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  • Controlling Interests

    Controlling Interests

    When Jayne takes a new job, she has her eyes on one prize but her two dominant bosses want something of their own—her—and it could cost her everything. JAYNE Our family beach house is mine on my 25th birthday. Until then, it sits in a trust, managed by my mother who dangles it in front of me whenever she needs something from me. I have six weeks left then it's mine and I'm free. Then I meet two men—brothers—my new sexy bosses, and they both want me, but at what cost? DECLAN & LUCAS Our dad is dating a gold digger and her daughter just came to work for us. She doesn’t know who we are, and we'll use her to find out about her mother. Our plans change when she walks into our office. She's everything we want and we're willing to share. Her life is about to take a detour because we're in the driver's seat and we're taking control. 18+ due to explicit sex scenes Controlling Interests is created by Luna Kayne, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Strong Female Side Character Awakens

    Strong Female Side Character Awakens

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN


    When Ye Qing Ran wakes up, she finds that she has transmigrated into a book. She has become the vain, domineering, and evil villain who dies a tragic death. Before she transmigrated into the book, she was the carefully groomed heir of the family. Her life goal was to make the family stand at the apex of the world of fame and fortune. After she transmigrated into the book, she does not want to participate in wars in the business world anymore. Every day, she would hit on chicks, torture trash, and flirt with handsome boys. But why do her father and three brothers look at her more and more lovingly? Father: "Whoever dares to say that I favor boys over girls, I'll make his family bankrupt." Big Brother: "My sister is the smartest and most suitable to be the heir." Second Brother: "My sister is invincible and cool. She is my idol." Brother San: "My sister is an angel. Our whole family is honored because of her."





    He stood beside her bed and stared at her face in wonder if it’s real. A smile appeared on his lips seeing her fluttering eyelashes as she was waking up. However, her reaction was different than what he had expected.“ Pak”He stared at her in shock as he covering his face with his palm. Did she just slap him?Zhao Ming's mouth was open in pure terror when she realized what she just did. She slapped the Emperor. The cruel-infamous Emperor of Ji Dynasty?‘ Am I going to die again? I just came to this world, do I have to die again?’ ….She was the Empress of the Ji Dynasty, but in name only. Never been treated or respected as the Empress, and witnessing the worst of the palace, the life gave her another chance to shine as who she is. One day when she opened her eyes, she found her in unfamiliar surroundings. The world was full of people using strange items and in a world that was a world apart from hers. Will the Empress of Ji Dynasty be able to survive in this competitive world?**She was the wife of the richest businessman in the country with the reputation of nothing but trash. She was labeled as a rebellious brat, shameless lazy woman. When she opened her eyes one day, she found herself in some strange world.Holy Sh *t! She became the Empress of the Ji Dynasty. Can the rebellious, shameless lazy woman adjust to the cruel, strict palace world? Will she change or change the world instead? Can the Emperor get used to her being proactive in every single thing? Even in bed? The Emperor dotes on his wife to the point that she feels tired, how can a man be this cute? It’s illegal for men to be this cute.…She pushed him on the bed and sat on his body while looking at him with her tempting eyes.“ Zhao Ming, what..what are you doing?” “ Shh...Your Majesty, you just need to relax. I will do all the work.” She leaned in and sealed his lips with his moist lips making him crazy for her even more......Update Schedule: 1 chapter daily except Tuesday. Instagram: @kamlyn_loveDiscord: the server to connect with me and fellow readers. * The story is an original and not a translation. *Note: The cover has been taken from Pinterest. Credits to the owner.Thank you

  • Interests Of God

    Interests Of God

    Magical Realism COMEDY MYSTERY

    See what God does while he is on Earth and what happens when he intervenes into different things.

  • Forbidden Interests

    Forbidden Interests

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE

    A small family decides to take a planned and quaint trip out of town and meet a mysterious man who has a very dark secret.

