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  • Kisah Toni Andrea

    Kisah Toni Andrea

    Toni Andrea adalah sosok laki-laki yang berusia 30 tahun. Laki-laki yang memiliki pekerjaan sebagai office boy di sebuah kantor ternama di Jakarta itu tidak pernah merasakan jatuh cinta. Usianya yang sudah sangat cukup untuk berumah tangga membuat Toni selalu di tuntut untuk segera melaksanakan sunnahnya sebagai seorang muslim, yaitu menikah. Toni juga bukan laki-laki yang jelek, berkulit hitam atau apalah. Laki-laki itu cukup tampan, tapi entah mengapa belum ada satu wanitapun yang berhasil membutnya merasakan yang namanya apa itu cinta. Mencintai? kalau mencintai cukup lumayan sebenarnya. Namun, dari beberapa perempuan yang mencoba mendekatinya tidak ada yang membuat hati Toni berbisik 'Balaslah cintanya' sama sekali tidak ada.Hingga pada akhirnya Toni di pertemukan dengan perempuan yang membuat hatinya bergejolak tak biasa, tetapi luar biasa. Siapa perempuan itu? Nantikan bab barunya ya ...

  • Godfather Of Champions

    Godfather Of Champions



    This is a story about the pursuit of victory. — "I subscribe only to the theory of victory. I only pursue victory. As long as I am able to obtain victory, I don’t care if it’s total football or counterattack. What is the ultimate goal of professional soccer? In my opinion, it is victory, and the pinnacle of victory is to become the champions. I am a manager. If I don’t wish to lose my job or be forgotten by the people, there’s only one path for me to take, and that is to lead the team in obtaining victories, in obtaining championship titles!” The main character was not well-liked by people. — “⋯We conducted a survey which had been deemed by Manager Tony Twain as extremely meaningless. In a random street survey conducted, ninety-three percent of those surveyed chose the option ‘I hate Tony Twain’, while only seven percent chose the option ‘This person is rather decent, I like him’. It is worth noting that nobody chose the option ‘Who is Tony Twain? I don’t know him’. Mark, do you know why Manager Twain felt that our survey was very meaningless?” Parker, a reporter from <The Daily Telegraph> laughed loudly and said when he was being interviewed by BBC. But there were also people who were madly in love with him. — “⋯ Became the spokesperson of world-wide famous clothing brands, shot advertisements, frequented the fashion industry’s award ceremonies, endorsed electronic games, has a supermodel girlfriend. His earnings from advertisements exceed his club salary by seventeen times, owns a special column in various print medias, publishing his autobiography (in progress), and is even said that he is planning to shoot an inspirational film based off his own person experiences! Who can tell me which part of his life experiences is worthy of being called ‘inspirational’? Hold on⋯. Are you all thinking that I’m referring to David Beckham? You’re sorely mistaken! I’m talking about Manager Tony Twain⋯.” He was very knowledgeable about Chinese soccer. — “⋯ I’ve heard about it, that Bora gifted four books to his manager Mr. Zhu before your country’s national team’s warm up match. After which, the team lost 1:3 to a nameless American team from Major League Soccer. The new excuse that Mr. Zhu gave for losing the match, was that Bora gifted “books” (‘books’ and ‘lose’ are homophones in the Chinese language). Here, I recommend that you guys find out what that one specific book is. Which book? Of course the one that caused you all to score a goal. After that, tell me the title of the book. Before every match, I will gift ten copies of that same book to you. In that case, won’t you all be able to get a triumphant 10:0 win over your opponents every time?” An excerpt taken from Tony Twain’s special column in a certain famous Chinese sports newspaper.

  • Tony Cliff

    Tony Cliff

  • Tony's Diary

    Tony's Diary

    We often hear stories of war and deaths of the innocent, but what about a narrative of bravery that makes the mind to see beyond violence and pain through the eyes of the author?Tony's Diary is that perfect short story and probably the shortest you'll ever read. It's every line is full of thought-provoking language that will commit you to see the world differently, as what it could be, rather than what it is.

