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  • Hikari: Rise Of The Weapons Master

    Hikari: Rise Of The Weapons Master



    "It was never meant to be a simple game. After all, Gods don't play games. They play with the lives of people." Hikari, the VRMMORPG created by the leading tech companies of the world was launched in 2069. The game soon grew big and started controlling major sections of the world. It became something more than just a game. Zack was someone who was stuck with an unfortunate artifact that only allowed him to heal himself. But when he died inside the game, the same artifact lead to him being able to move back in time. Armed with the knowledge and experience, Zack will rise again and get the title of the weapons master. The one who wields the strongest weapons in both the game and real life. ------ schedule: 14 chaps a week 500 power stones = 1 bonus chapter 100 golden tickets = 1 bonus chapter Server: https://discord.gg/TXwtUHQfnf my discord id: BlackFlamer#7869 dm for cover removal Disclaimer: The Earth in the novel is different from our earth.

  • Concealed Weapons

    Concealed Weapons

    In a world very similar to ours, a high school student named Ceena realizes that her society is under a hidden threat that is ready to make their vision known, and it's not a nice one for everyone else. It's her decision to let this all be and continue droning on as a high schooler, and it's up to her if she'll heed the words of a random stranger who says he can help her 'save the world'. What's kinda nice, though, is that if she does go on this adventure, or whatever it is, she may be able to bring a good friend along, too! (Cover image taken from: https://www.newyorker.com/science/maria-konnikova/snow-blizzard-thrill-scary)

  • The Weapons Collector

    The Weapons Collector


    Ares reincarnated in a fantasy world after being hit by a truck. After getting reincarnated, he found himself trying to learn magic but failed. It also turned out that Ares failed in swordsmanship. But after Ares discovered his exceptionally own levitation magic by accident, Ares experimented on it. He then made his way to collect rare and mighty weapons he loved.



    "Ma'am, we request you to leave the premises to avoid more problems. Do you have someone in mind to accompany you home?""My mind is only filled by you. Would you like to accompany me home?"I heard the bartender gulp. I laughed and traced my finger down his throbbing neck, "Do you?"You should! Travel with the intelligent and beautiful Nina as she discovers the truth with her soulmate****Cover by Ddalgyuu

  • power weapons

    power weapons

    Martial Arts ACTION

    title sucks but tried my best no discription

  • I Make Advanced Technology Weapons, Shocking Everyone

    I Make Advanced Technology Weapons, Shocking Everyone

    Bruce obtained the Divine-level Technology System, and embarked on the road to technology powers since then!The first day of school: I can make electromagnetic weapons!Later: I can make steel armor! The kind of Iron Man!Have you ever heard of the electromagnetic railgun? I can make it!Have you ever seen a flying aircraft carrier? I can make it!All kinds of equipment in the science fiction movies were created by Bruce!Looking at the increasingly sullen face of the enemy country, Bruce scoffed.What? Do you still use gunpowder guns? Out-of-date!Your aircraft carrier can't fly? Rubbish!Your soldiers don't have armor to protect them? Isn't that trampled on human life?Getting mad? Is there any solution?The enemy's army was already invincible on the earth!It was like aliens descending!

  • The Golden Weapons

    The Golden Weapons

    The dragon Archangel Divinus status is upgraded to Goddess, with this new status she creates a new world. She then placed magical dragons on this world, she placed them in the continent of Tsugaria. The continent is then split into 5 countries, and the rulers of these countries are 5 powerful dragons. Divinus calls these 5 the five stars.Later Hotch Manroy, a powerful wizard from a different universe shows up and has the five stars enchant a different weapon.Soon after, King Reginald Badge starts a war between his world and their world.After that the war continues after a break when an ally turns to villainy.

  • Nuclear weapons

    Nuclear weapons

    Humanity is over?

  • Powers and Weapons

    Powers and Weapons

    Watch as Jack goes from a weak to strong charcters. Getting 9 different powers from a book

  • Weapons of destiny

    Weapons of destiny


    The sealed forbidden weapons of destiny have came back from a century of being sealed

  • weapons are angels

    weapons are angels

  • The Dragon Weapons

    The Dragon Weapons

    A dragon attempts to destroy the world, and in his attempt is defeated. Once slain his body is turned into seven powerful weapons, those weapons are then given to a family of seven. From that the story unfolds.

  • Blood of Weapons

    Blood of Weapons


    Ice Arceneaux is one of the heiress of the mafia clan of Blue Pegasus. In her mother's plan, together with her three sister she escape the clan and make a fake death in order to live a new life outside the underworld. With the help of his biological aunt, he got her new real name Wynter Sandrine Verschaffelt. Together with her three sisters she will face a new world away from their merciles father.

  • Weapons Cultivator

    Weapons Cultivator

  • Master of weapons

    Master of weapons

    A baby and played in the mortal world without knowing anything about himself, learned how to live and difficult but also how good and he will fight to find out all about himself, how he went to that place and why, he will fight to get the , Alone or accompanied.

  • War of the Weapons

    War of the Weapons


    "From chaos they are birthed, the great silencer. Whosoever finds them first may attempt to command or kill them. Survive to prevail.” A number of people awaken in a landscape, each bearing a coin with this message on one side, and a mushroom cloud on the other, along with their new name, the name of their weapon that is theirs alone to use. Whether in squadrons or alone, the weapon users meet, and fight, and die, many hoping to find this, "great silencer," who some call Warhead, while some find it hard enough just to survive day-to-day, but everyone struggles. Kite is a rare Defense-class weapon user who wakes in a forest of great trees. After making an enemy of gunslinger Magnum, he finds himself indebted to the archer Broadhead. With no-one to help him master his shields, he tries to strengthen himself and help Broadhead and crew along the way. Realizing how much purpose the squad gives him, Kite resolves to keep them safe, in spite of the many threats they face. Will Warhead ever be found, or will the fight for survival be eternal?

  • The six weapons

    The six weapons

    What happens when six weapons change the course of history Follow a young man's journey to explore a world he was not meant to be in and find the six weaponswell a sypnosis cant tell you any thing just read

  • Weapons And Roses

    Weapons And Roses

  • No Weapons Needed!

    No Weapons Needed!

    Nora has transported to a strange world. Not knowing how she got here she must figure out the mystery on how to return to her own world and survive in this world where the stong will only survive.

  • World of Weapons

    World of Weapons

    Let us follow Red in her journey on going back to her family.Will she able to go back?Let's find out.