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  • The Violet Fox: The Beast World Prophecies After Bai Qingqing

    The Violet Fox: The Beast World Prophecies After Bai Qingqing

    *Updates mon/thurs/sat* PLEASE NOTE: This novel has SPOILERS to White Headed Dreams "Beauty and the Beasts." It's been seventeen years since Bai Qingqing and her spouses left their mark on the World of Beasts, her human knowledge forever changing the Second Great City. The world itself is vast and wild, with more beasts and threats than Qingqing had ever had the time to encounter. As unique as a human transmigrating in their world, another mystery has been born - a fox female with the ability to shift into a beast like the men have been able to since the beginning of time. Is she a bad omen, or a miracle? Join Shuule and her mates as she navigates her own adventure, becoming loved, strong, threatened and hunted, as the city and its citizens try to reconcile what it means to be both human and animal.

  • Hey, Violet

    Hey, Violet

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    A relatable escape from these crazy times in new book form! A young woman trying to find herself, creates erotic art with a divorced producer who gets everything he ever wanted, after meeting the star of his new art project. Set to and inspired by the music of Hey Violet. Playlist of music, which fits the name and theme of each chapter: Rated Mature/NSFWDon’t forget to check out Hey Violet’s latest song, Friends Like This, with my undying love, to Rena Lovelis. (She asked for this in a retweet)

  • Violet Villainess

    Violet Villainess


    Ryoko, a well known serial killer in Japan, had been stopped due to the efforts of the police. Her endeavors ended with her death, or so they thought. However, her soul was transported into the young body of Villainess Leonora De Viona Wynard. Learning well from her past mistakes, she plans to purge the world of all evils, just as she strived to before. Will she be able to juggle between her saintly noble life and her 'justice-filled' killer side?Her past life? That was only just the beginning.On Wattpad this is known as "Bloody Scissors." is no schedule for updates but my Wattpad account will always be ahead.

  • violet evegarden

    violet evegarden

    Fantasy Romance ANIME

    Story Line: "Auto-Memories Dolls" were created with the purpose of recording one's speech and emotions. First invented by Dr. Orland to bring happiness to his wife, such dolls are now being loaned by companies after knowledge of his work became public. Moved by the work of the Auto-Memories Dolls, a woman named Violet Evergarden decides to take up their duties. Beautiful, with golden hair and crystal-blue eyes, she quickly becomes the most popular doll, leaving all her clients delighted by her company. Violet Evergarden is a compilation of heartwarming short stories revolving around the life of the graceful Auto-Memories Doll as she serves her different clients.

  • Cakra violet

    Cakra violet

    seorang anak yang ingin mendapatkan ilmu cakra berwarna ungu muda,namun di nyatakan tak memiliki bakat sedikit pun,padahal ke 8 kakak nya memiliki cakra tertinggi...bagai mana anak ini mendpaatkan kesetaraan seperti kakak kakak kandung nya?? apakah mampu??

  • Violet Records

    Violet Records

    "Let's get this show started..."In the chaotic city of New Yon, there exist humans with powers far beyond the ordinary, named Verve Effect Users. Leonardo Faye, the grumpy protagonist, is a member of the Vanguard Protection Association, a group that stops superhuman criminals from causing too much of a ruckus. Along with his not-so-sane partner in duty, Roselia Valentine, he looks into the bizarre cases of New Yon. That is, until the boss of the association gives him some news..Enjoying this story? Follow the official Twitter account! @ProjectVioR

  • Violet Tears

    Violet Tears


    His gaze was as dark as a hungry tiger, fixed on her flushed face and pounding heart. Her breath was taken away by the sudden force, and she wanted to scream in agony, but she was held back by his passionate kiss. "I hate you! "The thing I despise the most about myself is that I couldn't help but fall in love with you. On her wedding day, she stabbed that man's heart with a silver knife, because his love for her was impossible... Can she come to forbidden love despite the prohibitions of people and nature? Is what she saw hidden deep inside truly like that? Is it possible that other dark conspiracies are lurking beneath the guise of perfection? Is there love between a vampire and a hunter? Or is it all just a trick of fate?

  • Violet Blood

    Violet Blood


    'Suffer in silence'This is what Anza had heard throughout his childhood of grief and feelings of utter weakness.The only things he knew of were hardship and an insatiable thirst for strength.Whilst in the super continent of Valior, the sight of blood, tragedy and betrayal devoured the powerless. The strong rule over the weak is one rule that reverberated throughout all the lands and kingdoms.And this rule did not treat Anza kindly.His intention was to turn the tables."I just wanna sit in a room...knowing full well that I could...singlehandedly take every soul in it."He said as blood streamed past his glowing violet eyes.

  • Rose's Violet

    Rose's Violet

    Sequel to Abused Unloved Mate. ****(Spoilers if you haven't read the first book)You followed Rose but her story isn't quite finished yet. Can she save her pack and daughter from more heartache or will he daughter face the same fate as her.

