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  • Steampunk Apocalypse!

    Steampunk Apocalypse!



    Earth suffered apocalypse. All electronics over the world were destroyed. War and famine ravaged the lands. When humanity tried to rebuild, they discovered that most technology no longer worked. The laws that governed the world had changed! Steam technology rose in popularity after the apocalypse. Humanity entered a new golden age. Then, the seven nightmares attacked. Espers with strange powers appeared. Mutants took over most of the world. This was the beginning of the Mana Apocalypse! My name is Edward Tesla and I was born during the Mana Apocalypse. This is my story about trying to protect everything I care about in this living hell. My inventions will defeat the nightmares and save the world! Steam rifles, steam tanks, and steam mechs. My inventions will surpass them all! Extra Note from the author: Some of the early chapters are a bit rough and need rewritten. Most of the long-term fans come from Chapter 21 and up. I guarantee the story continues to improve from there as you continue reading. Political factions, wars, steam tech, mana mysteries, and more. Though the story starts in America, it also visits China, Europe, Africa, and other areas of the world later on. -------------------------------------------------- Note from author: This novel was the winner of the Steampunk writing contest. Chapter Length: Chapters usually average between 2200 to 2800 words. Chapter Updates: Daily Updates. Chapters are usually posted around 12:00 PM US EST time. -------------------------------------------------- Readers, if you enjoy the book I'd appreciate anyone that adds the following tags: Academy Action AntiHero Apocalypse Esper Fantasy Futuristic Setting HiddenGem Horror Kingdom Building Magic Mech Mecha Mutant Steampunk SwordAndMagic War Weak to Strong

  • My Incestuous Life

    My Incestuous Life



    Lucas, who was reincarnated without his memories as a half-beast in a world of magic and swords, finds himself in crisis with his new identity. Born into a family with a loving mother, a twin sister who is strangely overprotective and attached and unbeknownst to his father, he doesn't know what to do. Follow him as he accepts his new identity, adapts to his new world, and is corrupted along with his loving family into a forbidden but pleasurable world - incest. ---------- More tags - SMUT - INCEST - BROTHERCOMPLEXT - MILF - SWORDANDMAGIC---------- *** This is a femdom hard story with no harem, you have been warned ***

  • Sedge Hat and the Royal Mage

    Sedge Hat and the Royal Mage

    This story is about a Warrior who was punished for breaking the "Law of Time" as a punishment he will be forgotten by everyone, only Gods and those who has the power to control time can remember him. The Royal Mage Queen, his only friend went missing so he went on a journey to find her. On his journey he will meet a young Royal Mage who happened to have the Time Wielder, an item that the Royal Mage Queen used to control time. He took the young mage with him in his journey. The young mage was somewhat attracting many dangerous foes. So the Forgotten Warrior had to protect him as they continued their journey.

  • [Dropped] Hacking Life with a Poker Face

    [Dropped] Hacking Life with a Poker Face

    I dropped this because I realized I had no logical way to do the grow, and I just kinda gave up.I understand my mistake was jumping straight into a novel.I'm currently planning to write another novel, and this one I am definitely taking my time to prepare.---Prol Helman, on Earth, was an excellent hacker and programmer who served his country, and prevented countless deaths.In retaliation, he is eventually captured, tortured for a seemingly endless period of time, before finding himself dead.Countless questions present themselves:How did his digital assistant follow him on the path to reincarnation?Are the beings judging him truly gods?Will they ever determine if his actions were ethical?With deep seated military training, and a quirky personality, his actions aren't quite what one would expect.Follow him on his path to a new world.---I'd say this is inspired in part by System Programmer, which I'd recommend. It's an interesting premise I'd like to explore, and I'm just using part of the premise to put into play many ideas I've had for a long time.Please enjoy.Tags:AdventureCultivationActionSwordAndMagicReincarnationSystemWeak To StrongMagicProgrammerIf you like my novel, I'd enjoy if people went on the website and added tags.

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