif sejarah, dapat ditelaah secara cermat dan seksama, bahwa bangsa bangsa di dunia ini telah mengalami masa kejayaan dalam membangun sebuah kurun peradaban baik yang berhubungan dengan kemajuan sosial,ekonomi, budaya, pendidikan, politik, sains dan teknologi. Namun demikian, dalam kurun waktu tertentu, bangsa bangsa di dunia ini telah mengalami masa kejatuhan, kemunduran dan degradasi dalam berbagai bidang kehidupan sosial, ekonomi, politik, budaya, moral-spritual dan sains-teknologi.Dalam tulisan ini, Penulis ingin tampilkan tentang peradaban bangsa-bangsa di dunia sebelum Tahun Masehi, sebut saja, misalnya peradaban Fira’un (Faroah) (Mesir) dari awal dinasti/kerajaan Merneth (3200-2900 SM), Sobeknekteru (1806-1802 SM), Neferneferuaten Mefertiti (1370 SM), Hathsheput (1578-1478 SM), Chelopatra VII Philopater (69 SM). Pada masa Nabi Musa melawan Fira’un bernama Minephtah (Ramses II) yang memerintah pada 1232-1224 SM hingga Fira’un tenggelam di Laut Merah karena mengejar Nabi Musa yang membelah lautan (Laut Merah) dengan mukjizat tongkatnya dan selamat dari pengejaran pasukan Fira’un. Sejarah Fira’un dan Nabi Musa merupakan sejarah legendaris sepanjang abad manusia terus dikenang sepanjang zaman.Dari sejak keruntahan kekaisaran/kerajaan di Mesir dari zaman ke zaman, hingga Mesir menjadi negara republik dan dipimpin oleh seorang presiden dan terus terjadi kepemimpinan nasional di Mesir juga tidak terlepas dari pergolakan politik dalam negeri juga perang dan damai dengan negara Yahudi Israel. Percaturan politik dunia terus bergolak karena manusia berbagai kepentingan dalam aspek kemanusiaan, baik bersumber SDA (Sumber Daya Alam), ekonomi, politik, sosial,budaya, sains dan teknologi.

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