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  • The Tylingariea Epic

    The Tylingariea Epic



    Hundreds of years ago in the world of Tylingariea the mighty king Enji the ruler of Kal'gorrack has died, but before his death he gave his kingdom to his youngest son Calingar who was told that at some point a great and powerful evil will come to the worlds ten days from when six diffrent figures will arrive to Tylingariea to destory the evil and save the Worlds.

  • The Demonsong Epic By the Brandon Gould who wrote Chossen Heros of Tylingariea

    The Demonsong Epic By the Brandon Gould who wrote Chossen Heros of Tylingariea



    It had been six hundred years since King Alazar Dra'ghoul lead his men into the forests of the icy realm of Dyi'vora and lead wast to the cultist that reside there following there leader. Lupine Riddle who stood over the firey alter of the Nightmare King, King Alazar gasped as next to Lupine was recently killed El'taree girl who looked to be eighteen her chest was pealed open and her heart removed from her body King Alazar could see the darkness in Lupines eyes as he held the still beating heart of the girl , his faith in the return of the Nightmare King drove his every action with in turn made him hellbent on completing this one goal. No one knows what happened to King Alazar and Lupine beyond that night. from then on a period of peace that lasted over two hundred years the Dra'ghoul bloodline faded into myth as did the sword that was used by all who were on the Dra'ghoul thorne the Chaos blade Demonsong.

  • The chossen heros of Tylingariea

    The chossen heros of Tylingariea

    Five hundred years ago, King Az'artan died on his death bed he and his three sons were told by a Jin'qua that in ten years time a great and unknown evil the likes that the universe of Tyilingariea had never seen will admerge but also six heros of legend will come each from a different universe. A human Kyle Rider, a bounty hunter Kain Riddle, a princess Kai're and a pair of twins Nina and Lucas Silverstar. each will play a role in saving this world as well as every Multiverse in existice in this five book epic

  • The six guardians of Tylingariea

    The six guardians of Tylingariea


    Hundreds of years ago in the world of Tylingariea the mighty king Enji the ruler of Kal'gorrack has died, but before his death, he gave his kingdom to his youngest son Calingar who was told that at some point a great and powerful evil will come to the worlds ten days from when six different figures will arrive to Tylingariea to destory the evil and save the Worlds.

  • Tylingariea Legends: The Warriors of Farcry

    Tylingariea Legends: The Warriors of Farcry

    Fantasy ACTION MAGIC

    Ten thousand years ago in the First Era of man when the El'tar roamed freely in the wilds of Jaco was the Region of Farcry. A span of Tylingariea that welcomed all race even those that wished harm on the country. Draco Dra'ghoul did not wish to alienneat any of the Tylingarieans from Farcry. Draco had by his side a group of seven warriors chosen by Draco only to be used when the time is needed and Darkness threatens the worlds that day came sooner then everyone thought. The Warriors fought alongside Draco in the War of Darkness against Marghoul, driving him back to the realm of Blackspire. but at a cost of not only the kings life but Kanshiro Tenko the leadear of the Warriors of Farcry. One thousand years later Kanshiros has reappered on the the island of Vir'tell in the Northen Sea of Kings. Kanshiro came back for somereason but does not know his memory has been wiped and a dark red chain is embeded in his right arm. Kanshiro must now go on a journey to recover his memory and why he has returned for Darkness approchs the world of Tylingariea once more

  • Tylingariea Legends and Lore of the Multiverse

    Tylingariea Legends and Lore of the Multiverse


    This book contains the legends of the Tylingariea Multiverse and more of the Lore it can be read seplety from the Tylingariea Epic. The Multiverse has been alive for thousands of Eons, having been birthed by the Spark of Life with was forged from the soul of the Last child of Ai'vara. the spark of life brought the Multiverse into being creating events such as the Elder Lords War, a war bettewn powerful beings who contorled time and space waged war on the Over Gods for domion of Tylingarieas Overworld and Underhell. to Legends such as The Story of Kar Ti'vea the son of a poor farmhand until he is told that he is actaly of Overgod origins what follows is a series of events that will change his life on his way to becoming a god. and there will be our legends, myths and Lore in this book.