  • Tony chakma

    Tony chakma

  • Johnny Tony

    Johnny Tony

  • Lady Toni's Great Escape

    Lady Toni's Great Escape


    When life's being bitchy, it will 'eff you over. Who would have thought that when I, the Captain of the country's Special Forces, woke up after reading a recommended historical romance fantasy novel; I'd end up in the novel itself. Blah! Talk about cliché! Seriously though, it was fine that I ended up in a novel. But why do I have to end up as the third-rate villainess/ bro-con lady Celestine von Trier?It was fine as well, being all that. But why is it that I'm fated to die a pathetic death by choking on a cookie? The injustice! The audacity! The... the...stupidity...I refuse! I will run away from this ridiculous mumbo jumbo. I am the master of my own fate! Plot be damned. Let the Operation: Great Escape commence!




    Tony never imagined that in the heaven village where I lived for more than ten years, he was the only person.He didn't even think of a hundred-mile radius outside the heaven village, a famous uninhabited area.When the teenager opened his eyes, that the world in imagination was collapsed, and the reality of the monsters and elfins are running in front of him appeared.There are dangers everywhere in the night, and you must stay alert and walk like on the thin ice.



    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE CEO


    "Ooh, sekarang gadis jelek ini sudah merayu pria lain?" pertanyaan Kynan membuat Aluna langsung memutar kepalanya menatap kearah Kynan. "Setelah mencoba merayuku dan gagal, dia beralih ke pria lain?" tanyanya sekali lagi kearah Kendra tanpa menatap lawan bicaranya tetapi wajahnya menatap marah kearah  Aluna. Entah sejak adiknya mengatakan kalau Aluna akan pulang bersama dengan Toni hatinya terasa panas, ada nyeri tak kasat mata yang bertengger di hatinya. Jika melepasmu bisa membuatmu bahagia, akan aku lakukan. Saat hatiku sudah penuh dengan luka yang kau buat dan aku masih bertahan. Kini melihatmu bersama yang lain dengan penuh tawa membuatku sadar. Aku hanya datang sebagai pengganggu. Aluna

  • Tony lopez 1

    Tony lopez 1

  • Kung Fu dog Tony

    Kung Fu dog Tony

    Kung Fu dog Tony's movie Nova Tour

  • Ane 

    Ane Luna Yooko Jane Mia Liz Leon Finn Tom Tim Luca Toni Mike Zack

  • I am ...Tony stark

    I am ...Tony stark


    """No it's Tony Stark.." Loud breaths could be heard through the silent but filled room" Tony Stark"taking a deep breath of what seemed to be relief before saying in a calm yet commanding voice"Now would you leave before I shut this whole place down"after saying that all he put on an almost predatorial smirk with a gleam in his eyes that was only their for a second before"Now what is the next question?"He was met with silence"I have many things to do now hurry before I leave"

  • Tony Lopez fan fiction story

    Tony Lopez fan fiction story

  • War and Peace. by Leo Tolstoy. ...

Song of Solomon. by Toni Morrison.

    War and Peace. by Leo Tolstoy. ... Song of Solomon. by Toni Morrison.

  • In MCU as Tony Stark 's little Sis

    In MCU as Tony Stark 's little Sis

  • K I N G • Son of Tony Stark

    K I N G • Son of Tony Stark

    Being the son of Tony Stark was hard but Stark not knowing he existed was harder. But when unexpected events occur, he has no choice but to seek help from the father he knows is alive but never got to meet

  • masa lalu biarlah berlalu

    masa lalu biarlah berlalu


    Masa lalu Nabila yang merupakan anak Haram karena ibunya Maya dulu di perkosa oleh Toni, Namun Maya menerima perjodohan orang tuanya dan suaminya menerima Maya apa adanya, Dan Nabila di besarkan oleh Azhar seperti anaknya sendiri hingga Seorang lelaki bernama Frans menikahinya dan berbahagia meski penuh ujian dalam menempuh bahtera rumah tangganya..

  • Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill - Fanfic ART IS _ - Fanfic

    Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill - Fanfic ART IS _ - Fanfic


    This is a fanfic of 2 fanfic.English is not my language, having been translated on google translator. If you have errors, complain to him.To understand the story read as 2 fanfic before

  • The Secret | Tony Lopez x Nick Austin (DELETED)

    The Secret | Tony Lopez x Nick Austin (DELETED)

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE BL

    if you want to read the actual book its on wattpad: The Secret | Tony Lopez x Nick Austinand follow my user on wattpad: itsyerboiadrian