  • Violet Stanley

    Violet Stanley

    The daughter of King and Queen of Balain Kingdom avenges the death of her parents and the blue magic taken by Ravena.

  • Violet The Wallflower

    Violet The Wallflower


    What would you do if you have given the chance to live out in your favorite novel?Misty, a typical high school student, was reading her favorite novel The Beauty Within on her way home when the bus she was travelling was involved in an accident.She passed away.She expected to be greeted in Heaven (since she considered herself a good girl when she was alive). She instead awoke in a different body. As time passed, she realized she had been transmigrated to the novel she adored, and she made the decision to continue as an extra character."As a fan of this book, this is a chance for me to live it out and witness all the drama with a cup of tea in one hand and a bunch of cookies in the other."

  • Hey Violet

    Hey Violet

  • Ultra Violet

    Ultra Violet

  • Violet Eyes

    Violet Eyes


    Centuries after the destruction of the earth and the new civilization on Mars also known as Slupton was born. The Government that governed humans and horns who lived on Slupton were now facing a new threat, the same one that destroyed earth. A God had risen.Viana Packston has unnatural eyes that harbor a demon. The demon basically possessed her at a young age, and it eats at people's hate, fears, sadness, and darkest desires. After being saved by the government safety force from the laboratory that had solituded her and did torturing experiments on her. She joined forces with the Government Safety Force(GSF) to help save the planet and to exorcise the demon that lived deep within her.Sit down and let's venture into this action-packed, romantic, emotional, and unpredictable story.WARNING (TW)This series may include the following.Gore (Detailed)DeathSmokingMurderLanguageAbuse

  • Violet Gardens

    Violet Gardens

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Violet wasn't a regular child, she was born half human half cat. She later learns her life is going in an unexpected direction but where will it take her?

  • Violet Sunshine

    Violet Sunshine

    Felix Ha is a hard-working, introverted student, who has recently returned to his old hometown after moving away four years ago. Enrolling at his new high school, he comes to reunite with old faces as well as meeting new ones. His expectations of a tranquil high school life are shattered when Luna Hang, his childhood crush, bursts into his life with no memory who of he is.

  • Epoch of Violet Star

    Epoch of Violet Star



    It was the same morning every morning of every day for a typical otaku at first glance, living out the rest of his mundane days doing the same routine just laying in dormant. He always dreams of a more free live yet that in itself is out of reach. John Hellstein, an otaku plagued with a dark past, living in retirement for years slowly breaking and slipping away from the living until one day, a series of events caused him to go through an action pack experience similar to his glory days one last time before it ultimately leads to his death. Upon his death, he reincarnated as his game character from one of his favorite MMORPG games which carries a lot of memories and meaningful mementos yet which is a stark contrast to what he was used to when looking in the mirror every morning. Dropped in a new world with no context, can "she" live a new and more colorful life in this new world while redeveloping from her dark past from Earth in order to live her life to the fullest? Using her newfound otherworldly strength to break free from her past human limitations, can she finally obtain a life of true freedom?--------------------------------------------------This is my very first book or very first attempt in writing a book for the first time as an author so don’t expect National Book Award level of writing especially when it’s coming out of Webnovel. As my very first book, I’m only doing this as an experimental thing. A prototype, to see how it’ll go. To see if I have a knack for the whole being an author thing. Just for fun pretty much. I’m literally learning as I go so please go easy on me as a baby author. Hell, I’m not even sure if I’ll even make it past baby author stage.WARNING: This is a gender-bender. Honestly, it's depressing that out of the many tags, I have to give a warning for the gender-bender tag as there are so many that would hate on a simple tag. Well, I'm also giving a warning here as Webnovel removed the tag entirely so you won't see it in the tag section. Well, here's the warning I guess. So those of you that hate gender-bender for whatever brilliant reason, Just. Walk. Away. The safety of your comfort is NOT my responsibility.The cover is not mine. If you are the owner and wish for me to remove it, I will gladly comply.All pop culture references seen in this novel is not mine.

  • Violet Queen

    Violet Queen

  • Crimson Violet

    Crimson Violet

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE MYSTERY VAMPIRE

    Violet awoke in a state of disbelief to find herself in an elegantly decorated 18th century English manor. The night before she had been out drinking with her university friends in the streets of London, enjoying their last night out before heading back to the States. However, the throbbing pain of her head proved that the horrors which transcended that night were not a dream.She had been attacked by two men, dragged into the black belly of an alleyway, and at the mercy of their lustful desires. But just when she thought any future resistance was futile, a man shrouded in darkness came to her aid. As her surroundings fell black, she heard the echoing sounds of screams, a thud, and felt a soft touch at her neck.Ballard, a senior detective, is soon put on the case of Violet’s disappearance. As the detective dives deeper into the investigation things grow dark as a series of murders begin, appearing like a scent trail, all of which are young women bearing a striking resemblance to Violet.// New chapter every week// Cover art by author