  • Reincarnated in Tylingariea as a girl doing the middle of a war

    Reincarnated in Tylingariea as a girl doing the middle of a war

    Jason gold a young high school student is killed in a car crash. He wakes up in the arms of a young woman All memorys of his past life are gone and his new life has started as Tera Stone

  • Himiko Lionheart the last Sutachairudo of Tylingariea

    Himiko Lionheart the last Sutachairudo of Tylingariea


    Every thousand years in the world of Tylingariea a child is born that bears a star-shaped scar on the top of their palm. these indicates are known as the Sutachairudo{Starchild}. Each are born in a cycle of the Five main races in Tyligariea, Wolfkin, Eltaree, Human, Dyi'verin, and Demonic. they will be gifted with that races powers and abilities as well as with training the capability to unlock powers beyond human imagine.But in the last thousand years when the last Sutachairudo came and plunged the worlds into a thousand years of darkness. the people have gotten scared of a being with so much power being that one rules over them now. Fern Lionheart the protector of the small town of Haven knew that the world would be a unforgiving place for the next Sutachairudo. " You feel it to don't you? Master Fern?" a human female no older then twenty said as she lay on a bed her crimson red hair falling in front of her eyes as hold a newly born girl. Fern nodded " yes, I do your child, does she have the mark?" he asked as the woman showed Fern a faint star shaped scar on her right hand, " What now?" the woman asked Fern who sat down and said " Now we train her and prepare her for what will come. The Age of Darkness has yet to be ended and i fear that Himiko is going to be the last Sutachairudo that would be capable of stopping what is to come."

  • A Heros Failure Book 1 in The Tylingariea Epic

    A Heros Failure Book 1 in The Tylingariea Epic

    In every story you have read the hero wins in the end and defeats the evil threat. But what if the hero failed and darkness won? What then? This is the very. situation that Shujinko a self proclaimed chosen hero The Dragon of Nevermore a legendary warrior who bashied the Blight ten thousand years ago. Unfortunately he was taken by Mages from The Opal Church who wanted Shjinko to cast a ancient seal would destroy The Blight because a far greater threat was coming. Shjinko did not know. Maco because he was not born on Tylingara. So due to this lie, from beyond the worlds of Nowhere the ancient Dark Cosmic God Xenoventaris escaped and plunged the worlds into darkness twenty years pass and Shjinko is released from his cell in the Vermillion prision and is given a chance at freedom if be can undo his failure by destroying Xenoventaris

  • The Crimson Tower the second Book in the Tylingariea Epic

    The Crimson Tower the second Book in the Tylingariea Epic


    A thousand years have passed since the war of darkness caused by Zargorwarth the Demon lord and his attempt to reshape the Multiverse into his own image. the legend of the Guardians of Light and Adam Jackson the savior of the Multiverse has driffted into myth as was the Dra'ghoul Bloodline. In that Thousand years the scales were once again tipped in that of Darkness when the powerful Lord Val'zordawn ruler of Raz'zorgar a dark world that was in a alternate Multiverse used the Untaped powers of the Crimson Tower an ancient oblisiok centerd in the center of time. it is said that the Crimson Tower has the power to bind all of the Multiverses into one. Lord Val'zordawn fused all of the Multiverses into one single universe after doing so he lead on a capion to conquer all of the Tylingarieathe People of Tylingariea waited in fear for a secend Guardion of Light to come but this time no guardians of light came to save them as the world was slowly taken over by Lord Val'zordawn and plunged into a secend age of Darkness. after seveal years of this unending darkness there were whispers of a child that was born of the last Quinn and may be the last heir to the Dra'ghoul bloodline and the last hope for all Tylingariea

  • Arran Ember the last of the Dra'ghoul Bloodline

    Arran Ember the last of the Dra'ghoul Bloodline



    850 years have passed since Zargorwarths defeat and the Vermillion Empires sudden surge in power over the Multiverse. Victor Silvertounge the last of the Guardians of Light, stood overseeing the balance to ensure that it did not fall into the darkness. Victor could feel a change coming soon, the balance had been shifting and he did not know why but could sense that a Dra’ghoul was about to be born the first one since Draco Dra’ghoul Emma Silvertounge a Syeer far stronger than any other seen before while only at the young age of sixteen walked pieces of her crimson hair fell in front of her sea-blue eyes and her freckled checks “ Father, Who is Lupine Riddle ?” She asked Victor froze all time stood still, “ My child. Who told you about him? Victor said slowly his voice trembling with fear Emma replied “ No one I had a dream and his name popped into my head as did Angel born and Wolfkin. What do they mean?” Victor did not respond for a moment “ Tell me Emma did you see a Sword of Crimson Fire, a Spear of Golden Light, and an Ax with a wolf's head engraved on the hilt?” She nodded slowly Victor sighed “ I feared as much. One last question was there a child with a dragon tattoo on his right arm?” Emma nodded Victor refined from cursing “ my child it would seem that you are somehow linked with this new Dra’ghoul and those you saw in your vision. Do you know where he will be born?” Emma replied, “ Haven Valley his mother Ashi Ember was just pronounced pregnant.” Victor picked up his staff and said “ good then we will go and live in Haven Valley post haste.” Emma replied, “ but what about the balance?” Victor paused and said “ There is nothing I can do to prevent what will happen. The Balance will fall to darkness if I am here or not.Victor turned to Emma who was looking out at the ever-expanding Space-Time Contium the images of her vision burned into her mind never to leave. Victor placed a hand on her shoulder "We must leave post-haste the sooner we can get to the mother the better." Emma nodded before they left she went and packed a medium sized bag with cloths, a leather bond book named Tales of Tylingariea by Damion Vixen Dorima and secered a silver blaclet onto her right wrist with a loud click the braclet clamped around her wrist buzzing and turning a dark blue.. she picked up her bag and meet Victer in front of a massive green portal that lead to the Haven. Taking one last look back at the Bridge of Reality Emma walked into the portal and the Wheels of Destiny for her and others were set into motion