  • Love is to strong

    Love is to strong

  • Love strong

    Love strong

  • A Villainess Should Be Strong

    A Villainess Should Be Strong



    "A Villainess should be strong," she thought as she vaporized an entire lake.The day Estelle Clareste was born, she already had the memories of Kirisaki Reina, a 21-year-old woman living in modern Japan.From a Villainous Duke's daughter, to the world's leader, and suddenly a Goddess?! Estelle's past, was it as simple as she first thought? Or was there something more lurking behind?Will she achieve her goals, or will she meet her downfall before that?-Photo not mine, I found it on Pinterest ^^-



  • Lust and Mutual interests

    Lust and Mutual interests

    My Novel is actually about what humanity needs is it food is it other fantasies for living and every single specie has it own significance important in the universe In this I wana tel u about how mean we are humans to humans and humans to other living and non living creatures...For the sake of pleasure ho far we will go lets see....

  • strong girl and love

    strong girl and love

  • A love so strong

    A love so strong

  • Love is a strong word?

    Love is a strong word?

  • The Billionaire's Love Interest

    The Billionaire's Love Interest

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE WEAKTOSTRONG

    The crowd's favorite, the country's number one bachelor, the number one business tycoon. Tia Imsong, the only heir and self-made billionaire of a multi-billion company has problems getting along with people especially ladies. A loner who does not know love but only coldness. Due to an incident, and all thanks to his perfect compatibility of genes, he impregnates Ali, an orphan in a one night stand. Ali lost her parents to an accident when she was only nine years old. Living with her aunt's family, she was deprived with all love and care. Bullied by her cousin sister and sinful affection by her cousin brother, her life grew miserable day after day. With a little blessing coming forth, can Tia Imsong and Ali mend each other's hearts? Let's find out together..

  • A Love So Interesting

    A Love So Interesting

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

  • Assassin's love interest

    Assassin's love interest

    Teen R18

    Georgina's world is clearly a different one, at a young age she became a trained assassin to her uncle's business she and her best friend, the only normal in their world is they go to normal school.But then nothing is permanent how would she feel when she needs to transfer school?is she able to find another sets of friend?what if she met a guy who became her love interest?can love change her?or she became worst because of love?this is a work of fiction produced by my imagination

  • Love interest: No Rival

    Love interest: No Rival

  • CEO'S Love Interest

    CEO'S Love Interest

    Contemporary Romance BEAUTY DEVIL CEO POSSESSIVE

    Cruelty is in his blood. He has a heart of stone. His words are nothing less than poison. People say that the D in his name stands for Devil. He is...Denver D'Angelo. The name itself is enough to give sleepless nights to any woman. The world sees him as the perfect man, but no one knows that he has a dark, dirty secret from his past.Zariah, a sweet simple girl, becomes the love interest of the handsome beast. He wants to love her, care for her and sometimes... torture her. What will happen when she finds out his secret? Will he forgive her or punish her? -------------Sometimes life takes us down a path we never want to walk. Indulge in this story and witness the struggle of Zariyah while living with the beast she loves. Be a part of her journey and see if leaving a man who is mentally ill is a good idea or living with him with a hope that one day everything will be alright is a better one.

  • Strong Luna love alpha

    Strong Luna love alpha

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE

    seorang alpha yang sudah lama tidak menemukan matenya akhirnya bertemu dengan mate yang di impikanya ,tetapi ada satu ramalam yang menunjukan takdir dirinya dengan matenya.takdir yang tidak bisa untuk di hindari dan mesi tersembunyi ,sampai mereka berpisah dan tak ada yang tau apakah mereka akan kembali bersatu atau tidak

  • Secret love Interest

    Secret love Interest

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    A young girl who’s dream is to be an amazing hair stylist gets the opportunity of working at a hair salon for the first time as a assistant. While working there she gets caught up with a man she didn’t know had mutual feelings for her and a one sided love contract with a mystery someone. How will she handle herself and what will her clumsy ness get her into next. Read Secret Love Interest to find out.