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  • SunFlower


  • Sunflower


    Theresa Ruiz is a sunflower lover, and on a sunflower event on their subdivision she meet Christian Alvarez, the guy who is temporarily blind the cause of the depression of the break up, between him and Sandy. He has seen his girlfriend kissing another man (which was his bestfriend) , and because of that he can't see a thing starting that day.But, both of them loved sunflowers. As they both open to each other, they slowly fall in love. In a twist of fate, he will discover something about Theresa that will challenge their love and faith for each other. Will they survive?

  • The Star Beast Hunter Who Sews Up Corpses

    The Star Beast Hunter Who Sews Up Corpses



    In this universe, there are relics of the war from the ancient era everywhere. Countless carcasses of gargantuan beasts in all different forms are scattered around the galaxies. As a result, there was a special occupation that traversed the galaxies, they are known as “Star Beast Hunters”. The Star Beast Hunter’s mission was to explore various planets and find the carcasses of the Star Beasts. These are important research materials that symbolized endless wealth. Among these Star Beast Hunters was a very unique hunter. He searched for the bodies of the Star Beasts not to use them to exchange for wealth, but to stitch them up. Three years ago, Rolin obtained a system. All he had to do was to stitch u bodies, and he could receive the natural-born abilities of that species. So he started to traverse the galaxies in search of those fragmented bodies. Stitched up the body of the Great Phantom Beast, obtained the ability of high-speed movement. Stitched up body of the Great Beast of Flame, obtained the ability to command fire. Stitched up the body of the Great Beast of Space, obtained the ability to teleport through space. Stitched up the body of the Great Glacier Beast, obtained the ability to command ice.



    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Menyerah? begitu sakit ketika banyak nya suka dan duka di lewati, namun sayang nya kata Menyerah telah merusak semua imajinasi ku akan tentang keindahan nya jatuh cinta. Menyerah setelah berjuang, apa guna nya sebuah perjuangan yang ketika hasil nya begitu menyakitkan. Namun, dengan begitu aku tahu bagaimana rasa nya Berjuang yang di sia-sia kan.

  • The 3Life's 

    The 3Life's #btsJUNGKOOK FF#

  • Sunflower❤️



    "To my sunflowerEmpire built on angelic gloriesMy songbirdIvory that is totally priceless Always being brightYesterday's sunshine still the sameOhMy JadaInbuilt in you is the Cherry BlossomDiamonds twinkling in the sky at midnightEnchanting, my one." ****Kelvin, a student, begins his story of love from the moment he found it. First, he fell in love with one of his classmates, Oyin, that which she denied him friendship initially, because of his behaviour and the fact that she had a boyfriend. She finally accepted him gradually when she noticed his repentance from his bad behaviour. As time went on, she began to fall in love with him. They began to call each other lovely names as true lovers, even though they weren't. But still, Kelvin knew that he hadn't achieved his goal. He wasn't in love with her to play games. He was just a middle-friend (higher than a friend, lower than a boyfriend), even upon all she renders him access to. Will he finally get his goal or not, and will his story of love end well?

  • Crazy Necromancer in the Ruined Tower

    Crazy Necromancer in the Ruined Tower



    [WPC #238 Silver prize winner] What do you think is the dirtiest and most vile thing in the world? A rotting corpse? shit on the roadside? or was it the blood splashed all around due to a massacre? No, they aren't. Humans. humans are the vilest and dirtiest creatures ever..... ' ' He was a boy who was seen as a murderer by society, a wicked one who killed his father. was there ever someone who asked him why he did that? He doesn't remember since it was all the past that he didn't regret one bit. His life was dull like a sunflower without sunlight, He was slowly losing his motive to live, was there one in the first place? That's when a reason to live appeared... [You have been chosen to have a chance to climb the forgotten Tower of Ruins, do you want to take the test of the Ruined tower?] [Yes/No] but that was not the end of his story, the beginning of the Crazy Necromancer's Myth was yet to start..... --------- Stay tuned! Share it! Support it! if you are looking for a novel with MC fuc***g female characters left and right like a harem genre, then you are in the wrong place, if not then enjoy! The reference images for most of the characters were provided in discord, Join fast! Discord link :

  • ••Sunflower••


  • To My Sunflower

    To My Sunflower



    Hinata longed for his Eiji to return from war. Alone in the idyllic countryside whilst other areas of Japan were torn asunder. One day, he receives a letter from his lover filled with the scent of sunflowers and his undying love for him, followed by official news of his presumed death at Iwo Jima. Heartbroken. Yet determined to honor his promise to Eiji; to live the life they were unable to live together. Eiji fought honorably for Japan at Iwo Jima. He fell injured in a banzai charge to be classified as dead. He recovered with the aid of an American lieutenant, who escorted him back into the mainland for espionage work. His one chance and hope of return to Hinata's side. A controversial risk of a war story set at the end of WW2, 1945 within Hiroshima and Nagano, Japan. Two sides of the war are shown from the individual perspectives of same-sex lovers Hinata and Eiji. More than a boy's love. An emotional drama, revealing the hearts and souls of people surviving America's assault. Hope from the consequences suffered at war's end.