  • The Writer of the Multiverse 
                    by Brandon gould

    The Writer of the Multiverse by Brandon gould

    Aaron Nevermore is a unique type of Writer he writes storys of a universe called Tylingariea. a world of great magic and power one day a strange portal opened and he was transported to Tylingariea. his world, a world he had only thought in his head but now found out was real and in danger of being destroyed, a great evil a evil that had been long forgotten eons ago had now arisen. Ralingar and Victor Slivertounge had seen this evil with there very eyes. Adam Jackson the hero of legend the chossen one had destroyed him with the power of the rings of light eons ago in a great and treble war. but now time has shifted darkness from the past and the future are returning ememeys that have died are coming back to Tylingariea to seek the Writer with one goal to destroy him , he is there god, the one who had destroyed them and they wish him gone from this universe so it is up to the writer and a group of allies some he had killed or made evil. but he cant chose his allies when not only h it s life but the fat of Tylingariea rest in them finding a way for the writer to destroy the source of all darkness The Dark Jewell and stop a mysterious figure from summing a ancient and powerful being that could destroy them all if not stopped

  • The Last welder of the Blade Demonsong

    The Last welder of the Blade Demonsong


    This is a prequel book to the Tylingariea Epic that is set before the King Eljis death and focus on the last welder of the blade Demonsong Ryi'june Nine Hundred and sixty-seven years ago before the time of the Chosen of Tylingariea and the Death of King Elji. there was a period when King Elron Dra'ghoul the father of Elji ruled over the land of Tylingariea in the city of Nevermore. Somewhere in the Forest of Kings, the hevay breathing of a young El'taree woman fleeing for her life carrrying a small bundle wrapped in a tight blanket.She stopped as the trees closed in around her and ahead of her was a tall figure he wore a dark red jacket and black dragon skin pants his hair pulled back, he looked at her with a dark and mencing glare " Give it back to me, Child!" He cried out black fire arching from his fingers the girl clutched the bundle close " no, it does not belong to the likes of you." the Figure fuming with anger cried out " Give me the Al'leka or i swear you will die!" the girl did not respond but only placed her hand on the bundle and channeling a massive amounts of Kyi into it. she created a golden arch around the bundle covering it in a gold light in a instet the bundle was gone from her handsshe fell to the ground gasping for breath " it took a large portion of my Kyi as well as my Life Force to cast that teleportion spell but it was worth it."The Figure sreamed in anger as black fire flowed from his fingertips engulfing the girl "You foolish girl do you not understand what he is and what power he has!the girl stood up weakly and said " yes but it does not belong to you." the girl smiled sure in her victory and fell to the ground and died.

  • Frogotten Dreams

    Frogotten Dreams

    Dreams are a powerful thing the user can in his mind do what ever he wishs and no one reality has no meaning in the realm of Dreams. They are prefect creations. Dreams, desioned never to be used for evil only for good. to bring pleasure and joy to us mortals who just want to escape life. You can't interact with a dream, only watch like a movie reel spinning though your mind. But, what if you had the power to interact with your dreams. Kyle Rider is gifted this power when he is told that soon a great threat will emarge on the Dream Realm tearing the fabric bettween the mortal realm, the Dream World. it intends to open the Door of Forgotten Dreams flooding the world in chaos. to stop this threat it is up to Kyle Rider, his best friends Kara Ravenrock a girl he had known since childhood and had grown quite fond of over the years. Nijji Stone his long time best friend that he had also known since childhood and knew he could trust Nijji with his life. Together they must travel though the world of Tylingariea and the Realm of Dreams towards the Pale Tower where the Door of Forgotten Dreams lies. on there journey they must also collect a gemstone from each region so that Nijji and Kara can pass into the Realm of Dreams safely.

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