  • Family Of The Sunflower

    Family Of The Sunflower


    Ever since Alektrona watched a movie about faeries, she always believed in supernaturals. When people told her there are no such things as supernatural, she always replied, "If there are no such things as supernaturals, where did the myths and legends come from? Imagination? Hallucination? I don't know! But I would love to know and meet one," She says it with a bright smile but, once she meets their confused gaze, she looks back at them with the same confusion as them. "I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who believes in spirits and faeries... right...? " And look at them expectation in her eyes. Her answer makes others fall speechless apart from her grandmother, who loves Greek mythology. Although Alek believes in the existence of supernaturals, she's never encountered one. God knows how many books she's read about Supernaturals. Alek talked to everything she sees and asks them, "When will you guys finally show up to me and start a conversation? I wouldn't tell anybody! I just want to meet you guys so that I couldn't die happily. So I'll be here, waiting for you guys to show up and talk to me." *********** Alek sneakily entered the room and was greeted by a boy facing toward the window opposite the door that she just entered. She thought he was Kai. She prepared to scare him. But before she tried to do anything, he snapped his neck to where she was standing. She was caught off guard. But what she saw next was enough for her brain to stop functioning. "What the..." Alek could not continue. The boy looked like her dead brother, Aether. *********** "They are not friendly, especially the Shiwasu." Astraea told her niece. "If you can't prove that you are able to replace her, then we are all doomed." Everyone was listening to her with serious faces, even the youngest looked like she knew that would be the end. "I will prove it." Alek spoke with determination in her eyes. ------------------ This is the story about shape-shifters and some parts are written in Japanese in roman alphabet as this book contains a little bit of Japanese culture and tradition. Actually this is my first time writing a novel and I really do hope you will enjoy it.

  • He and the sunflower

    He and the sunflower

    It is said that we are all destined to live three important loves in life, among them is that person attached to another end of the red thread attached to our little finger.On the other end of my red thread was he, my sunflower, trapped in my dreams.



    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE TEEN

    Di tengah kesempurnaan hidupnya, San merasa kosong. Meski berusaha tampak ceria, San tetap merasakan kehampaan yang tak bisa dijelaskan. Walau terasa klise, namun ia merasa telah kehilangan sesuatu yang berharga di hidupnya. Sampai suatu saat ia tanpa sengaja menemukan sebuah buku harian dari tumpukan barang di gudang rumahnya. Buku harian bersampul bunga matahari dengan inisial pemiliknya, SNJ.“Mengapa inisial pemilik buku harian ini sama dengan inisial namaku?”“Tulisannya sama persis dengan tulisanku. Apa benar aku yang menulisnya?”“Tapi kapan aku menulis semua ini?”Berbagai pertanyaan berkecambuk dalam benaknya. Akankah San akan mencari arti setiap kenangan yang tertulis di diary itu? Atau malah memilih untuk mengabaikannya? Mampukah ia menemukan jawaban atas segala kegelisahannya selama ini melalui buku itu?

  • [1] sunflower

    [1] sunflower


    In a field of sunflowers, their love story began.

  • Sunflower Seed

    Sunflower Seed

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE PREGNANCY

    May had always had a rough time being a simple girl, but when she met Travis and they had been together for so long. She knew what she wanted, but that was until she met pregnancy hormones and a troubling marriage to say the least. That changed her whole world, she tried to go back.Credit to picture and link to amazon below:

  • Sunflower Field

    Sunflower Field

  • Sunflower Academy

    Sunflower Academy

  • Sunflower Compass

    Sunflower Compass

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

  • Sunflower lessons

    Sunflower lessons

    Our body when we enter adolescence changes, we change, social networks make us think that we are ugly or boring, our parents want us to mature quickly, they criticize us, they make us feel inferior to them when we are young, telling us a lot of things that are not , I hope you like my book

  • Sunflower children

    Sunflower children

  • The Sunday Sunflower

    The Sunday Sunflower

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE R18

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